Get The Best Gaming Experience Possible With These Tips

If you are someone who loves gaming, then you are going to want the best gaming experience possible. Simply buying a game and then playing it is not going to allow you the full experience which is why you have got to go one step further. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the tips that we have come up with to help you achieve the best experience possible when you are gaming. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

Buy The Best Device

First, you are going to buy the best device. Now, there is a lot of controversy around this as some people think XBOX are the best, and others think that Play Station takes the cake. PC is also another awesome option that a lot of people love, which is why these three are usually the main contenders. Of course, it depends on your personal preference as to which is classed as the best. Have you had experience with either of these in the past? Or, do your friends use a certain device that you have played on before? If you have some kind of experience with a console, then you should be able to make a choice as to which one you want to use.

You should also think about the games that you want to play when making this choice. The reason for this is that some of them are exclusive to either Sony or Microsoft meaning that you can’t play them on the other console. If there is a game that you know you want to play with all your heart, then the decision has been made for you.

Also, make sure that you have taken a look at all of the specs. While they might not be the be all and end all of purchasing a device, it will help to make a choice. It may be the case that one of the devices has something that you think is desirable and it will help sway your decision that way. This is an important part of the buying process, so make sure that you have taken a close look before making any commitment.

All The Accessories

The next thing that you are going to need to think about is slowly building up your accessories for your gaming experience. For example, if you have ever watched a Twitch stream, you will notice that they don’t just have the one console and a controller, they usually have a bunch of cool stuff to enhance the area around them. Some people who use PC’s to game use keyboards with lights on them, monitors with backlights and so on. It makes the surrounding area cool and helps you to really immerse yourself into the game that you are playing.

If you’re going to be playing online with other people, then you’re going to need a headset at the very least to ensure that you can all communicate. Take a look at reviews and buy the best one that is in your budget.

What Kind Of Games Are You Into?

We also highly recommend that you think about the kind of games that you are into so that you can get everything set up. Make sure that you download and install the game before the time that you want to play it, otherwise you’re going to be in a very frustrating position. You should also think about whether you are going to need to find a server for your game. For example, you may need to look into the best server hosting for Ark if this is a game that you are interested in.

Think carefully about the needs that come with each game so that you can ensure they are being met. If they’re not, then you are not going to get the best gaming experience, which isn’t going to be fun for you.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do in order to get the best gaming experience possible. If you are going to do something like gaming, you may as well do it right! That’s the best way to think about it when you are going through these steps. We promise that it will enhance your experience if you think carefully about all of these things before you start jumping into anything. Good luck and have fun!

I Have Just Purchased EA FIFA 21

Now I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. As a kid I used to have an Atari video game and I loved it. My sister, dad & I took turns to play the games on the device which we bought while we were still in Kuwait. Circa 1985 or 86 I suppose. When we brought it with us to India in 1987 after my family moved back, some of my cousins also enjoyed playing it with us. It broke it 1989 and unfortunately we couldn’t find a place that could repair it. In 1995 I bought my first computer, a clunky desktop pc. It came with a few games and my sister and cousins and I enjoyed playing a few games on it. I never bought any just the free games or demo versions of games that you could get from a computer magazine.

Other than the iconic Doom and Duke Nukem, I had some other games that I loved a lot and I also remember when two of my younger cousins had come to stay at my place, we played a lot of them games. Back then for most of the late 90s I tried to get a good football game. I had a couple of good ones until in 1997 I got a copy of EA’s FIFA 1995. Man, I loved that game and I played it a lot. I also managed to get NHL 1995 as well and these were the two games I loved. My then computer died on me back in 2003 and then I stopped looking at games.

I bought my next pc in 2006 but I didn’t play much games on it. I had given away my copies of FIFA 95 & NHL 95 and never played any games since. However on my phone I have played a few games of Tennis Clash & Bowling King which I love a lot. It helps to pass the time. But other than that I haven’t been into the kinda of games that seem to be very big on XBox, Wii, Playstation or PCs. That will change as I have just made a purchase of EA’s FIFA 21. This is a long awaited return to playing my favourite game online. It will be here on Saturday and I cannot wait to play a few during the weekend.

Pick Up A Game : Health Benefits of Bowling

Health Benefits of Bowling – Bowling has one of the longest and richest histories of all sports, dating back approximately 4,000 years ago to Greece and Rome. If you have watched the sport, or game if you prefer, and would like to get into it here are some reasons to get into it and possibly join a local league. There are many important physiological and physical attributes of a successful bowler, including exceptional hand/eye coordination and balance, good flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness and low body fat. A good musculoskeletal system maximizes bowling power and control while minimizing injury risk.

