Busy Schedule For The Next Few Days

I’m so tired. There’s a stupid dumb review happening tomorrow with some VPs and that is sure to take the entire day. There’s interviews to see if we have a good group of call center agents who are ready to move to the next level – as Quality Analysts and Trainers.

The Quality lead needs 5 QAs and I need 4 trainers. I already have select 2 Communication Coaches and got one transferred from our Coimbatore office. Once the interviews are over and we have completed the selections, my team size will increase to 9. I will end up taking roughly 44 interviews and sitting through 30 presentations.

There’s also a TTT program being done over the phone for 3 of my new selects and this is being done at my desk – so I can’t access my emails while it happens!

I can’t wait till Monday when all this will be over and I have my team completed!

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