Food, Fun, Friends, Drinks…Fight?

So what happened today? It was a very casual day at work, there being a festive atmosphere and some Pookalam contest going on. I wanted to go early and come back early (the support staff was on a half working day today) but I slept very little during the night and hence I was drowsy and cranky in the morning. I sat in a daze while awake during the morning hours and napped for a while in between.

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Today was Vinitha’s wedding & sort of goodbye treat for some of us. She had wanted our entire department to go out together but it couldn’t materialize and hence she took out the girls on the 14th and treated the guys to a great lunch today afternoon. After I rushed to the office to take part in some festivities, we decided to go out for our late lunch. Vinitha, Girish, Neil, Manoj & myself went to the Sea Park hotel on the road leading from Pathaddipalam to Premier. We had hyderbadi biriyani, chicken 65 & some huge pieces of fish fry. The fish was the best, so totally delicious. We washed it down with Pepsi and also had a small ice cream after that.

Us guys headed back to the office and worked on our reports till around 7:20. Neil and I decided to have a couple of drinks and headed out to Velocity Bar near the High Court junction. Well, I actually passed by it first and didn’t know where it was. I have only been there once, way back in February, and wasn’t sure where it was. We finally found it and entered to a full capacity noisy atmosphere but in a minute two guys left their table, so the waiter guided us to it. We just had a couple of drinks, vodka+sprite, and chatted for a couple of hours and then walked our ways back to our respective homes.

Oh, I almost had a fight with a drunk asshole! While we were walking back and talking, some idiot pushed me from behind and then mumbled some nonsense. I swore at him and told him to go fuck himself and to get off the streets if he can’t handle his drink. I was so livid that I swore a bit more until he was out of hearing distance. Some people are just plain assholes and need to be kicked in the balls! Infact I had raised my leg to kick him in the groin initially until I realized that he was drunk!

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Song for the day – “Long, Long Way To Go” – DEF LEPPARD

Fears Come True

download chances are online Before you read this entry you could peek through this one that I wrote about the same person a little over a month ago. I was hoping that this girl finds happiness and can finally put everything behind her. And things were going alright for her and the rest of us had hoped that we had seen the last of her worries. She was quite happy and content and the situation at her new place was getting a lot better. She seemed to have settled into her new life and was enjoying it.

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watch boo online But I didn’t think that everything was all that it was cracked up to be and not as rosy as she wanted us to think. I had heard major rows on the phone and she has voiced her frustration out loud not knowing that I was in hearing distance. I tried to ignore it and hoped that it wasn’t too serious. But my fears were magnified tenfold today when she called me to inform that she wouldn’t be coming to work today and asked me to inform our department in charge. She was crying hysterically and sobbing & gasping while she tried to tell me that she has fallen in the bathroom while getting ready to take a bath and had hurt herself badly. She was sounding so desperate that I was scared and my fear was written on my face. I hoped she was fine and I informed the others.

For a long time after that she kept her cellphone switched off and it was only later in the evening that I was able to speak to her again. She said that she was feeling better and that she would come back to work tomorrow. She said that she got scared since she was along in the new house and therefore she was crying her guts out. I know that something is amiss but I hope she recovers from it in time. We can only offer our shoulders and open our hearts to her, when she needs them.

Song for the day – “She Talks To Angels” – THE BLACK CROWS

31 Going On 13

I just turned 31. So here I am a 31 year old man…with a ton of regrets and a whole lot of ‘if i could only do…’! Well for just this day, maybe I can forget about all of these things and just have a little fun. Vinitha was the first person to catch on in the office about my birthday, since she saw the pop-up in Orkut. So she sent me a message last night. Also my beloved Cathy called me at 12:30 am to wish me before she went to bed. That was sweet!

