A Sticky Situation

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

He whips out a gun and sits down next to me. Keeping the gun out of sight but pressed against my ribs, he tells me to not draw any attention towards us. “Mr. Roshan we know who you are and that you are working for the government and attempting to bring our organization down. Let me tell you that we have friends in high places too. Politicians, religious leaders, business men – all powerful enough to keep us safe. And yet your investigations into our group is causing my bosses some headaches. I am here to put an end to that. In a few minutes a black van will pull up to the curb. You will join me and we will quietly leave this cafe and take a long drive to meet some of my friend. Drink your coffee – it will be your last!”

Faced with this threat and the possibility that I might meet my end at the hands of the likes of this scumbag and his cohorts, I needed to spring into action. My black coffee was boiling hot, having just been placed on my table barely a minute before scumbag approached me. I pretended to pick up the cup to drink and then – splashed the entire thing on his face. Stunned and burning from the scalding heat of the coffee, the scumbag screamed in agony and jumped to his feet, dropping the handgun in the process. Quick as a cat, I picked up the gun and as I got up, I headbutted him right in the stomach. Then I kneed him in the groin and as he doubled over in pain, I karate chopped him on the back of the neck and elbowed him on his back. As lay on the ground, I kicked him in the face that knocked him out cold.

The cafe patrons & staff were in an alarm right now and as they spotted the gun in my hand, someone screamed out loud. People ran for cover while others crouched in fear. I collected my back and ran out into the street, pocketing the gun as I stepped out. I quickly hailed a taxi and had him speed all the way to my apartment. I stepped in thinking that I had shaken off the goon and anyone he might have with him when suddenly – wham! Something hard connected with my head and the lights went out. When I came to, I found myself tied up and sitting on a chair with 3 big men who look like they chewed glass for breakfast on one side of the room. I looked straight and saw a hot looking blonde and a buxom brunette sitting on the sofa opposite me. The blonde was smoking a cigar and smiling at me while the brunette typed something on her laptop.

“So, we finally meet the elusive Roshan!” said the blonde smiling as she looked at me with her icy blue eyes. The brunette took out a big gun and fitted a silencer on it and stood up and aimed the gun at my chest. “Any last requests?” she said. How was I gonna get outta this one?

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Digging Up My Digs

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?

Well there won’t be much stuff to dig out and come to any consensus of what early 21st century humans were like from my stuff but here goes. And this is just by the things in my home at this time, alright?

500 years from now an archaeologist stumbles upon the ruins of my home and finds out that:

  • Humans had a lot of archives of space exploration and visiting alien planets and it’s called Star Trek!
  • Coffee is very popular drink and is preferred to water
  • What is porn? Why is she naked all the time in this video?
  • Humans liked to “rock” & “roll”. Lots of music played but not restricted to loud electric guitars, bass and drums
  • They used a lot of pen torch batteries
  • And have pictures of food on paper – what is take out?
  • They kept lots of stories on something called books which was made out of paper!
  • They had to clean themselves after they went to the toilet – how disgusting!
  • What is whiskey? And brandy?
  • They have these flat things in their living room that they sat and watched moving pictures on
  • More naked pics of women. Seriously – what is this porn?
  • They liked to kick around a ball on fields of green. They called it football!
  • They ate a lot of ….rice!

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My Biggest & Most Loveliest Dream

Write about a recurring dream you have

Well I have this dream a lot; it’s based on the futuristic universe I have dreamed up and which you read briefly about here. Once you have done that then read this recurring specific dream.

In this dream it’s around that time in the future, approximately 5000 years from now, I’m supposedly going on an expedition for scientific research and exploration. It is a long journey and my wife (a very sweet & yet smoking hot sexy blonde) and I are partners on this mission. So the previous night we have a big “going away” party with her parents, brothers and sisters and their families and my parents, my sister and her family. We have a nice big dinner and say goodbye for the next year or so which is when we expect the mission to be completed and we can return back to our home planet (one of several humans now call home). Aiding us on this mission are some robots.

I had two robots that I had built when I was a teenage, 1 humanoid shaped robot (male sounding voice) and one larger one that can hover in the air. After we got married I had 1 more built, similar to the large one. My wife has a female sounding robot that she had had in her family since she was a child and was now with us. Needing additional help for this mission I also got two humanoid shaped robots (1 male sounding & 1 female sounding) that I have procured & activated especially for journey into deep space. Once they had been programed for all the duties that they would be helping us out with on this expedition, I took the two male robots with me to get the final necessary clearance from the authorities before we were to launch our spaceship at 9pm later that day. Meanwhile my smoking hot wife took care of all the rest of the preparations, hugged her family goodbye and went home to collect our two Golden retrievers – Shawny & Donny – and 2 cats – Loca & Mocha – and drove in her futuristic vehicle and parked it in our spaceship which we had leased for our mission.

