Casino Royale

I’m 2 years late in watching this movie (which is only important for a big budget production) but I’ll give you my 2 cents worth of comments on the film:

  • I was one of the huge skeptics who lambasted the choice of Daniel Craig as being a dumb choice – I was wrong! I think he did a great job
  • Casino Royale did extremely well in the box office; grossing $593 million worldwide, it became the highest grossing James Bond film. But it isn’t Golden Eye and it isn’t that good.
  • Even with my new found admiration for Craig, Peirce Brosnan will always be my fav bond. Not Moore, not Dalton & not Connery.
  • The running chase scene towards the beginning of the movie, is probably the best that I have ever seen.
  • There are two very hot Bond girls but Caterina Murino is a fox!
  • However I don’t think that Craig will be as successful in other ventures like Brosnan or Connery did.
  • I think I would rank it among the top 5 Bond Films so far!

2 thoughts on “Casino Royale

  1. Ah the Scottish bias coming out! ;) No I can tell why most people would like him but as good as he is, I just always thought of him as one-dimensional.

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