I didn’t want a big fuss for today and wasn’t even planning on letting people know that it was my birthday, cause it’s 31st and not my 21st. What’s so ‘happy’ about it? But since Vinitha already knew about it, I thought ‘ok’! I bought some chocolates and gave it to people in the office. I got a card and they got a cake for me. Imagine the embarrassement of having the women fuss over some silly birthday. I was decorated with the multi colours of my cake. I also spoke to my beloved Asha before she had to start her work shift.
Evening time rolled over and it was time for me to take leave of the office and go drinking! Anil & Madhu were due informed two days in advance and we met up at the Executive Bar @ Park Residency in Kalamassery. Brandy for Anil, Whiskey for Madhu & Vodka for me. Two rounds of drinks & food and as usual making fun of each other, chatting about old friends and women! More jokes, more drinks & more food followed by lots of laughing. In the end we had to leave and go home as they both had an early day and I wasn’t off from work tomorrow. So, I am now safe & secure in my room, having braved the cold winds, rain & terrible road conditions on Anil’s bike.

Goodnite everyone! My world grew older by a year!

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Some People

Some people are just meant to have hard times. And cry. And be sad and not be happy in the long run. Good things are not meant to happen to them. They aren’t going to be comfortable when happy so they make ways for suffering & sadness to overcome them. Cause only then can they be satisfied. I know a few people like that and got to really know a person like that today.

The World Goes On

Anyone who has read my blog for a few entries would know by now what I like to do on Sundays. The routine changes very little and it might be a little sad but I do not get that much free time and working 6 days a week only leaves me with Sunday to relax and do what I want. However, what I want to do normally takes a lot more money so I just do the simpler things.

Today I headed over to have some triple sec frappe and a muffin before I went to get my hair cut @ Mama Mia’s. My hair was growing quite a bit unruly and difficult to manage, what with the balding spot & the condition of my scalp! Dandruff, my dear friends – it comes and it goes. I do not have a permanent remedy for it. Anyway, I had it cut short so that it is easy to manage and I must admit, I look a bit younger. But the hair is going at an alarming rate and my threat to shave it all off is looking more and more likely to come true. Why not? Just shave the damn head clean and shrug off the balding! If I wasn’t fat I would have done it a long time back.

After that and being astonished at the amount of hair that I had left on the ground, I went to get some rum & pepsi for a change. But to tell you the truth, I am so conditioned by vodka now that nothing else really tastes good enough. And also, I seem to have lost the desire to drink pepsi or coke! It tasted terrible on it’s own.

Three deaths by accident in the span of three days – a former colleague of mine lost her younger brother & sister when their bike hit a road median and they fell onto the path of a speeding bus. The tires of the bus snapped their heads and they both died instantaneously! The boy was just 18 and his sister was 21 or so. I had seen the boy once last year. Then today while I was speaking to a friend, he got a call saying that his uncle had died as a result of a truck hitting his scooter in Thrissur. And you say that there is a god?

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This has got to be the weirdest week ever, as far as my work life is concerned! I mean, here I am thinking one thing or led to believe one thing and it turns out to be quite another thing all together! Well, I am not sure since I have to yet hear it from the horses’ mouth. And I really want to let him have his say.

One of my friends & colleague went off in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, saying that it was an emergency and that his aunt was lying in a very critical condition in a hospital in Bangalore. He was granted the leave and he rushed to the rented apartment to get his belongings and left on a plane. I was asked to cover for his work today and for the next three days of the following week. I was glad to help. I spoke to him last night and asked him how his aunt was and he replied that she was getting better. We then spoke about the pending work and I said good night.

It turns out that he was bluffing…or atleast it seems to be that he is. I was told by the batch of new recruits that he was training that he left for another reason and not because his aunt was ill. Turns out that he & a girl in the training batch had eloped to get married! And they had only met 18 days back, when he started the training! I was quite shocked to hear about this and doubted the truth in it almost the entire day. But they confirmed it to me, saying that they had spoken to my friend and the girl and that had informed them that their marriage was over and that my friend would take good care of the girl!

I have been unable to get my friend on the phone since then and no one else has had better luck. The rumour spread like wildfire and the entire office was talking about it it seems. Lots of people coming to ask me about it, since they thought that I would have all the details as he & I are very close…or so it seems! Anyway, I am just waiting for him to come back and have him sort out this mess. The kind of gossip spreading about is terrible to say the least.