The spaceship has 3 levels – the lower level houses the vehicles we will use to drive while on any and all alien planet surfaces during this mission as well as the weapons storage lockers as well as some larger scientific equipments. The middle aka main levels houses the bridge section plus our living quarters – a lounge sitting room, an adjacent dining section and a large bedroom with an attached bathroom. There is a section outside the main quarters that has bathroom & cleaning facilities for the cats & dogs. And on the top level/floor are the labs that we use to conduct the tests of materials we find while on the mission. Around 8 pm that night I join my wife in the spaceship and we make our final preparations before we launch into space. The robots gets the ship ready andwe launch at 9pm. Post checking the controls, my wife & I sit down for our dinner and enjoy a nice meal while our pets eat theirs near us. We set our route to the first planetary system which will take us 2 weeks to reach and by midnight it is time for bed.

This next image is one I adore a lot. I’m finishing up a final check off the vehicles in the lower bay and just climbing up to the main level when I see my wife calling out for our pets. There is a big, soft bed that we have for the animals and she calls out each one by name as they seem to be too excited by the trip in space and do not want to sleep yet but my wife is having none of it. She calls “Shawny” and my dog comes slowly to her, gives her hand a loving lick and then climbs onto the pets bed and lies down on one end. Then she calls out for the cats and Loca comes and climbs onto the bed and snuggles up next to Shawny. Mocha the youngest is playing with a toy so I have to go and collect him and place him on the bed next to his sister Loca. And finally we both call Donny who comes obediently and lies on the other end and that’s how they go to sleep – our fur babies in a row, the two cats sandwiched in between the two dogs! My wife places a thick, cozy blanket over them (somehow in my mind space can get a bit cold especially at night) and then the two of us go to our dressing room, change into night gowns and then go to bed. Adventures await us in space and we can’t wait to have a great mission.

The end! That’s what I usually dream about.

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In Persuit Of Books & Redheads

Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.

So there I was at my house and making plans for lunch; should I stay in and cook something or order something? I didn’t know and was about to order in when I saw a commercial on the tv about this rare & old book store that had just opened near me and which would be open only for a few days. I decided to check the store out and get lunch somewhere after that. I love rare books and wanted to get a good deal on some good stuff so I changed quickly and headed out. It was a short drive and I quickly reached there and went into the store.

As I went through the various titles at the shop I saw that the owner, a sweet elderly woman, was smiling at me and motioning for me to come close to the desk that she was sitting at. I smiled and went up to her and she asked me “Son do you know that you are wearing flip-flops?” Why, lo and behold, so I was! In my excitement I had completely forgotten to wear shoes and had left my house in my old flip-flops. She was sweet and wise and charming with her knowledge of books but I was too self-conscious to stay long as I hate to be outside in my flip-flops. Embarrassed I quickly bought 2 books from her, promising to come back soon for more and to also spread the word out to like-minded friends and colleagues. I drove back home but stopped at a drive-through to get some burger, fries and a Coke for lunch. As I stepped in my house, I put the food on my kitchen counter but did not notice that I had spilled some of the drink right near my dinning table.

I had just sat down when I got a call from my new neighbour, a hot redhead I was happily glancing at every opportunity but had never spoken to. She said hello and said that she had gotten my number from another neighbour and wanted to know if I was in so she could bring me some cake that she had just baked today. I said sure and quickly ate my lunch in 10 minutes and eagerly waited for her to come to my house. About 15 minutes later I opened the door and welcomed her in. We talked for a bit and then she asked me for some plates so she could cut me a slice. I gave her a knife and two plates and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. unfortunately for me, she cut a large slice of cake and was bringing it to me when she slipped on the spilled Coke and fell. The cake ofcourse flew in the air and smashed against my face, leaving a rather embarrassed and sorry hot neighbour who spent the next few hours in my company trying to make up for it! Not a bad start to a new friendship!

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The Emperor’s Space Pod

It was sunny when you left home, so you didn’t take an umbrella. An hour later, you’re caught in a torrential downpour. You run into the first store you can find — it happens to be a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of old artifacts, books, and dust. The shop’s ancient proprietor walks out of the back room to greet you. Tell us what happens next!

The proprietor is an old man, perhaps in his late 70s and uses a walking cane to help him get around. He has stringy long white hair, a full beard and wears a coat. He comes towards me and says “I’ve been waiting for you Emperor Roshan”! This stuns me and I look around and notice no one else around. I look at him and say “Yes my name is Roshan. How did you know that? And also you must be mistaken. I am no emperor and no ties to royalty of any kind.” I smile and hope he says that he made a mistake in his advanced years.

But he shakes his head and says, “No sire! I have been waiting for you for eons. Come take a look.” And he takes down a huge leather bound book from a shelf and lays it on the table. He opens it up and stops at a page towards the middle of the pages and points to an image. “Look” he says and as I glance down I get a huge shock as I see a regal looking image of a man dressed in an outfit from a fantasy world, sitting upon a giant throne, with a giant laser gun in one hand and a gold crown with jewels studded in it, upon his head. The face is familiar – it is the one I look at in the mirror every day!