Muscle Strength : Bowling is a sport! It requires a combination of lifting, bending, and extending. Each time you bowl, you utilize your arms, shoulders, wrists, and legs to propel the ball down the lane. The more you bowl, the more muscle strength you’ll build. This is especially true if you increase the weight of your ball as you continue to bowl.

Improved Flexibility : You can bet that the more you bowl, the more flexible you’ll become. Bowling requires an extensive range of motion. Not only are you lunging and twisting regularly, but you also have to stabilize your muscles in order to balance as you approach the lane. The more you practice, the more stability and flexibility you’ll develop.

Hand-eye coordination: Throwing the bowling ball and hitting the pins requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination. This kind of focus stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. This makes bowling the perfect game for young people to sharpen motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and for older people to refine tactics.

Can be enjoyed at any age: Bowling is one of the few sports that allows you to compete at any age and become a pro. The game is enjoyed by everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens and is currently the fastest growing high school varsity sport. There’s a low risk of injury, which makes it a popular game for older individuals. Many bowling alleys can accommodate those in wheelchairs and bowlers who are blind.

Fun for the whole family: A large contributing factor to the simplicity of this game is the immense adaptability that it offers. The rules of the game are very easy to understand and learn, and the automatic scoring systems take care of all the scoring for you. So bring your children and your parents, buy some snacks & soft drinks at the counter and make a day of it.

Look For That Lesser Price

How to save money while shopping?

I’m gonna use the examples of dvds as this is main thing that I buy online, other than mostly essentials and some grocery items and the occasional book or shirt. So I do buy a few dvds of my fav tv shows and movies and I usually do so online. Now, since sometimes the rates in India are higher or I just can’t find the less popular movies or tv shows on Indian sites, I shop internationally.

My main choices for shopping online for dvds are Amazon UK, eBay UK, eBay CA & eBay. In that order. If I am trying to find a dvd box set or a season of a tv series, I will open all 4 and check and search for items that can be shipped to India. I then compare the prices for them on each site. Ofcourse I will also check the rates in INR so I can make a decision as to which one is cheapest for me including shipping to India.

This way I ensure that I get the cheapest option for the dvd or dvds that I want to get and not pay a huge price for it. Sometimes in India the cost of a dvd set is very high and when I get it from ebay UK or Amazon UK, it is much cheaper. There are a couple of sets that I would have to had paid atleast Rs.7000 or more just to get them in India. Now that is savings.


On Escape Rooms

An Escape Room is a game in which participants confined to a room or other enclosed setting (such as a prison cell) are given a set amount of time to find a way to escape (as by discovering hidden clues and solving a series of riddles or puzzles). Escape rooms like the escape room in New York City became popular in North America, Europe and East Asia in the 2010s. Permanent escape rooms in fixed locations were first opened in Asia and followed later in Hungary, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and South America.

Escape rooms or Escape boxes are inspired by “escape-the-room”–style video games – hence the name. You and your team will assemble in a themed room and will have one hour to complete a mission and “escape” the room. That mission might be actually escaping something like a prison cell. In other cases, the “escape” is completing your mission which may be finding lost gold, launching a martian spacecraft or completing an art heist. A successful escape will require you to uncover hidden clues, crack codes and solve challenging puzzles. Each “aha” moment will bring you closer to completing your mission.

Beating an escape room requires teamwork, speed, creativity, and patience. Escape rooms are perfect for family vacations, corporate team-building, or just having fun with your friends. It’s always a bonding experience. In fact, The Escape Game recently surveyed some of their corporate clients and found that 10/10 companies reported improved morale following the escape room event and 9/10 reported improved communication.


For the longest time I have heard of footbags in tv shows and movies from North America and I have wondered what they were. This pic on the left is an image of one.

A footbag is the term for a small, round bag usually filled with plastic pellets or sand, which is kicked into the air as part of a competitive game or as a display of dexterity. “Hacky Sack” is the name of a brand of footbag popular in the 1970s (currently owned by Wham-O), which has since become a generic trademark. The most common game of footbag consists of two or more players standing in a circle and trying to keep the sack off the ground for as long as possible.