Song for the day – “When The Night Comes Falling” – JEFF HEALEY

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to people you care about is never easy, especially when you may never cross paths with them again in the near future. Several people who I got to know during the last few years have recently moved away from the office or city and the chances of me seeing them are highly remote, given the current way of living, wherein you never get time to just catch up with an old friend.

I have asked myself this question time and time again – “Why is it that you cannot find time to keep in touch with your old friends? The ones who swore along with you that you would never be more than a phone call apart?” I ask you, how many high school friends of yours do you keep in touch with on a regular basis? I can think of just one, who I used to see atleast once a month or so until I moved to Kacheripady – and that is just because his home is 5 minutes away from my old home, if you are walking. His work is in another city, but he still stays in his parents home in Thrikkakara, meaning he gets up early in the morning to go by train to Thrissur and comes home around 8 or 9 with not much energy to do anything more than eat & sleep. But since he lives in the vicinity of my old house, I got to meet him by chance.

I don’t even have the phone numbers of most of my old buddies, several who were closer to me than any brother could. Don’t even ask about the girls, I don’t know if any of them have kids or got divorced or married. Seven years after leaving my 10 grade behind me, I used to keep in touch with a girl called Jesna, since my E-commerce class was quite close to the store where she worked part time keeping account. But I was never that close to her, still we managed to have a chat every other day or so for almost 6 months. Then no news. Until last year when she joined my former company for a brief while, so I tried to speak to her every few days until she left.

One of my closest friends in the whole wide world (well from the age of 11 to 22 atleast) was the one that hurts me the most. We had a huge fight because of the asshole she called her boyfriend, and now her husband, and just like than in the space of a half-hour, we killed eleven years of friendship. I still have nightmares of that, cause I miss her terribly at times. I think she tried to get in touch with me when she got married, which was 3 after we fought, but I was unreachable at the time. I hope she is ok and I hope that jerkoff is treating her well. Cause he once broke her heart and really made her upset and it was me that she turned to. I was there for her and it was on my shoulder that she cried on. But some people never learn. I hope she never gets to regret her decision.

Drinking On The Roof

Today I was just heading out the door to head for the office when I got a call from my manager. It seemed that due to some emergency we would have to start the training for a batch of new recruits today instead of Saturday as we had planned. It was 10 o’clock and he asked me to hurry to the office. I reached there as fast as I could, in 30 mins. I spoke to him and found out that our clients were upset about the fact that we were running short of agents – much less than we had planned. The salary at the call center agent level is not that much, hence we had people leaving our company to join ones that were offering bigger salaries.

So due to pressure they decided to step it up a day ahead. Thanks! No prior notice, no shit! Anyway, the new recruits had to be summoned to the office and that took time. We had to wait for a couple of guys who found it hard to come to the office so suddenly, when they were expecting to start only on Saturday. Hence I could only start the session at 1:30 pm, after lunch, and continued till 6:15 pm. I don’t like it when training is rushed as it usually leads to below-par results. But somethings are just beyond your control.

By 7 I was ready to head out of there when I got a call from Madhu & little after that one from Anil. Would I be free for drinks at a roof-top garden bar quite close to my office? Am I ever! By 7:45 we were up there (quite a nice place, they had done a lot of renovations and the restaurant & three bars in the hotel were really looking cool) on the roof and had ordered a couple of rounds of rum for Anil, brandy for Madhu & vodka for me. We had some snacks of beef & chicken & peanuts. And there was some lightning although no thunder or even the hint of rain.

Chatting about work, the weather, health etc finally lead us to a big debate on the anti-encroachment demolition done on M G Road in the past couple of days. It was quite a debate and went on for an hour atleast. By 8:45 our glasses were empty and were being refilled when we started talking about work and I just happened to mention about Sajith, my colleague and friend since January. Turns out Sajith & Madhu had studied Hotel Management in the same college and were friends who had lost touch over the past few years. Natural since Madhu is from here and Sajith is from Bangalore. So I called him up and he said that he would join us.

So now we were a foursome and the talk shifted to Sajith rehashing to us stories of him & Madhu during their Hotel Management days in Chennai and we had a good laugh. Pretty soon it was 11 pm and time for us to head home, so Anil dropped me at Kacheripady on his bike. That was an evening I will never forget.