“This can’t be! That’s not me though it is a great likeness.” I say. He smiles and says “No sire. It is you. I was sent here to earth to look out for you. When the time is right you would show up at my abode & store and you have. And not a moment too soon. Things are bad on our home planet, planet Zegna. You are wanted back there where you must fight the evil rebel forces and take back control of your empire. Even as I speak, the rebel armies are capturing vital strongholds of ours and you need to make yourself shown which will inspire our army and people. Hurry there is not much time left.” And he ushered me into the back of the store where a small spaceship awaited. It was only for one person and the old man was to stay behind. He handed me the armour and crown that I was to wear and gave me my weapons and showed me the controls. “The course is set to take you staright to Zegna’s capital city, Aurobis. I shall send word of your arrival. Hurry now Sire!”

And he stepped aside as the space pod launched and I, totally unprepared for what awaited me, was launched into space headed for the planet Zegna!

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The Odd Trio

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

She woke up at the crack of dawn to clean the apartment from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. This was our first date and she wanted to create an impression and she told me over the phone last night that I was about to be blown away. She was planning a big 3 course meal with a big desert and possibly more! The ‘and possibly more’ dangled at the end of the conversation like the most tantalizing of delicious juice fruit from a tree. I was excited and couldn’t wait for the next evening to role by.

She finished cleaning the apartment and then fed the cat and then started dinner going but it was getting late. The food wasn’t getting cooked in time and she still had to take a shower. I was on my way and stopped to by a dozen roses, a bottle of expensive wine and a box of chocolates. And only a quick stop at a drug store to get a packet of condoms. You know, the “and possibly more” part! She had just stepped out of the shower and grabbed a large beach towel to check on the food when I reached the building. As she set the table and placed a bowl of soup on the table to check on the taste, I got into and rode the elevator to her floor. The cat however was giving her trouble and jumped on top of the table and knocked the bowl of soup onto the floor. At the same time, I rang the bell and opened the door as I saw that it wasn’t locked.

So all this happened at the same time and with the sudden ringing of the bell, the cat jumping onto the table and knocking the bowl of soup onto the floor which also splattered some of the hot soup onto her leg. She yelled in fright and her towel came off the knot and fell onto the floor as I stood there and gaped at her awesome nakedness. That was a sight to behold!

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3 Questions

A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

  1. What do you really think about your family? Please be honest.
  2. If you had to choose between sex with any number of hot women of your choice versus a devoted and monogamous relationship with only one woman – which would you choose?
  3. I know you are an atheist and do not  believe in a god or gods, but what do you think about all the world religions? Don’t hold back!

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Unexpected Intruders (Fictional Post)

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

So here I am one evening walking on home and I reach my apartment and even before I put my keys in the keyhole to unlock the door, I sense that something is amiss. I open the door slowly to hear the sounds of piano music playing from the mp3 player and a strange couple who I have never met before in my life sitting on my sofa and eating a slice of cake on my plates. The couple looked as if they were startled and yet why the bloody hell were there sitting in my apartment and how the hell did they get in? There were in my apartment sitting on my sofa without my permission, eating – well not my cake – from my plates and drinking wine outta my glasses and they had the nerve to give me questioning looks as if to say “How dare you barge in and ruin our evening?”

I demanded an explanation but they gave me none and instead insisted that I was the interloper trespassing on their evening. I got angry at this point and with a fiery temper I moved towards the man and punched him the gut and then hit his back as he bend over in pain. Seeing this the woman screamed and jumped onto of me, grabbing my hair and scratching at my face. I kicked at the guy, making sure to get him in the groin and then grabbed the woman and dragged her down. She tried to kick me in the nuts but I moved my hips just in time so she hit me in the thigh instead. It did hurt but not as much as it would have had she connected to my groin area. Seeing no other option, as she was flaying away with her arms and legs, I slapped her so hard that her glasses flew from her face and that killed the fight in her. I grabbed her hands and pulled them back so I could hold her from behind.

And then I used my free hand to call the cops who came in and arrested them. Apparently these were an infamous thieving couple who went out breaking into other people’s homes by picking the locks and taking temporary residence there while they clean out the jewellery, money and any electronic stuff and any goodies that they could sell on the black.

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.


Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.

I woke up an hour earlier than usual and stretched out lazily in my bed. The sun was slight a ball of orange in the morning sky and it seemed to be telling me to “go back to bed son, I’m not yet in my full glory.” However sleep was the furthest thing from my mind as I needed to do a few things before my beloved comes home – our home! I kicked off the sheets and went into the shower to do my duties before taking a shower. 20 minutes later, fresh as a daisy I got out of the shower and grabbed the red towels – the new towels that she had bought for me just a month ago – and dried myself.

