Busy Day Running Errands

Today was a busy day, or atleast a busy morning. I wanted to go to the Ernakulam Main Post Office to collect a parcel that was being returned. I had purchased two box sets from Amazon UK and they were making me pay a customs fee. My information to my mother was mixed up and she ended up refusing the package. This was on Tuesday or Wednesday. I thought that I would go and collect it and pay the fees. I also had another errand to run which was in another part of the city.

So after coffee, breakfast, a shave and a shower I booked an Ola (kinda like Uber) rental, meaning that I had the cab for as long as I wanted. Well, I’m sure if it went for a few hours it would be a problem but an hour or two was good. So I first pointed the driver to the EKM post office but they didn’t have the parcel so I was asked to go to the customs office that help parcels next to the YMCA on Chitoor Road. However a short stay there led me to believe that the parcel, since it was refused, was on it’s way back to the UK.

Disappointed I went back to the car and then added the next destination as the institute I had to go to in Janatha to collect some documents. I went there and waited for 5 minutes before one of the lady staff came down and handed me the papers. Next it was time for lunch as it was almost 1pm by then so I headed off to Panampilly Nagar as I wanted a burger and a cold shake. By the time I got to The Burger Junction I was hungry and thirsty so I got some cold water and then ordered a milkshake (Nutella and peanut butter btw) and some honey bbq chicken wings for starters. The wings were awesome and I had a nice beef burger with a fried egg and bacon that I added on.

Lunch done, I went to Center Mall and got some grocery shopping done. After that since it was quite hot I decided to treat myself to an ice cream sundae, instead of the Lipton Ice Tea I usually get at the Subway in the mall. Sundae was delicious and then I came back home.

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