Song for the day – “Rock Of Ages” – DEF LEPPARD

Weekend @ Wang’s

Ah it is so nice to have a couple of days off to relax. Ok, I had to work on Saturday (what work?) but I got Friday & Sunday off to do as I please. And the day wasn’t so hot like the past few have been. I woke up and lazed about trying to watch The Descent, which I had downloaded from Veoh. This is a really good movie and I will post about it later. Dad & mom were not doing anything today, except having my nephew Aditya for company and my mom watched a couple of Malayalam movies which she had wanted to see in a long time.

Anil & myself were supposed to get together with Jibin, our old friend & colleague from Aspin Wall. Jibin is getting married in a week’s time and is also moving to Ireland, as his fiance is working as a Pharmacist in Dublin. He is joining her on a visiting visa and will look for a job there as soon as he lands. I think he already has something setup. Anyways, he had wanted to join Anil & me for a few drinks as we hadn’t spent time together since 2003! Fuck, has it been that long? Seems like only yesterday. So a week back he had called to see if we wanted to meet up and we said yes.

However, Jibin got stuck with some problems with his visa. So it was just Anil & me….not quite. Anil was running late from an outing with his family, him being christian and it being Easter and all that. We were supposed to meet up by around 6 pm but he called me at 5 to let me know that he would have to cancel. Stuck without a partner, I decided to go out since I hadn’t had any drinks in two weeks. A bath later, I was in Oberoi and had four vodkas along with a light chicken snack. I spent about 90 minutes there.

Just after I left the bar at 8:15, I ran into Akhil & Jija, who had spent the day out @ Cherai beach and then had headed back into town for a little shopping and some coffee before heading for dinner. I joined them and we headed for Wang’s Restaurant, which also has a Kebab & Hindustani style section. They had been dying to try it out and I am glad that they did. We had chicken kebab, butter nan with hyderabadi chicken curry, urug daal & curd. Everything was downright delicious and finger licking good and we had a lovely evening. I saw them off in an auto which took them to the company provided apartments at around 10 pm and I walked my way back home.

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      Late Winner

      Sunday surely is the laziest day of the week. There sure is a great feeling to sleep late and be lazy on this day. Even though I woke up by 9 am, I could have gone back to sleep for another couple of hours. Wake up I did but the laziness got the better of me; I was supposed to go to Thoppumpady and collect my relieving letter from the old company as I have submit it to my current place of work. I later decided to postpone the trip to tomorrow and then laid back and read the newspaper at leisure. I spent most of the morning chatting with Kichu & his mom; since they had a mic I could hear the two of them through GoogleTalk but they couldn’t hear me. Kichu was playing his guitar and pretending to be Dave Murray, Adrian Smith & Jannick Gers all at the same time.

      The afternoon sped by as I ripped my CDs slowly one at a time. The evening was up for grabs; my parents went to see Sherine and her kids. Madhu was indisposed for a few days, so Anil & I decided to head out for a evening on our own. We met at the HDFC ATM at Kacheripady and took an auto to Menaka. We went to the bar @ Hotel Sea Shells which, the only time we went there had a great ambience and great food. So we settled down and ordered two vodkas for me & two rums for Anil. We had some beef & egg burji to accompany them and we started out usual chat about the same stuff – work, career, money, women, marriage & the three of us! It’s funny how it seems like we are having the continuation of the same conversation when we get together. Anyway, both Anil & I wanted to leave earlier than usual so by 9:45 pm we were outta there.

      I came home in time to catch most of the Arsenal vs Manchester United match. I was hoping for Liverpool to beat Chelsea yesterday and they did. 2-0! And then I wanted to see Arsenal beat Man U. And they did! Both Robin Van Persie & Theiry Henry scored goals and the Gunners edged out Manchester 2-1. Man U took the lead in the 53 minute when Wayne Rooney headed in a goal but 30 minutes later Van Persie equalised for the London side. Then, deep in injury time, captain Henry headed in a goal to clinch it for Arsenal and the Emirates stadium went wild. This means that both Liverpool and Arsenal do have slim chances of winning the league.

      Song for the day – “Bad Boys Running Wild” – THE SCORPIONS