Footbag-like activities have existed for many years. The game is similar to traditional Asian games of kicking the shuttlecock, known as jianzi or chapteh. The game is also similar to some South East Asian games, such as sepak takraw and sipa. This game is known as jegichagi in Korea. The Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan practice dates back to at least the 1930s.

My favourite instance of footbag/hacksack is in an episode of Corner Gas where officer Karen Pelly is playing with one and when she can’t find it suspects others in the town of hiding it from her.

The Best Social Deduction Games To Play With Friends And Family

Playing games is a great social activity to do with your friends and family. Although video games are a very popular choice, there are plenty of games that don’t involve a controller, like social deduction games. A social deduction game is any game that involves hiding information and trying to convince other players of your viewpoint. They’re great fun to play with people you have known for years, but they are equally as good if you are trying to get to know a new group of people.

Social deduction games have become so popular in the last few years and there are some great ones that you can play online or in person. These are some of the best social deduction games to play right now.

Pexels CCO License

The Werewolf Game 

The Werewolf Game is an old kids game that is simple to play and great fun for all ages. One player is the werewolf and each turn, they choose somebody to kill. It is then up to the rest of the players to discuss and work out which of them is the werewolf. There are many variations on this game and a lot of people play a version called Mafia, which is a similar concept. It has also been made into a board game with an app, called One Night In Werewolf, which expands the rules and makes it easy for beginners to get to grips with.

Among Us

Among Us is the most popular game of the moment right now. It’s actually quite similar to werewolf, it’s just more advanced. A group of players are aiming to complete simple tasks to fix a spaceship, but one of them is an imposter, secretly trying to kill the rest of the crew. Each time a body is discovered, the group all discuss to see if they can vote out the imposter. You can get the app for free on your phone and play with friends or even with strangers online.

Online Poker 

Poker is one of the oldest social deduction games there is, but people often forget to put it into this category. Even though the luck of the cards is important, the real skill is in bluffing and hiding how good your hand is, and trying to work out what the other players have got. There are plenty of great online poker sites where you can set up games with friends or join random tables. However, it’s important that you follow the advice on this Responsible Gambling Guide before you start playing. When played casually, poker is a great social deduction game that gives you the chance to win a bit of money. However, some people get hooked and then it becomes a real problem.


Chameleon is the perfect board game for people that have not played social deduction games before. Each player is given a card with 16 words on, except the chameleon, who is given a blank card. A random word is then chosen with a dice roll and each player takes it in turns to give a clue related to the word. The chameleon then has to pretend that they know the word and give their clue as well. It’s up to the rest of the player to work out who the chameleon is. This is ideal for young children or people that haven’t played these kinds of games before because it’s quick to set up and easy to learn.

These social deduction games are all great fun to play with friends and family and they make a nice change from video games or standard board games.

4 Fun DIY Projects to Kill Boredom During Lockdown

The lockdown has influenced our lifestyle and routine. Professionals are struggling to juggle working from home and create boundaries between their work and personal life. Instead, others are trying to fill the gaps of empty hours waiting for these restrictions to be lifted. However, with such a significant amount of free time available, you can turn your social-distancing era into a mindful retreat. While you are there, learn a new skill and take up a new DIY project to make your home beautiful this summer!

Rethink Your Garden

Anyone lucky enough to enjoy a garden during these unusual times has never been as grateful for it. However, changing it around, making it summer-ready, and tidying it up is essential to living your garden-life to its fullest! Start by tending your plants and flowers and rearranging the furniture. If you have never invested in outdoor chairs and tables, this is an excellent time to support a local artisan by buying a unique piece of furniture.

Additionally, you could invest time in creating a path in your lawn. This feature can make your outdoor area more liveable and accessible by your family and guests.

Breath New Life Into Old Furniture

A quick visit to your garage will tell you that you have at least a chest of drawers or chairs worth restyling. If there is not enough space in your home to welcome a new piece of furniture, you can turn it into a waterproof item that can live on your patio.

Restyling old furniture does not require you to be a DIY expert, but you definitely need some tools and pieces of equipment to make your time worthwhile. Investing in spray paint can be an excellent starting point for your projects, especially as a quick make-over can offer you professional results and transform any item!

Use Wallpaper to Restyle Your Rooms

Remodeling a bathroom or bedroom is among the most expensive and time-consuming projects you could undertake in your house. However, if you wish to enjoy a modern-looking room that better matches your current preferences, there is no need to go to such great lengths. Instead, opt to invest in an alternative, stylish wallpaper. They are easy to apply and can genuinely change the look and feel of a room. And if you still have some of it leftover, you can create lamps, DIY wall art, or covers for boxes.

