My Secret Lair – Part 1

Imagine your own secret lair and explain what’s inside.

I have had this idea for a super hero but a really dark super hero for a long time and it involves me. I am not sure when this came to me but it was around 6 years ago I think and I am also not sure what prompted me. But the secret to how I get the super powers is – it’s actually a very powerful suit and weapons plus a whole lot of other stuff. You see, one night I was walking around when I happen to see a crashed ufo. It is small and partially camouflaged and I approach it cautiously. No one else has noticed it and it’s descent was not tracked as the ufo was cloaked. It was only only due to the crash that I could see part of it.

I go inside and see a dying alien who points me to a button. When I press this, something gets injected into me and I gain access to all the controls of the ship and the gadgets that the alien has. He or it then dies. I can now access the records and the computer and it translates everything into English for me. I quickly decide that I need to hide this ship and manage to press the controls needed to have the auto-regeneration done so the ship can be fixed. I bury the dead alien and get into the ship and cloak the vehicle. I fly the ship into the air and look for places to hide it. I find a mountain nearby that is left alone and no one climbs it or disturbs it.

Using the laser weapons on the ship, in the dark of night I blast a large cave into the side of the mountain and set the ship inside it. Using some material on the ship I find I can now camouflage the entrance to my secret cave and it can open and close in such a way that you’d have to be right in front to actually see that there is a cave there with an that is opening and closing. I now have my secret lair. Next I find a suit of armour that has an oxygen supply and a flying apparatus fitted onto the back. And yet it feels so light when I wear it. Using it, with a full face helmet ofcourse, I can fly into the air at great speeds.

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Planet Of Furry Light Creatures

You’ve discovered a new planet. Describe what you see.

Ok, the spaceship or starship has just arrived and is orbiting the strange blue planet. Blue, but not exactly like us. For instance what I can see is that there is a lot of ocean. Unlike the earth, this planet is more of a water planet. It is only 20 percent land and the rest is clear, blue oceans and seas. And it is a different colour of blue.

I decide to take a small crew of 3 and take a shuttle down to the planet to take a closer look. We land on a large patch of what looks like graiss but it is a faded maroon in colour. The land stretched out in front of us but in the distance we can see what looks like giant mountains. On the left of us we can see bushes and trees. Odd looking leaves and what we assume are flowers. The air is breathable but the oxygen content is a bit lower which could cause us to get tired easily so we keep the helmets and oxygen supplies on. The 4 of us walk a bit further and look up – in the early evening sky we can see that the planet has 3 moons….scratch that! 4 moons. And they look gorgeous upon that evening sky.

The grass flows in the wind like a river and the alien birds make their shrill noise as they glide in the evening light. The birds are small in body yet have these huge wings that seem to be almost 3 times their size. This sight fascinates us so much that we almost do not notice the huge animals that have wandered near us. As the night time descends we can see that the animals are luminescent and that the night time glow is gorgeous to see. Furry, large yet gentle creatures with mutiple legs walking near us and they don’t seem to be too worried in our presence. They keep looking for things to eat and its the leaves, the bushes and shrubs near us that they seem to be more attracted to. We must be in their feeding grounds.

All the creatures seems to be herbivores and they also seem to like a fruit that falls from the trees in the area. One animal walks near me to get to the fruit and I run my hands on it’s thick, fluffly fur. Eben with the gloves of my suit I can feel that it’s among the most softest fur ever. The animals seems to like the rubbing effect and approach even further to each of us. Like large, long dogs who have been petted for the first time and loving it, they come back for me and soon all 4 of us are running our hands through the soft backs and bellies of these gentle creatures. After it gets too dark, even with 4 moons lending light to where we stand, it gets harder for us to see. So we bid goodbye to these lovely animals and let them continue their feed as we get back to the shuttle and go back to the ship.

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SitCom Idea

Idea for a movie or a tv show? A sitcom maybe? Here is mine : It’s about a guy who lives alone in a small cozy house at the end of a small road that ends with a river next to it. He lives in this house with just his dog as his loving and faithful companion who he got as a puppy once he started working from home.