Next stop was briefly to my den/man cave and to my desk to boot up my laptop before I stepped into the kitchen for some coffee. Hmmm, need that decaf before I face the day, so I grab my beautiful but old blue mug and wait for the coffee to be ready. After I grab my coffee it’s back to the den where I place my coffee before switching on the tv news. Ok, there’s an hour for me to kill before I have to get breakfast ready so I sit on my indigo computer chair and click on my email and check the sports websites and Facebook. Oh man, am I ever green with envy looking at the photos of my friend’s new sports car. Ah well, not that I can afford something as ridiculously expensive as that.

An hour goes by quickly so I put on a t shirt and change from my pjs to a pair of jeans and head to the kitchen to make some eggs and toast. There’s some fruit juice in the fridge, new brand but it tastes good and comes in a bright violet can. Hmm, tastes great. She made a great choice. No soon had I plated the eggs – scrambled for her, omelet for me and began to butter the toast when I heard her open the doors using her keys and come into the house. I missed her while she was away with her family. Ah, was she ever a sight for sore eyes, dressed in her favourite yellow blouse and jeans, the casual woman I know. “Expecting company for breakfast?” she teased and smiled at me. “Maybe” I smiled back and grabbed her, pulled her towards me for a big kiss. This is good!

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Message In A Bottle

You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?

So there I am, drinking a selection of ice cold beer one after the other from a large cooler lying next to me. I’m lying on a large towel, wearing just a smile……and a pair of shorts (whew!) and pair of sunglasses with a straw hat on my head. An ipod is my only companion and lazing about, half asleep pretending to read a book is all I have planned for this afternoon.

Suddenly I catch a glint of a light flash from the corner of my eye. Not too bothered to look towards that direction and see a clear glass bottle, a rather large clear glass bottle, floating on the sea waters and being tossed up and down by the waves. A bottle? I sit up to check and see if I can make out if there’s anything inside it. No, looks like I’ve got to get up and investigate. I walk into the waters and grab the bottle and bring it to where the rest of my stuff is. Yes, there’s a rolled up piece of paper inside. Oh my gosh! An actual message in a bottle. Is it an SOS from someone stranded at sea or on an island? Is it a last will and testament from someone who has given up on being rescued? Is it a sad goodbye to a loved one or ones? Is it a letter of regret? Is it a confession of a crime or indiscretion? Without much ado, I pop open the top and pull the paper out and unroll it so I can read what it says. And it reads, in plain old English……..

“Whoever picks up this bottle and reads this letter, will die in 7 days!”

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They Said Goodbye

“They sat shoulder to shoulder on the beach, willing the sunset to last just one second longer…”

Having waited for so many years to see each other they still had just until darkness falls to be together. Despite all his efforts and her hoping for the outcome that they both wanted so much, it had all come down to this. She was to leave with her family at noon the next day to a city so far away and so foreign to both of them. She couldn’t say no and stay back; her father having just recovered from a heart attack a few months ago had now got a good job, one that would be less stressful and taxing on him and the money that he would make would be even better than anything he had ever made in his entire life. To support her father’s decision, her mother had decided to uproot her small but successful business and already setup shop in the new city along with a relative of theirs. Her mother had moved most of her belongings in advance and the oldest son had joined her a week earlier. She and her younger sister & brother stayed back with their father. All of the previous month her father would keep saying that this was a bright new start for their family and that they could put all their troubles behind them in this coastal town which had brought a lot of bad things to them as a family. Besides she was only turning 17.

Each time he said that and the two younger children nodded in agreement, unaware of the turmoil that was going through their sister’s mind as the family sat down for dinner and while the other 3 ate with gusto and talked about their day with smiles, she was busy with her thoughts. Yes, it was a great move for her family and her dad in particular. But she didn’t hate the town; in fact she loved the place and she loved the ocean breeze. Leaving the town would mean leaving behind everything she loved including –  him. She remembered the day they both met 2 years ago, in History class. They both shared a passion for the classes and loved to discuss and debate about events from history and the great wars. They argued about kings & queens and civilizations and some where between a debate on The French Revolution and a reading of a new book, they fell in love. It was first love for both of the 15 year olds and they fell hard. Although they didn’t believe it, they would joke that the were lovers from a distant era reincarnated and destined to be together again and will always be together for generations to come. Her favourite time was after school when both of them would say goodbye to their friends and walk to the fast food place near the ocean and order milkshakes and talk to each other for a couple of hours.

But now that was all about to end. She should be back home, the house her family would call home for just a few more hours, and finish her packing. She was almost done and then she’d have to check and see if her younger siblings hadn’t forgotten any of their belongings that needed to be packed and then sit down with them and her father for that last dinner at their home. The mood would be upbeat as her siblings were also very excited for the move and especially the fact that they would each get their own rooms in the new house. Her dad would smile and dote on the kids as they ate dinner and watched tv till 10 pm when he would insist that the kids get a long rest as they had a 2 day car trip ahead of them. And then in the morning after showers & breakfast, they would wait for the men to come and help them load the heavier stuff into the trailer and then their father would hand over the keys to the realtor and they would say their goodbyes to the town. A town which only she liked in her family. She would be saying goodbye to a lot of good friends but especially him. And her heart ached as she & he knew that they might never see each other again.