Build a Bookshelf

Unless you are passionate about scouting a unique piece of furniture, bookshelves tend to be the cheapest-looking items in our homes. They serve their purpose, and they are designed to be a home for your books and spare articles. However, building one yourself can be a source of great satisfaction. Since many people have large quantities of free time available, this period is perfect for undertaking such a lengthy project. Investing in the right materials for your projects is essential, as these can truly make a difference in the outcome. And, even if you are a DIY expert, don’t forget to get the inspiration and tips you need from experts in the sector!

The Best Ways To Take Advantage Of Your Time After Lockdown

The end of lockdown is upon us in many countries across the world. Most of those who have had to work from how or sit and wait for their jobs to restart again have spent up to 3 months sitting and waiting. And even those who haven’t stopped working and have had to continue in order to provide healthcare and essential work for their country have found themselves without their favourite after-work past-times to look forward to.

But as the time indoors starts to come to an end, many will be looking now to fill their newfound freedom with the activities that they realise they were taking for granted. In this time of restarting and returning to normal life, there will be those who feel that they must now be doing something extra with their time, in order to make the most of it. So how can your newfound time and freedom be spent in order to really maximise what you can achieve with it? Well here are a few ideas you can mull over in order to make the most out of life.

Take up a new hobby or join a new sports group

Remember when you wanted to join that Pilates class but “never quite found the time”. Well now is the time. Coming out of your lockdown you can now appreciate what it is to spend the time doing the things you always wanted to do. Now that hobby shops, fitness classes, and leisure facilities are reopening now is the time to enquire about those classes that you always wanted to take part in.

Human beings are sociable animals. They are meant to spend time around other people. And now that the time is back to be able to spend it with other people, you should be jumping at the chance. Time with friends and family is great and cannot be replaced, but you should be broadening your social circle as much as possible.

Take a holiday somewhere you haven’t been before

Take a holiday somewhere nice, or at least somewhere quiet, that you actually want to be. Take the time to actually plan on going somewhere that you have never been before. Never been to Spain, why not go to Barcelona? Or maybe even Greece. Take the time to appreciate places you have never been before and always wanted to go to. Don’t feel bad about wanting to enjoy your freedom once again, but do it responsibly and shop around for the right price. Be wary as some holiday agencies may be trying to recoup losses from their financial downtime.

If you really want to get extravagant, why not take a trip to a Bahamas private island? If you want a holiday that is filled with sun, sea and sand but is still right out of the way of tourists and the vast majority of other holiday goers, then it may be a legitimate idea.

Start hosting family and friend nights

Many people are now realising how much they have missed their friends and the close physical contact they once had with their family. To recapture this magic and that closeness once again, why not consider starting regular family meals, or friendly get-togethers. Of course, you don’t have to feel obliged to start preparing 5 stars, 4-course meals each and every time someone comes around to the house. But if you do plan on hosting more family nights a few snacks every now and again are a brilliant way to provide a good night. If you are stuck for ideas on what you can do, maybe host a board games night, or even set up for a movie night with the kids in your family and circle of friends. Not only are the adults missing their friends and family but the kids are too. Having something for them to look forward to is going to be a joyous moment for them once lockdown is over.

Having friends and family around is going to be an excellent way to dust of the social cobwebs once lockdown has been fully lifted wherever you live. Now that you have probably realised how much you took these family and friend gatherings for granted it can be almost guaranteed that you won’t ever want to waste time not having them again in the future. Schedule them in regularly once able to do so. If you did that already then try to do something different that you never did before. Family picnics or day trips are a brilliant place to start if you are used to spending family time indoors.

Spend time in the great outdoors

Not enough people spend time outside amongst the greenery, in the fields, or just travelling their country in general. Many people confine themselves to their small circle in their home town or city and some will never even consider leaving, let alone actually do it. Now though, the time is ripe to start fixing that issue and spend more and more time outside, taking in the fresh air, and seeing what the countryside has to offer.

You don’t have to go for 3 weeks camping and trekking holidays where you only live off the land, but you should definitely consider going for day-long hikes across regularly new terrain, in places you haven’t even heard of. Expand your travelling distance on a regular basis. Just like taking a holiday why not book to camp somewhere new every month and explore the places you’ve never been. Not only is the exercise good for you, but it has also been proven that spending time in the outdoors is good for your health, both mentally and physically.

