Buffy Vs Dracula

I first watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer the series back in 1999 when they first started showing it in India on the cable channel Star World. I think they showed the seasons almost back and it probably stopped airing with the last episodes in 2004. I must have seen all but a handful of episodes and among them is one that I desperately wanted to see and even missed the reruns due to some reason or the other. After the series got over I was still looking to see if there was some way that I could catch it on tv.

The episode in question is the 5th season opener, “Buffy vs Dracula”. Earlier this year I started watching the series starting from episode 1, downloading the episodes via torrent and watching them at my leisure. I just finished the 4th season last night and this morning got the 5th season opener. I guess I had some different expectations and although this is a good episode, I would have done it differently had I been Joss Whedon. There was a lot of comedy in this show and I did not like the way that Drac was treated. I mean, he is no ordinary vampire, he is the Count!

Although I can’t really find fault with the actor who portrays Dracula – for a single tv episode Rudolf Martin did a good job. But I feel that the episode should have been more dark with the outcome more ambiguous. The ending is almost comical and slightly demeaning to a character as grandiose as Dracula. They did connect the Dracula story with the cast of Buffy – what with Xander becoming like Renfield for Dracula and then Giles getting distracted & seduced by Dracula’s female vampires, much like Jonathan Harker. I would have a much darker episode with Buddy & Dracula becoming lovers or something and probably do a 2 part episode. This could have been a bigger thing in Buffy-verse but that’s just my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Buffy Vs Dracula

  1. I agree with you. I felt that the threat of Dracula, who is such a legendary vampire, was quite underplayed. I also think Buffy conquered him too easily. I would have preferred if she had failed and Dracula had fled and become a recurring character. I felt that they didn’t highlight his importance enough. This episode is one of the few Buffy episodes I have been disappointed with.

  2. When you consider the fact that we had an Adam/Initiative arc in season 4, Dracula should definitely have had a longer arc. Maybe because he is so well known but conquering him easily was absurd.

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