He lives his life with barely any friends that he can meet and that’s because unlike him, his friends are married and have kids and they rarely get chances to have dinner or drinks. But that’s ok since he has a very active online social life that counterbalances his lack of a social life. He wakes up, makes his coffee and takes a shower and shave and then makes breakfast while he feeds the dog. Then he works from 9 am till 1pm, makes lunch and then it’s back to work. In the evening it’s music and coffee and maybe he orders in a pizza or something else while he drinks a beer.

He catches up on his tv shows and watches a movie at night before he and the dog fall asleep. The next day he continues this routine. During the weekends he takes the dog for long walks to the dog park or the beach and buys his groceries and maybe goes for a movie. However he prefers to stay in and buy his dvds / blurays and watch his tv series and movies in the comfort of his home so he still can be with his dog. And one day his life gets turned upside down when a beautiful woman who he has never met before comes to his home. Classic!

Write An Open Letter To Your Future Self

Write an open letter to your future self.

Hello me,

I was just checking in to see how you are. It’s been a long time and I know you are much older. 18 years have passed on by and well, sorry I missed your birthday. 60 years old eh? How is the leg and the knee? I heard you lost some weight. That’s alright, you were bound to lose some in your advancing years.

How is it living in the small apartment which started seeming to be so big now that you are living all alone, as it’s been years since both your parents passed away? Except for the maid who comes daily and goes back home once her work is done? And how you look forward to the few and far between visits from your sister, her children and grandchildren? And how you hope you can host another dinner party for them and some cousins or join one just to have people around.

How does it feel being alone and not having had that one woman who you love and who loved you to be with? Never having lived with, slept the night with or woke up to or married a lover?

Are you gonna be ok?

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Fiction : Dark Wind

Inspired by a very vivid dream that I had two nights ago, I am trying to write down whatever I remember plus a few added things:

It was a dark night. I was on my way home at this late hour just after midnight and the streets were almost devoid of any other vehicles. It was another tough day at my new work, my very first job. As I was the only “rookie” the pressure was double that of any other new employee and I often worked late. Tonight was the night at the end of the work week, just like every other Friday after I worked late, that I would go to my spot.

My spot was a secluded area just outside the city, a little away from my home in the suburbs but it was an area that I liked. There is this long stretch of road near the beach area with a few trees and hardly any buildings in sight for a while. So once a week, I took a detour from my usual route home and took the extra 3 kilometers just sit in peace and quite in my car for about 30-60 minutes and reflect in quite solitude. This area, near the beach was quite windy and even chilly on nights like this after a heavy rainfall, and the chilling breeze was quite welcome. I had a soft drink with me and I just parked my car near a tree and sat with the break lights on and drank my soft drink and played a little music at a very low volume.

The power went out a little before I had arrived so on this road it was totally dark with only a little light from a mostly hidden moon shining down on us. I couldn’t see more than a couple of feet in front of my car if I had the headlights off, which I did at that time. But I was off the side of the road, on sand and stone and next to a tree. I was sitting there in the quiet darkness, contemplating how I was going to relax and unwind during the next next two days, when from behind me I heard a car coming closer and it’s dim lights broke the darkness. Another car, a more expensive one, went past me and stopped a few hundred yards away.

This car was speeding by and must not have seen me parked on the side until it just passed me as I only had my break lights on, but it didn’t slow down until it was at it’s current spot. From where I was I could barely make out the tail lights but I knew it was there. Probably someone who, like me, likes this area or was stopping for a quick smoke. I was minding my own business sitting there in my car and then I opened my car door to stretch my legs a bit. I yawned and stretched my legs, walking in small circles next to my car when a woman’s shawl blew in the wind from the car in front and flew straight towards me. I grabbed onto it tightly, thinking that the occupant or one of the occupants in the car must have opened a window or a door and decided to walk forward and give the shawl back.