Finally, start your dream side business

Some people took advantage of lockdown to start and grow the side business they always wanted. Now that the economy is going to start picking up the pace again, this is the time where your products and services are going to require even more attention. If you build your business smartly and with some careful planning it can grow into something that starts to replace your regular job should you so wish it to.

Owning your own business is a dream for many and now is the time to make that dream a reality. Use what time you have left in lockdown to really educate yourself on what it takes to successfully start and run your own side business. You never know, but with the right care and attention, within a short period of time, your side business may become your full-time career.


Lockdown has been hard for many. A lack of anything to look forward to and the closure of many of their favourite clubs and social places has taken its toll on the mental health of a great number of people. But coming out of lockdown doesn’t have to just mean the return of work. With some foresight and planning you can start to take control of your newly appreciated free time and start to have fun again.  Start to give yourself something to look forward to and something to plan that you can really sink your teeth into. Try not to take your free-time for granted again and really start to appreciate the small things in life because one thing is for certain. When you can no longer waste time, you start to miss time. Spend it wisely and make it something memorable once again.

A Little Bored? Then It’s Time To Grow!

There’s been a lot of talk about boredom lately. So many people are stuck at home isolating, or have been furloughed with nothing to do. Coronavirus surely has left its mark on the world, but it doesn’t mean you have to be bored with nothing to do. There are so many skills to learn or hobbies to pick up. You just need to find ones you enjoy or that sound good to you to get started with. Here are a few ideas for you to consider. You might already do some, or have at least thought about them which is great. But they could send more ideas percolating around your brain!

Get Outdoors

Outdoor hobbies are great because usually it means you’ll get some kind of exercise. This isn’t always the case, but if you go for something like cycling you’ll certainly burn some calories. It doesn’t have to be exercise. You can use remote control boats or cars, or take a look at the best foldable drones. Picking things which the whole family can engage with is also a good shout. You could simply take up walking if you wanted to. Hiking is great for exercise and allows you to explore new places while getting fresh air. Consider an outdoor hobby before the others if you wanted to mix exercise with other fun things that all the family can enjoy. The initial outlay might be a little prohibitive too, but it’s surely worth considering.

Get Back Into Books

A lot of people have never even read a book! Some that have, didn’t easily go back to it because they couldn’t find what they enjoyed. Give it a go. It’s a relatively cheap hobby and is something that can kill a few hours easily. You can learn new skills through reading, or plunge right into fiction. There’s so much out there that there is literally something out there for everyone. Have a look at the reviews and find something which matches the time you have available and your interests. If you didn’t want to spend too much money you can get them second hand. Speak to friends and see if they have any recommendations for you regarding which books they liked the most. If you have similar interests you’re sure to find something you like too.

Learn A Language

If you’ve got the time and are more academically inclined then you can go for a language. There are so many apps and websites that can help you these days. You won’t even need a course to attend. Think of one which you’d like to learn. Pay attention to the difficulty level too, then dive in. You can do it proactively, or even passively by listening to something as you engage in another task. Knowing another language is a true plus to your resume too, and can set you out from others. Give it a go if you have the time. It might not be for you, but if you start it off using a free platform there won’t be any loss.

4 Reasons to Go Hiking This Summer

Due to the current situation, far-flung holidays and lavish resorts might not be in the cards for this summer. However, staying within your four walls for months can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Luckily, some alternatives can get you out in the wild and help you reconnect with nature, such as hiking. All this, while still respecting the ongoing social-distancing rules!

Reconnect with nature

After spending over a month, leaving your house to stock up on essentials from the closest supermarket, it is natural to start feeling a little claustrophobic. Anybody who had the chance to stay at home during the lockdown is grateful for the ones fighting on the frontline.

However, it is entirely natural to feel like getting your eyes off the TV for a day. Hiking allows you to discover some hidden gems in the area, locations that you would not have thought of visiting when you had the chance to jump on a flight. Make the most out of these unusual times to explore the nature around your city!

Stay away from crowds.

Social distancing is not going to go away soon, even if some of the lockdown restrictions will be lifted. Consequently, we might have to say goodbye to summer BBQs, parties, and evenings out with friends for a while. Isolation might not make it easy for everybody to withstand the stress of these uncertain times.