Just a minute or two more and the sun would have totally set and it would be dark. He held her tight to him and she kissed his cheek and they cried tears of sadness. One final word – Goodbye!

Gonna Live Forever

Back in 2008 I had started a project of trying to write a book or a separate blog of the scifi universe that I had dreamed up off. I’ve had this dream back in 2003 and ever since then almost on a nightly basis I have extended this dream into a larger than life idea of a time when humans have everything. I had created in my head a time period 5000 years from 2013 where humans are a dominant race in the known universe, having traveled throughout this galaxy and interacted with numerous alien life forms and been to many star systems, planets, moons and other celestial bodies. With the advancement of technology faster than light space travel in various comfortable & practical and even luxurious space ships that can house cities of people if needed (with everything that they need at their fingertips), life is very exciting.

The Earth was completely abandoned for dead, it’s atmosphere unable to sustain life at all and after the discovery of 3 extremely suitable planets in another star system in 2490, it was decided that all humans, along with the animals & birds, would relocate to these 3 planets in the Vetra system as we came to call it. The evacuation of earth & the colonization of the 3 Vetra planets took over 10 years but finally, with the exception of some insects, all life on earth was either in transit in huge bioships, residential & military spaceships or already on their new home on one of the 3 planets. 10 years and 5 months after the first ships left for Vetra, the last ships reached the orbits of the 3 planets that we call our new home and humans and animals were led to their locations.

In the universe I have created, things are great with no poverty, no hunger, no killing, no animosity between humans, no diseases and life is relaxed. Although still not written down, an event will take place many many years later after conflicts with an enemy alien race, one of many but the most dangerous of the lot. Humans have stopped aging, except for babies & very young children who still have some slow growth for a while until it stops. This is because of a revolutionary, flexible forcefield or shield, that virtually makes us immortal and impervious to outside forces (natural or non-natural) that could otherwise harm us. But this forcefield also happens to reactivate a virus, a biological weapon that was sent upon us by this alien enemy race. When activated & reacting with the shield it stunted growth in all humans and earth’s animals. So now aging, no new births and no one dies as well unless they went and harmed themselves or someone else harmed them.

Would you like to live forever be immortal in a way?

The Stranger In The Elevator

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene. Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

It was a dark and deary monsoon day in the city. All around me I could see people scurrying to get inside their homes or shops or buildings or into their cars. Struggling to open an umbrella as the June rains came pouring down and washed the streets, the trees and surrounding vegetation and gave a much needed bath to the strays out on the road. Standing in this downpour I looked all around me and took in the scenes, the sun’s goodbye for the evening almost done and the moon quite not visible yet what with all the clouds providing a veil for the shy bride. I was getting myself a little wet but for the most part I was alright compared to most people on the road, due to my heavy coat that protected my shirt and jeans while my boots gave my feet ample protection. I walked slowly oblivious to the downpour, carrying a leather bag, and lit a cigarette as I walked towards the building that was my destination.

By the time I reached the building my cigarette was down to it’s stub so I flicked it into a puddle and searched my coat pockets for a small packet of strawberry flavoured gum I always keep hand with me. I popped the gum in my mouth and walked into the lobby and looked for an elevator. No sooner as I had pressed the button then – she walked up right next to me. With red hair and red lips, smooth white skin and a figure that could inspire a million painters & sculptors. She seemed to be a 12 on a scale of 10 and then some. She was dressed in a white jacket left open to reveal a tight blouse that accentuated her bosom and a black skirt that was long yet had as slit that showed off some fine leg. Her legs were supported on 5 inch heels that seemed sharper than daggers. She had been shopping I saw from the two bags that had the logos of a couple of the more expensive & chic designer wear. Apparently a resident of this building where as I was just visiting a client on business. The elevator car opened and we both stepped in and I got a whiff of her exquisite perfume while she, I hoped, got nothing more than the smell of the rains and some strawberry and none of the cigarette. She did not, it seemed to me, be bothered by anything. I politely asked her the floor she wanted and she replied “13, please!” Not so much said but breathed it, or so it sounded to me. I pressed 13 and 30,  the floor I was supposed to go to. As the elevator moved, I moved back and admired her body as much as I could without appearing to leer or stare. The view from the back was good as the view from the front.