As I took some steps forward and was nearer I called out saying “Hey, I was able to grab the shawl” when the door opened. I couldn’t see the person, if it was a man or a woman, who stepped out as it was quite dark and as I strained my eyes, all I could see were dim red lights from the rear of the car. All of a sudden, I hear a loud gun shot and something hit me on the head and I blacked out!


Predestination is a 2014 Australian science fiction thriller film written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. The film stars Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook and Noah Taylor, and is based on the short story “—All You Zombies—” by Robert A. Heinlein.

A time traveling agent is in 1975 and attempting to disarm a bomb to stop the “Fizzle Bomber”‘s attack on New York. Things go wrong and it explodes causing a fire and the agent is severely burnt on the arms and face. A stranger pushes his time traveling device closer to him, so the agent is able to go back to the future and is taken care for by the agency. He is given reconstructive surgery and told that he will look very different from before. After he recovers he takes on his final assignment and goes to 1970 and works as a bartender.

One night he meets John, who is a writer under the pseudonym “The Unmarried Mother” for magazines about true confessions. They start talking and John decides to tell the Bartender about his own life; he was born Jane in 1945. As a baby she was left on the doorsteps of an orphanage and raised there. She excelled in her studies growing up but never fit in and always got into trouble. As an adult she applied for a program called “Space Corp”, which promised women the chance to go to space while providing astronauts R&R, but she was later disqualified because of a medical condition which she was not informed of, which a man named Robertson was interested in. While taking classes one evening, she bumps into a man who says he was waiting for someone.

They hit it off and start talking and soon fall in love. Months later the man walks away from her, telling her he will be back shortly but never returns.  Robertson approached Jane, revealing that Space Corp worked for the Temporal Agency, and this agency now wanted to recruit her. However when they find out that she is pregnant she is rejected and left devastated. While performing a Caesarean section, doctors discovered she was intersex, with internalized male sex organs as well as female sex organs. Complications during the birth forced them to remove her female sex organs, and she had to undergo a gender reassignment and begin living as a man. Furthermore, the baby was stolen by a mysterious man. Since then, John has been living a bitter life as “The Unmarried Mother”.

The bartender tells John about his time traveling and tells him that he will take him to back to the day that Jane met the lover who left her, so John can take revenge and kill him for ruining her life. In return, John has take over the agent’s job for whatever duration he wishes. The agent and John jump to that day in 1963. John prepares to kill his past lover before he can meet Jane. While waiting, he encounters Jane, and when they begin talking, John realizes that Jane’s lover was him. The baby born from this “self-fertilization” is stolen by the agent and brought to the orphanage 18 years earlier, in 1945. Therefore, Jane, John, and their baby are the same person, revealing a predestination paradox. The agent then goes to 1975 and helps the the burned man from the beginning of the film.

He then goes to 1963 and takes John back to the Temporal Agency so John can take over his job and the agent can retire in 1975 New York. However his device doesn’t  decommission itself as planned and he is ordered to go to a laundromat where he sees the Fizzle Bomber who is actually the agent’s future &older self, now suffering from psychosis as a result of excessive time travel. he Fizzle Bomber insists that his actions have saved and will save more lives than the lives lost, and that they ultimately lead to the reinforcement of the Temporal Agency. He tries to convince the agent that the only way to end the cycle is to spare his life, unlike the Fizzle Bomber did in his past. The agent denies he will ever become the Fizzle Bomber and kills his future self. He then tries to understand the paradox.

So that’s the story? The burned man, Jane, John, the agent, and the Fizzle Bomber are the same person. This agent’s creation was orchestrated by Robertson to create an agent who has no ties to time. This “perfect” temporal agent was responsible for both his own conception and death; he has driven the predestination paradox to its limit. Try to wrap your head around that one. It’s a well done movie and it had a very interesting scifi premise. It only made $4.3 million but it was made on a very low budget. I give it an 8.5 outta 10!

Buyers Beware!

The year is 2243, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

23rd century and we are in 21 years before the Star Trek TOS era. So, it’s very close to the upcoming Star Trek Discovery era and 91 years after Enterprise launches. See, this is the way the mind of a hard core Trekkie works!