Hiking has been seen to yield incredible benefits on the mind and body while allowing you to clear up your mind and enjoy a day out. All this without having to meet up with others!

It’s affordable

Even if the travel restrictions were not there, with such uncertainty, few families would have rushed to buy expensive plane tickets and experiences. If you have been worried about the current economic situation, you are not the only one. However, it does necessarily have to be a reason for avoiding doing all of your favorite activities.

Indeed, hiking is inexpensive and accessible, allowing you to make the most out of your day without having to worry about how much you are spending. If you don’t believe there is much to explore in your area and you have to travel far to have an enjoyable time, consider a city-hike or just a day in the park!

You won’t need much equipment to have the best experience.

Aside from adequate boots, hats and sunscreen, and Trekking Poles, there is not much else you need to enjoy your day outdoors. Naturally, it is essential to pick a path and trail that is right for your fitness level – usually shorter than the distance you would cover on a paved road. If you are isolating with your family, friends, flatmates, or partners, asking them to come with you, can make this experience an occasion to strengthen essential relationships.

Ultimately, this summer might have frightened us with the thought of having to stay indoors for the best part of three months. However, some alternatives can turn out adventurous and breathtaking – with just a little creativity!

Getting Away From The Screen: Games That Don’t Involve A Controller

There’s nothing that can quell the all-too-human love of games. However, many of us may have felt the need to do something that involves any screens or controllers, to expand our mind and spend a little less time exposing our eyes to potentially harmful blue light. Here, we’re going to look at how you can still get your fill of fun and challenge, but without the concern of video game addiction that has become an all too clear threat recently.

Board games

If the first things you think of when it comes to board games are Cluedo and Monopoly, then you might feel a little worn-out on them already. However, it might be worth spending time trying to practice some of the board games known to make you smarter, such as chess, go, or backgammon. There are also board games that get a lot more complex in the rules, which are good for lovers of strategic games or those for whom the average family board game has simply become too easy. Board games like Settlers of Catan and the Game of Thrones boardgame can involve resource management, decision making, and even negotiation like you might not have experienced before. To put it simply, there’s no end to the variety that board games can offer.


If you’re trying to keep your brain sharp, then there’s nothing that can give it a workout quite like a good puzzle. One of the advantages of puzzle books is that they can contain challenges of such a variety that it’s impossible to ever truly master them. You can just keep trying them, succeeding, and moving on to the next one. Books like cam test not only your vocabulary but also your ability to arrange different resources (or letters and words in this case) to make sure that they fit the greater. Meanwhile, sudoku puzzles become a game of increasing numeric complexity the larger that the numbers become.

Roleplaying games

We’re not talking about things like Skyrim or Final Fantasy, but rather the kind of roleplaying games that are played with dice, pens, paper, and sometimes models. Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular and well-known variant around, but there are options to suit every taste. For instance, lovers of sci-fi might try Cyberpunk, while those who enjoy a more creepy horror vibe could potentially get into Call of Cthulu. Roleplaying games can be played in a variety of ways, so not only do they engage the imagination and ability to tell stories of each player, but they each come with a certain mechanical complexity that has to be mastered, as well. Furthermore, sites like are making it much easier to play online in case you have trouble finding a group around you, too.

Social deduction games

If you’re looking for games to play with friends, especially those who are far away, then social deduction games could be precisely the kind of thing to keep the crowd engaged for a long time. Effectively, all social deduction games are about each player having information that they either want to keep secret or reveal to others. What follows is a game of negotiation and investigation to find out which information is real and what to do with it. The classic game, Mafia, involves people who are members of the mafia, and innocent townsfolk and no-one knows which role each person fits, so it’s their job to find out to arrest the mafiosos or, on the other side, to survive and win.


These might not exactly fit your definition of what a game is, but they involve testing yourself and, often, competing against others so we’re going to include them here. There are plenty of websites like where you can find and join quizzes of all sorts. If you’re trying to stay away from screens then there are, of course, plenty of quiz books you can buy, too. Quizzes can be more than just a convenient way to pass the time, too. There are competitive quizzing leagues that can really put your general knowledge to the test if you feel like you’re not getting challenged enough. Quizzing can also be done alone or with friends, online or offline, making it one more the more versatile types of “games.”

Simply put, there is no shortage of games that you can play, either alone or with your friends, that allow you to test your skills and wits. There’s nothing wrong with playing some video games, too, of course, but finding a balance can greatly help you appreciate each of them.

