Building Relationships With Like-Minded Bloggers

How do you build relationships with other bloggers on your niche?

This is something that it kinda good for people even when you do not have a blog. Just connecting with like minded people online is good for your to share ideas and create a community online. Now for bloggers it is also pretty easy to create that kind of community and forge relationships and friendships.

The thing that you do is first find similar like minded bloggers who have topics along the likes of yours. Mine is a lifestyle / general topic blog and I do not want to be pigeonholed in a particular niche. So I usually to look for similar blogs and bloggers and when I find a blog that I like, I comment and share my details via their comment section. This gives them a chance to look at my blog posts in return. Once you comment a few times that gives them an idea that you are a regular reader and curiosity will make them want to check out your content.

Once they do and start commenting it’s a matter of sharing ideas and links and well you can also move onto other areas like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and promote each other’s content. This mutual positive thing is very benefital for all concerned, gaining you more traction and readers/followers.

Prompt from 87 Blog Post Ideas That Will Never Fail You (2023) at Blog Tyrant

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