Anyways, back to the prompt – so in 2243 my dusty hard drive has been found and is being kept for sale at an antique store. Wow, Dell you really are good if the hard drive can last that long! But anyway some unsuspecting souls come into the antique store and they look around and find my hard drive. “What’s this?” they ask the owner of the store. The old man who runs the place smiles and tells them that it is a hard drive used for storing data on a computer back from the 20th & 21st century. This one was made in the year 2015!

“Wow!” says the people who want to buy it. “That is ancient! We’ll take it” and then they exchange money, credits, latinum or whatever the heck passes on for currency in 2243. Then the young folks take it to their home and they inter-phase it with they large computer and try to access the files hidden in my hard drive. And they see naked pics of beautiful women, rock music, music pics, Star Trek stuff, movies, pics from movies, pics from tv shows and all other goodies. “Wow, what are Minions? What is Grumpy Cat?” They wonder and they gaze in awe at the stuff in my hard drive.

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Information To Change Your Life!

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

There I am walking down the street minding my own business and as I walk on by, I spy a big piece of paper lying on the sidewalk. Now usually I do not pick up stray bits of paper but this one was large, A4 size and it was neatly folded and lying on the clean section of the sidewalk and it had my name printed in bold, large font on the side that was facing top.

The text on the paper tells me about the existence of aliens, who have been here for 1000s of years and who have influenced the lives of us humans and have steered the course of our history. It quotes evidences and where I can find them around the world and with details all given. It tells me that I can easily find all the evidence I need to prove that this is true and how most of the religious figures from history were aliens. And that they have plans to come out and annihilate mankind and keep the planet, animals and birds and all it’s resources for themselves.

Finally the paper tells me that they are watching and to trust no one and that to be on my guard. I fold it and put it in my pocket and suspiciously stare at people who pass me by. They are watching me!

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Brave New World

You are the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet. Write the note that you leave to those who come after you.

It’s one small step for Roshan, one giant freakin’ leap for humankind. My ultimate dream is to fly in space or travel through space and visit various alien planets, moons and asteroids go through all the planetary systems in different star clusters across this galaxy and the others. So if I could be the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet (what do you mean by new anyways? A newly formed planet or just new to us?) I would be ecstatic.

So let’s take it that this planet is devoid of all life except for plants and stuff. No animals, birds or humanoid or any other sentient type of beings either. I will do a survey, map and chart the land and when it’s finally time to leave the planet and go back into space, I will leave a note that will serve well for those aliens or anyone who comes to the planet after I am gone. It will be perfect and scare the shit outta any badass alien who thinks he can play around with me.

“This planet was full of life but they pissed Roshan off and they paid the price!”

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Two Dogs In Da House

Yesterday evening we had a gala time with two dogs in the apartment. My cousin sister Shalini and her husband Mukund recently adopted a Golden Retriever named Bubbles. The pup is now 6 months old and they drove from Mumbai all the way to Cochin, with stops at relatives places in Pune and Bangalore. They brought the pup over to my place.


She’s great around humans and I loved her. Apparently she is the star attraction at their apartment and in the two places they stayed enroute to Cochin. Kids were asking to play with her all the time.


My sister brought her pug Barfi to my place so the dogs can meet. Now Barfi, although 4 years old, is a bit smaller than Bubbles and seemed to be scared of her barking and the bits of growling so we kept them separate for a while and on their leash.


Soon however the pup calmed down and it was all cool enough for them to be close by. But both dogs were drained from all the excitement after an hour or so.

Start Of A Dangerous Adventure

Write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

So it was a crispy, bright morning with some blue skies and a few clouds but the sun was shining bright and yet it was a cool, cool morning. The kinda of morning that makes you say, you don’t want to waste it sitting around at home when you could be out and about enjoying the beautiful day. So that was what was in front of me so I quickly shaved, took a shower and went out for some breakfast and coffee.