Tech Talk: How Advanced Tech Can Improve Your Fishing Adventures

Contrary to what many people believe, fishing isn’t a niche activity. In fact, it is one of the most commonly participated sports in the country. So, if you’re a fan that’s looking for ways to increase your enjoyment, you are not alone. As with many things in life, technology is the answer.

Here are five ways that technology can be used to enhance your experiences on the lake or sea.

1| Planning A Trip

If you love fishing, you’ll probably have a favourite spot. However, exploring new places is a big part of the fun too. Using your smartphone to find suitable places to fish can be achieved on browser or through dedicated Apps. Furthermore, checking the weather and knowing the times of sunrise and sunset can help you plan. Improved organisational skills give you a solid platform to build upon. It can even aid your hopes of selecting the right fishing bay to base yourself for the day ahead.

2| Improving Productivity

A productive day of fishing is always more enjoyable than one in which you spend waiting for nothing. Using a fish finder can help you identify the most densely populated parts of the sea, lake, or pond to fish at. While some may consider it to be cheating, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself the best shot at actually catching some fish. If nothing else, the knowledge that fish are in the area will give you the motivation to keep at it, even if you start slowly. It’s probably the best tool you’ll ever own.

3| Baiting The Area

As well as finding a busy area, you need to ensure that the fish are interested. Baiting the area is an old concept, but the tech used to do it is greater than ever. Some use RC boats to take bait out to the desired area. Others go even further by using drone technology. Either way, accurate baiting feeds into the idea of improving the day’s productivity. Meanwhile, when fishing in a small group, this additional task can actively crank up the fun too. The modern approach to a traditional idea should be embraced.

4| Adding Comfort

Technology doesn’t always need to include computers and digital items. Any angler knows that keeping dry, warm, and comfortable can make a significant difference to the day’s activity. Flexible, fingerless fishing gloves should be top of the agenda. Of course, suitable footwear and rain jackets are vital. Depending on the situation, you will also need to consider the tent as well as sleeping bags and chairs. The tech has evolved on all of those items, making them more practical and comfortable. Perfect.

5| Capturing The Day

The days of settling for a quick snap on a disposable camera are long gone. The generational and technological shifts mean that people want to get better images than ever. In fact, some will want to record their days for vlogs and social media posts. A digital camera or high-quality smartphone can handle basic tasks. For the very best recordings and shots, though, adding a submersible camera or video recorder can work wonders. It truly underlines how far tech has evolved in recent times.

Happy fishing!

Research Says There Are Eight Types Of Gamer. Which Are You?

Gaming is now a bigger industry than Hollywood, so it should come as no surprise that it attracts a range of personalities. The average gamer is no longer the greasy-haired teen, mashing buttons on his control pad, night after night. It’s all of us.

Recently, researchers at Newzoo decided to look at the makeup of gamers a little more closely, so see whether there were different “types.” Their research threw up some thought-provoking results. The vast majority of players fit into eight categories.

These categories are:

  • The time filler
  • The popcorn gamer
  • The hardware enthusiast
  • The conventional player
  • The cloud gamer
  • The all-around enthusiast
  • The backseat viewer
  • The ultimate gamer

You can probably guess what some of these gamers are like, but others will need a little explanation. According to Newzoo, the most common type of gamer is the time filler – people who don’t really care about gaming per se but use it to fill time, anyway. These are the people you see on the bus with their eyes hooked on Candy Crush and bitcoin casino games. They need something to divert their attention from the monotony of their situation.

The second most popular is the “cloud gamer.” As you might guess, these guys like getting their video games piped to them through the internet. They’re not bothered about having the best hardware or even a pleasant experience. All they want is to try the game in all its glory and enjoy it at a low price. This group of people is in luck. The launch of Google’s Stadia and other cloud streaming services means that gaming just got a lot cheaper.

The next most common gamer was the so-called “ultimate gamer,” comprising around 13 percent of the total population. These people dedicate their time, money, and energy to gaming. For them, it is not just a way to burn a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, but a reason for living. After that came the popcorn gamer, also comprising 13 percent of the total population. These guys are a little different from regular gamers. Instead of playing games themselves, they prefer spectating. These are the people who are responsible for the growth of esports – competitive video game competitions.