Suddenly the lights went out in the elevator and we stopped moving. The sudden stop scared her a bit but the emergency lights came back on, almost as bright as it was before the lights went out. In vain I pressed the buttons but nothing changed. “It’s probably a power outage due to the rains” said I in a weak attempt at conversation. But she felt reassured and placed her bags to once corner. I removed my coat and folded it, placing it on top of my bag. She took off her jacket and did the same, conscious of the fact that I was not entranced by her deep chest. We stood there each in our corner and pretending not to look at each other. I didn’t even know her name but that was the least of my concerns. We stood for what seemed like an hour, the sexual tension heavy in the air. And then like two animals in heat, we grabbed at each other and melted into a kiss. My hands went on an exploration of the curves of her body and she had her arms around me and one of her hands plunged into my hair and held my face pressed towards her face. Hot kisses, wet kisses and the touching of tongues. After what seemed like ages we parted for air and then the elevator car started moving again. We composed ourselves and straightened our clothes. We couldn’t have been stuck in there for more than 45 minutes but it felt much longer. As she got off she looked at me with longing in her eyes and mouthed “Apartment number 4”! I grinned and said “60 minutes tops! I’ll be there”. She then smiled and walked away.

As the elevator closed I thought of calling my client and saying I got detained and would see them tomorrow. But I thought, it would just be for an hour or so, what the hell. This was an important client. So I steadied myself and went to my client’s apartment and it was business from then. After 50 minutes I feigned a headache and said goodbye and almost ran into the elevator. I went back to the 13th floor and looked for apartment # 4. I pressed the door bell and waited, pleased with myself and anticipating a night of lust. She opened the door, dressed in a silken dress that was neither covering her nor pretending to do so. “Come in” her voice whispered loudly at me and I stepped into the living room and removed my coat. As I turned around I saw her smiling face looking at me as she said “Finally I have you where I want you” and she pointed a gun to my chest.

Ok, I said to myself  “How are you gonna get out of this one?”

Third Times The Charm

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Tim was a young man working in a pub in New York City back in the early 20th century. He had migrated from his native Ireland as a young boy of just 8 years old and had settled down to live in the new country. He liked his job as the bar tender of one of the busiest pubs in all of NYC and he loved the chatter and the regular patrons who came in to drink their ales, lagers & stouts alike. Now 18 years since he had arrived in America he had enough money to get a small home to call his own and the only thing that was missing was a woman to call his own. Tim was usually a shy lad growing up, especially when it came to the women, but now he was more confident that he could convince a nice pretty girl to settle down with him. So he was looking around for his options and looking at the girls that he knew and that lived in the neighbourhood. He finalized his list to 3 of the nicest young women he knew – Betty the butcher’s daughter, Catherine who worked at at the post office and Linda who worked at a gift shop.

Tim went to the butcher shop at 10 the next morning and decided to call on Betty. However when he arrived there he saw Betty cursing and yelling, using a huge butcher knife and cutting pork & beef sausages with such vigour and venom that he got scared. When she saw him Betty stopped what she was doing and greeted him – it was obvious that she liked him but what he had just seen had put him off. Tim asked for two raw steaks, bought & paid for them and left quickly. 1 down and 2 to go, Tim said to himself and decided to go visit the florist shop where Catherine worked. Just as he was about to enter he saw Catherine, who had quite a temper, yelling at an old couple who was holding the line as they couldn’t put their package in order for it to be sent out. Young Catherine was yelling and swearing at them and this scared poor Tim away. This time, he didn’t even bother to go say hi but just beat a hasty retreat. Almost about to give up he saw that he was at the right near the gift shop where Linda worked and thought “what the hell, I might as well try her as well!” and so he went in. He was surprised to see a very neat store with wonderful smelling fragrances coming from inside. Linda had some candles and flowers in every nook & corner. He said hello to Linda and with her help, bought a nice gift for his friend’s wedding the following week. It was obvious that the quiet, gentle and lovely Linda was the kind of woman he was looking for.

Before he left he asked her out to dinner at his place the following Sunday, where he proceeded to cook the steaks for their dinner. Soon the two were in love and when he finally had the courage, Tim asked her to marry him. She said yes and gifted him a bracelet of lucky charms as a wedding gift. At that moment Tim thought to himself “Third times the charm!” Poor Tim, within a month of the getting married Linda would greet him whenever he was late coming home by – yelling & swearing at him!!!

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Three Doors

In a nightmare, you’ve encountered three doors. Choose one, and let us know what you find on the other side.

The three doors that face me are equally daunting looking. Broken at places and with the paint chipped in a lot of places yet they each looked unique due to the colours. One red, one green and one blue. I had no idea which one to choose as each could be filled with dangers untold and that could prove fatal for me. Yet I knew I had to get out of this damn corridor and find a way back to my home. I needed to choose one quickly. But which one?

How much time did I have? I don’t know the answer to that one but it is imperative that I make the right choice. My life may well depend upon it. I hesitate, look to all 3 and then rule out the red door. Why? Because the colour itself signals “stop, do not proceed” and “danger”. So now it was down to two – the green or the blue. Green meant good things and to proceed so should I take that one? I reach for the door knob and almost open it but then – wait, blue is so much better. Blue is peaceful and calm. I should pick blue. I take my hand back and move towards the blue door. Yes, just looking at the door has a calming affect on me. The faded blue colour reminded me of a comfortable, old pair of jeans, the blue sky and the ocean water. I must pick blue. And so I did; stepped up and opened the door knob and fully opened the door.