I sat and enjoyed my breakfast and coffee for a while, taking in the scenery and watching people walking by or sitting down for their own breakfast. I got another coffee to go and walked towards my car and decided to head to the park and after an hour or so there I thought I would head to the mall for some shopping. So I was on my way when I got a phone call – I usually don’t talk on the phone when I’m driving so I ignored it as I glanced at the caller id and saw that it was a blocked number. No idea who would be calling me on that but I ignore it and drove on. But the phone kept ringing and it was annoying me like crazy.

On the 5th ring I thought I’d pick it up, could be important and I answered “Hello”. I got a funny kinda buzzing noise as I put the cell phone towards my ear which irritated me and also made me drop the phone. As I tried to shake it off a speeding car came up from behind me and drove parallel to my car and honked at me. I looked over and this stunning redhead with long flowing hair tried to get my attention. It was working but she told me to pull over. What was going on? So I did at the first chance I got and stopped the car. She parked hers in front of mine, came over to my car, opened the passenger seat and grabbed my phone and then threw it in an empty lot. I was angry and looked at the lot and then back at the woman and just about started to ask, what her problem was when there was a loud explosion.

The phone had exploded and there were black marks on the vacant lot. People gathered near the explosion spot and there were gasps and moans. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. The woman had just saved my life and I had no clue as to who she was. I looked at her and said “Thank you but how did you know?” She just put her finger on my lips and sushed me. Then she “Roshan, you are in danger. There are people, powerful people, who are out to kill you because they think you saw something that you shouldn’t have. Come with me and I’ll keep you safe. I’m a secret agent.” And with that she pulled me towards her car and let me into the passenger seat and we drove off!

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Sudden Downpour

It was sunny when you left home, so you didn’t take an umbrella. An hour later, you’re caught in a torrential downpour. You run into the first store you can find — it happens to be a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of old artifacts, books, and dust. The shop’s ancient proprietor walks out of the back room to greet you. Tell us what happens next!

Well at this point I just want to stay inside the store with it’s warmth and dryness and not be drenched in the downpour outside. So I pretend that I was looking for this same store for a while and ask the store owner for some old artifacts and books and ask numerous questions about them. My idea was to wait until the rains die down and then I would purchase something that I could get for cheap or in the likelyhood that I find something really interesting I would buy it no matter what. Hey, I could always sell it on eBay later if I didn’t want to keep it.

However things would get interesting. The old man who owned the store brought out some hot cups of cocoa and started showing me some of his prized stuff. I was barely listening, even though he was a good story teller, until he mentioned some maps and paintings leading to a lost treasure. Treasure, eh? My interest was piqued so I asked for more details and he brought out some legendary maps with a log about an group of early treasure seekers who went on an expedition to find the Lost city of Almata and the treasure that was hidden in an old palace. I went through the maps and the paintings, including cut outs kept in the well catalogues log book when suddenly – a familiar face was staring back at me from a painting!

A woman, no the woman from my dreams. I had had these dreams for as long as I can remember about a dusky, raven haired beauty, a princess who has haunted me in my dreams from childhood. I always thought she was created in my imagination and my love for adventure stories and movies. But no, she was real. A princess who was the guardian of the treasure of Almata. I was fascinated, I had to go and find this place and seek the treasure. Or this ghost of a princess would never leave my dreams. I bought the maps and the log and went home to pour through the details. I would find a way of traveling to the places mentioned and find this lost city.

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Bad Timing

Someone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

It could be the woman you have had a major crush on for the past year or two but have never had the guts to open up and share your feelings with as you were too scared or shy to do so. You’ve wanted to tell her and you’ve lusted after her and yearned for a kiss and more but didn’t think that you could ever measure up to her. And now she is gone and she had similar feelings for you but it is too late.

Or it’s that woman you’ve been casually dating on and off for several months maybe even years and she just found out that’s she pregnant and you are the daddy. But she isn’t sure about marriage and keeping you tied down to a commitment since you had mentioned time and again that it wasn’t what you were looking for and that you were happy with the current arrangement. So since you made it very clear that you didn’t want to be hitched and/or have kids, she hide her pregnancy from you and went on a “business trip” to clear her head and now is moving away to have the baby and start a new life.