The hardware gamer was the next on the list. These are the people who don’t mind going out and blowing $5,000 on the ultimate gaming rig. For them, nothing but the very best experience will do. Don’t be surprised if they drop more than $1,000 on a graphics card. The backseat gamer is the person who used to play a lot of video games but doesn’t do so as much anymore. They knew all the games ten years ago, but now they’ve been out of the loop for too long focusing on other priorities to be any good.

The all-around enthusiast is somebody who likes playing video games but has more of a balanced life than the ultimate gamer. They don’t mind seeing friends, whereas the latter sees it as a waste of time.

How To Entertain & Engage The Kids On A Budget!

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to keep the kids entertained and busy. It’s not that we run out of ideas – here are millions of those – it’s that the kids are bored quickly and have zero attention span! Oh, and half the time, the activities that they want to do involve money, and we are not always living our best lives with all the money in the world.

Okay, so you could hook up the latest and greatest consoles and keep them busy with those, but that’s not the idea here. You want to keep them entertained where they won’t necessarily get square eyes. You want them to be engaged, excited and entertained all at once, and that means encouraging their creativity and boosting a little competitive edge in them!

Let’s check out some of the best, low-cost ways to keep the kids busy on the weekends.

Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk has no end of possibilities when you’re a child, so imagine how easy it’s going to be to entertain the kids with it? You could draw Hopscotch patterns, and you could let them go nuts drawing whatever they want to draw with it. The best part about chalk is that all you need is a good rainfall and it’s all washed away for next time. Hours of fun at a small cost to you.

Outdoor Games

Get outside away from the screens and dust off the old Cornhole boards and have a good game! If yours are broken, you could always get some new ones from and start using them as a family. Outdoor games like basketball and dodgeball (with softballs!) always go down well with kids!

Build A Playground

So, it’s a rainy day just like the others, and your kids are crying boredom. Get them to gather up as much cardboard, chairs and duvet covers as possible and make an indoor fortress together. You could even create an indoor assault course with the right toys and equipment. An indoor playground can keep them busy, working together and having fun!

Break Out The Craft Boxes

Glitter, glue, sparkles, stickers and molding dough all have a place in the imagination of a child. Add all the things you can get from your recycling boxes, and you have the perfect supply box for an afternoon crafting. You can task them with building robots or their own Transformer cars, and you will have busy kids all afternoon.

It’s not always easy to keep the kids busy at the weekends, but it can be fun with some imagination and thinking. You don’t have to make this too complicated – they’ll have a whale of a time getting messy and using their own thinking. Kids are easy to entertain when you know what they like. Just shut off the screens and give their imaginations some space to go wild for a change. Children need your time and attention most of all, so start there and the rest will follow.

5 Board Games That Will Make You Smarter

There are lots of great reasons to play more board games. As well as being a fun form of entertainment, they can be a great way of getting kids away from the screen while also encouraging family bonding time. On top of this, playing board games could also help to boost brainpower. Here are just five board games that could help you to become smarter.


Chess is one of the oldest board games still in existence. It’s the perfect game of strategy – players must use problem-solving and forward-planning skills to try and outwit one another and take each others’ pieces. Chess also boosts memory – each player is constantly having to keep a mental record of which moves they can and can’t make. It’s only a two-player game making it unsuitable for a family get-together, but it could be great for one-on-one time with friends and family.


Scrabble is a word game in which players must compete to build the highest scoring words using a jumble of letters randomly chosen from a bag. This board game teaches all kinds of skills. It’s firstly a great game for expanding vocabulary – with the help of an anagram solver, you can discover all kinds of new words. Scrabble also teaches problem solving and also requires some mathematics in order to add up scores. It an all-round perfect board game for making you brainier.


Monopoly is the best game for teaching financial skills. It’s a game of budgeting and investment in which players must take risks and conserve their cash. Players each compete to buy streets in which they can then place hotels and houses on in order to collect rent from other players. There are lots of different versions of Monopoly out there to choose from.

Trivial Pursuit

In Trivial Pursuit, players must answer questions successfully in order to win pieces of pie. The first player to collect all the pieces of their pie wins. The questions in Trivial Pursuit are general knowledge and are themed around various colour-coded categories. You’ll constantly be learning new facts while playing this game, making it great for boosting brain power. Some boards come with separate kids questions.


Cluedo (or Clue as it’s sometimes known) is a classic murder mystery game in which players must solve the details of a murder including who did it, which weapon they used and in which room they committed it. By asking other players questions, you can slowly deduce the details of the murder. All in all, it’s a great test of memory and problem-solving skills.