Cannot Wait For Thursday Evening

I’ve had two long days at work yesterday and today. And for no reason. All I want is to work my 9 hour shift and go home at the end of it. But no – due to some stupid reason or the other I am extending it for over 2 hours and it is all for no use. I wake up by 6 am and get ready and leave the apartment by 7:30 am and reach the office by 8 am as there is very little traffic at that time.

I start my training batch from 8:30 am to 5:30 with a long break for lunch. And then the last two days I have been waiting around for over two hours because of some stupid reason. Hence I have left the office at 7:45 the last two days and while yesterday there was very little traffic I reached home by 15 minutes past 8pm, today due to a huge traffic jam I reached home by 8:45pm.

I barely have much time for myself, let alone enjoy a cup of coffee someplace, before I have to go to sleep. This is ridiculous. I dunno how many days I can go on like this but I am ok for a while. But I still cannot wait for the long weekend to start.

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