Or….it could be that hot woman you met at a hotel bar while you were on a vacation or work related trip and you got to know a little as you talked while having a few martinis. And then you really got to know later in either of your rooms. And you exchanged numbers with and promising to call but you didn’t since you have a wife and kids. And several months later she is calling you to tell you that she is HIV positive and perhaps so are you!

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Hail Storm

You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.

So we’re all wondering what the heck kind of weather this is. One second you’re nibbling on ice cold watermelon and enjoying the heat and suddenly it’s a hail storm. With hail the size of baseballs falling from the sky. And it hits people in the head, the chest and their arms and legs. Pandemonium strikes and all I can hear are yelling and screaming, parents trying to shield their young and calling for help.

The hail is so hard that it even punched in several holes on the boats that were tied to the pier. People’s bare backs were showing red spots the size of a large hand due to being hit by the hail. The lifeguards did their best to usher people out of the beach but the hail just kept hitting on as far as the eye could see. Soon I could see lots of blood and several dead bodies lying on the sand and the loud wails of their loved ones trying to get to the dead bodies. Just what kind of weather is this. And all of a sudden, we hear the deafening noise of what sounded like huge airplanes above us. But it wasn’t airplanes!

It was a ufo. An alien spaceship or a mothership to be more likely. It was huge, the size of several football stadiums put together. And it was responsible for sending the large hail at us. This was the first attack of an invasion by a hostile alien race. Were we in any shape to deal with it? It looked unlikely as the ship blocked our vision as it closed upon the earth’s surface and in the distance I could see several such large ships slowly coming down.

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The Lines On My Palm

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Well I was just sitting there in my comfy seat in first class, with a book in one hand and a soft drink in the other. We were flying over the Pacific Ocean and I was actually looking forward to the 8 hour long flight as I could relax, read and even take a long nap if I so wanted to. What I didn’t expect though was that the lady sitting next to wanted to chat and boy did she have some interesting things to say.

She smiled at me with those eyes that have seen way too much for her to ever write down and her age showed even with that twinkle in her eyes. She must have been somewhere between 60-65 and aging nicely with that grey-black hair and she was dressed stylishly in black and wore a perfume that evoke grandeur of a time gone by. She asked my name and where I was from and I politely answered and played the part of a decent gentleman who was too well behaved to be rude to a lady who wanted a bit of a conversation even though I wanted nothing more than to sit back and read my book.

Then she suddenly stopped talking mid-sentence and stared deep into my eyes and grabbed my right hand and asked me if she could read my palm. I was taken aback, not expecting that, but said “sure” and bemused watched as she proceeded to read my palm and drawn lines on it using her thin and sharp nails. Her eyebrows knitted together and deep furrows appeared on her forehead. She read something that scared her and frightened her, it seems. What was it, what was it that had her so worried? She must have been reading my palm silently for what seemed liked forever but was actually not more than 10 minutes when she started gasping for air. I got worried and tried to get the attention of a passing stewardess. The lady clutched at her chest, gasped and seemed to stop breathing and then tried to stand up but fell on the floor.

Everyone who saw it cried out in shock at this scene and the stewardesses were at her side and gave her mouth to mouth and splashed water on her face. After a few minutes the lady seemed to breath normally again but she was still in shock and as they helped her up she saw my face again, my concerned face and she pointed at me while still sitting on the floor and as everyone turned to look in my direction, half standing and half sitting in my seat, she started yelling…..


Oh boy, how am I gonna get outta this one!

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Secret Admirer

You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Personally if I come home and see a huge flower bouquet waiting for me, I’d think that I am dying and someone is concerned and is offering their sympathies for me. Or that the flower delivery place had the wrong address. Why would anyone be sending me flowers?