Only to find a big ugly blue monster waiting for me! And it was hungry.

The Old Man & The Morning

The old man woke up early just as the first rays of light hit his city. These days sleep wasn’t a good friend to him at all despite his advanced years. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a good 5 minutes. For a while he thought about going back to sleep but he knew that it would be in vain. Slowly he pulled himself from his bed and headed to the bathroom. He took his time and washed his face and brushed his teeth. He would then walk slowly past the sleeping form of his wife on their bed and go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. While the water boiled he stared at the outside world through the kitchen window. A baby cried and was quickly pacified by it’s mother. Instinctively the old man thought back to the years he spent as a young child with his own mother. His mother who passed away a few decades ago and all that remained of her was an old photo.

He took his cup of tea and made his way to the living room where he laid the cup down on the dining table and then went to get the newspaper. Not that he would later recollect much of what he read in the news but it was a sheer force of habit of reading the newspaper along with the day’s first cup of tea – a habit formed when he was in his 20s and  50 years later he was unable to change it. So he sipped his tea; strong, no milk and with very little sugar and he read the papers. He spent a good hour going through the various articles. A war here, an accident there, someone calling out for a ruling head of state to resign – pretty much an normal day of news. He closely watched the obituaries for any news on people he knew and of his age passing away. There were none but he always thought when his day would come and how it would be to read his own obituary. As always, the mere thought of it made his chuckle.

He then put the paper aside, pushed his now empty tea cup to the middle of the table and stared at the outside world from his living room window. He thought of the years when he was full of youth, vigour and worked hard to make his way up the ladder. He thought of all the success he had. He wished in his mind if only he could relive those days. He remember better days, the birth of his children, the achievements and the accolades. He thought of a time when he had it all and now he felt that he had very little. He once had money to spare and now he found it tough to get by. And that’s why at his age he still worked. He knew what some people thought but he pushed the thoughts away from his mind. Isn’t it hard to keep at it after all these years? It didn’t matter. He still had to fight on. There were bills to pay. He wouldn’t give up now.

Just before it was time for him to wash his cup of tea and then take his bath, the old man let his mind drift back to those glory days of his and smiled. He could almost grab onto it. He wished for it again. If he could only stay back and day dream. However his wife would be waking up any minute now. And so the old man picked up his cup and went to wash it. Another day is just beginning.

Anita & Me

I found this small, short story that I had created about 6 years ago and had managed to save onto a cd. I had completely forgotten about it and was reading it yesterday as I stumbled upon it.

This really happened to me!!

To preserve my anonymity, let’s just call me James, although that’s not my real name. And no I am not an American, cause people think that this sort of stuff happens only to Americans.

It was about 3 years ago, when I first saw her. I was working in a company that manufactures and exports leather shoes. On a Saturday, I called in sick (I dunno why, just felt like it) and went to look for some stuff to buy for my new apartment. You know some plates and glasses, a small sofa. I saw her at the book store I normally frequent in the evenings after work. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and I mean BEAUTIFUL! Not one of those made up dolls you seen on tv, this was real beauty. I kinda fell in love at first sight. Pretending to browse through the latest John Grisham, I stole many a glance at her. She seemed lost and lonely and I wanted to speak to her. Apparently she was working there, but she must be new as I had not seen her before. I took the novel I was holding in my hand and went up to her and asked her the price. I must have seemed an idiot, as the price was printed on the back. But she smiled and told me the price and I left. I went to the store often and managed to chat with her (let’s call her Anita) once I got the courage. She was an orphan like me ( my parents having passed away the previous year in a car crash) and was new in town. She lived in a tiny apartment quite near my own, but she said that she was moving soon, as a distant aunt was allowing her to house-sit for her while she (the aunt) was taking a trip.

I soon asked her out for dinner and we started going out every 2 or 3 days. I could speak to her for hours and so could she as I gazed into her lovely brown eyes. Finally I invited her to my apartment for a home cooked meal. The evening turned out to be better than the meal, as we made love for the first time and I asked her to marry me. She said yes and I was on top of the world. Since I had only a handful of living relatives and all she had was the aunt, the wedding was planned to be a small quite affair. Two days before the wedding, when I was supposed to meet her aunt, Anita told me that her aunt had passed. It did not spoil our wedding plans as I noticed that Anita was not particularly upset at the recent demise of her only relative. Anyway, she said that her aunt had left the house in her name ( let me tell u at this point that I had never been to the house as yet and Anita had moved back to her apartment when her aunt came back, although I had not met her). So we got married and went on a brief honeymoon to a cottage in the countryside. Soon I was back at work and busier than ever as I had been given a promotion. Anita and I moved to a bigger apartment, and she informed me that she planned to sell her aunt’s house. I said fine. In the third month of our marriage, Anita seemed a little changed. She did not seem to pay much attention to me, and was ill a lot of times. I did not complain or could not as I was up to my elbows in work. Then one day she told me that she was having some remodeling work done at the house before she sold it. I couldn’t offer my help as I had little time free. And then within a few days it was plain to see that Anita was carrying child. She was pregnant and the strange part was that she looked like she was five months pregnant. I couldn’t explain it to myself but she went through her pregnancy in 3 months instead of 9 or 10. When I asked her about it, she refused to tell me until the baby arrived. Was it mine? I asked her and to that she said yes. I told her that she had a lot of explaining to do. She told me to stay in the apartment and that she would move to her aunt’s house. I let her go.

