Busted Left Knee & A Crappy New Year

Officially this is the worst New Year’s Eve I have ever had. That I can remember. There have been New Years when I had little money and yet managed to have fun. Those New Years eves were so much better than what I am going through right now. A couple of days ago I busted my left knee by slipping in the bathroom and banging it against the tiled wall. I didn’t think much of it and went about my day and work. However when I work up the next morning my knee hurt like hell. It was swollen and pain everytime I sat down or got up or tried to lie down.

For two days I tried to work through the pain but last night it was very painful so I quit working two hours before my shift ended. Today I took the day off as I wanted to rest my leg. I did that, watching a bunch of CSI and taking naps, like I have been the past couple of days. Tonight my parents came back from my sister’s place. We had a light vegetarian dinner of masala dosa with some chilli Gobi dry. I have been trying to watch some YouTube but my mind keeps wandering. I hope within the next two days I get better and the pain goes away.

What a crappy New Year!

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