Well if I were to let my fantasy and imagination run wild I would say that the bouquet is from this gorgeous woman in her late 30s I keep seeing and staring at and have spoken to one just a couple of occasions. She smiles and I smile back but we have exchanged only a few words of mainly greetings and “how are yous”. But I wish for more. I wish she would stop by for coffee or let me take her out for some. And maybe dinner or a movie or both. And I wish for that smile to be just for me.

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What’s the date today? Write it down, remove all dashes and slashes, and write a post that mentions that number.

Inside the space shuttle he looked at the monitors and glanced at the digital clock & calendar that ticked off the seconds & minutes before blast off. His fellow astronauts were buckled in their seats and thinking of the risks that they were taking – an experimental spaceship that housed a revolutionary new engine that was faster than anything that had even been imagined. It promised to take the shuttle and it’s 3 member crew to their destination – the planetary system that was called Futura by NASA and in particular a large new-earth planet that the governments of earth and the population at large were hoping would be the new home for a species that had almost drained it’s home planet’s resources.

The countdown began and the shuttle takes off into the skies and then breaks orbit and even the crew and the NASA staff on the ground were surprised at the speed which beat their expectation. The people on the ground cheered and the millions watching it live on their tvs, computers and hand held devices all ran through the gamut of emotions – crying, laughing, cheering, yelling, hifiving, hugging and opening celebratory bottles to drink and then eat, as things seemed to be going according to plan. If everything worked out the way it was planned, the crew of the ship would reach the Futura system in 7 weeks and land on the planet and post a survey will return back with their findings. If the planet was a go to settle, the next plan was to send the first of several bio-ships to Futura for settling the planet and then in various stages send the earth’s population (people and some animals) in big ships for relocation.

Back on the ship as the crew hit the maximum setting on the speed, they relaxed a bit before they entered stasis that would enable them to sleep through the 7 weeks that it would take to reach Futura. The crew had an automated alarm that would wake them as soon as they reached the planet’s orbit. Sleep was dreamless and it seemed like it was a very short time before they woke up due to the alarm sounding. The three astronauts rubbed their eyes and dressed as the space shuttle shook as they were reaching the planet and as the lead astronaut took his seat his eyes bulged out as he glanced at the digital clock and calendar. He started hyperventilating and pointing to the display and the other two rush towards him – the year displayed was 11092015!!

How could that be? It was 2510 when they left and the trip was only for 7 weeks. But as the other two assisted their captain to the floor they looked at the planet below them as the surface became clearer. It was earth, still their earth but it was destroyed and in ruins and the oceans and seas and other bodies of water were almost dried up and where there was land and cities and towns it was charred and black and destroyed beyond any recognition. No lights were visible and it looked seemingly without life. This was the planet that they were heading to faster than anything mankind had created, seemingly the last remaining humans alive.

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The Flangiprop To The Rescue

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

Hmmm, let’s try this. A Flangiprop is a useless item in a house or home that is never used, has no use and is usually ignored by the residents of the home until the place needs to be cleaned. Also, it will suddenly become useful when you least expect it and in a sudden moment of need, it can be used to great effect.

So I had this flangiprop that just lies on this mantel at my home. It was a gift from…I dunno….years ago at my wedding and neither I nor my wife are aware of who it is that gave it to us. So in order to be safe we kept it there on the mantle just in case it was a close friend or relative who gave us this gift and we wanted to be sure that they saw that we were displaying it, or they might feel bad. But we never found out just who it was that gift us that ugly and clunky looking thing.

However this one night it came in handy and very useful, 7 years after our wedding. We were coming back home from a night out at a movie and then dinner and my wife had entered through the front door while I was parking the car in the garage, when I heard a scream. I rushed in and saw that a masked thief had a gun pointed at my wife and was beckoning me to be quiet and close the door behind me. I did as obeyed fearing for our lives but when he was distracted by our dog coming in from the upstairs room, I picked up the flangiprop which was near me and hit the thief on the head, knocking him outcold. I hugged my wife and using a piece of rope, I tied up the intruder while my wife called the cops.

As the police took away the thief, my wife and I poured a glass of wine each and silently thanked the unknown person who gave us that flangiprop!

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