A week later (and it was now 6 months since our wedding vows) she called me to tell me that she had given birth. She was at the house. I screamed on the phone, why she didn’t got to the hospital. She just said that it was a boy. I finally went to the house, the first time that I was there. She help in her arms a baby boy, who looked kinda mature for a newborn. Then she told me the truth. Anita was an alien! She was from a planet of beings very similar to our own but much advanced. Even their babies came out to the world much sooner. That’s not all she said, my son would mature in one year; he would look in age like me. How ? why? Words failed me. Was I chosen as some kind of experiment? She then told me of the war going on in the galaxy where her planet was located. Her people and another race had been fighting for centuries. In their culture women cannot fight battles, their contribution was to bear children who would become soldiers for their war. A few hundred women were sent to Earth, as both our races were rather similar. Her job was to bear a child, teach him their ways and then send him back to her planet to join the battle. The house was actually a spaceship that had been converted to look like an Earth home. She had a smaller spaceship that was in the garage, it would take our son back to the planet. Due to shock and anger at being duped, I left the house in a rage. Anita called out to me that she had never meant to harm or hurt me in any way. Well I went back to me apartment and started drinking. I refused to see Anita or our son and went back to work. Anita would call me and tell me to see them but I could not be persuaded.

A year passed and my anger had withered a lot. I started thinking about Anita quite often. A few days later, Anita called and told me that our son had finished his training and was to leave for Anita’s home planet that night. She asked me to come. Curious, I drove to the house. Anita opened the door and she looked even more beautiful than before. She led me to the basement, which was filled with equipment from her planet, things I did not even begin to recognize. And then I saw him- my son. Fully grown; a year after his birth he could have passed of as being of my age. That’s not all he was the exact replica of me. I looked at him and wondered at the beings of their planet. He greeted me with a hug and said that it was nice of me to see him off. He went back to his preparations. The small spaceship was being readied for departure. As i studied it I realized that it was quite small, only for one. Anita told me that women after giving birth had no importance in their world at this time of war and they could only reproduce once. The small space ship was built by the both of them according to orders from their leaders in their planet – Anita was to stay back on Earth. She had no place in her homeland like all the other women of her planet. Our son readied himself and with our blessings took off for the planet he had never seen, but was raised to fight for. After we could no longer see the small spaceship in the sky, Anita asked me to help her to burn down her house before daylight. That was according to instructions. I did as I was asked and soon the place was burning brightly in the night. All traces of her home planet were now destroyed and she could never go back there again.

I asked her to come with me and we drove back to my apartment that she had left a year ago. I prepared a late dinner for us as Anita set her clothes and belongings in their former places. I could not let her live alone I told her. We would live once again as man and wife – even though we were of different worlds. As we lay down on the bed to sleep, she asked me if she could hold me. I said yes. It took us a few weeks but things went back to normal, we were like any other married couple. Although it seemed to me that she was much stronger than before. She could lift huge heavy things like they were dead flies and once during a fight that we had, I saw that behind her gentle nature was a fierce temper. Another night when we were walking home form a late night movie, a mugger approached us with a knife. Anita almost killed him, she attacked him with her hands and beat the shit outta him. I could not believe my eyes. I pulled her away (and it took all of my strength to do that) before the wretched soul was killed and we ran back to our apartment. Now I knew how strong she was, I was always on the defensive. I avoided arguments and hoped that no one else would make her angry either. Recently Anita accused our new neighbour, a young women, of flirting with me. It wasn’t true; the young lady was just being friendly but no matter what I said, Anita still believed it to be something it was not. My worst fears came true. Our neighbour went missing one weekend – she was found floating in the river two weeks later. She was missing an arm and several toes. She had suffered. When I told Anita the news, she just said that the world was such a dangerous place and smiled and went on with what she was doing. Another time, Anita had an argument with an old lady in a store. The old lady went missing the next day. I am so scared now. I dunno what will happen next. I am doing my best to keep Anita in good humour and hope that there are no more victims. But lately she has been looking at me in a strange way. Like one looks at a small bird or animal that is injured and near death. And then she smiles. Who knows what her intentions are? I hope that I am not the next.

I have to stop now. Anita is back from shopping. She likes me to spend time with her when she comes back. I better not anger her, or u know what could happen!!!