What If We All Had To Leave The Earth And Settle On New Worlds

I’ve wondered for a very long time what it would be like to be part of the generation of humans who had to leave the earth behind and settle on different planets in another star system. What an exodus that would be! Imagine the work that would have to be put in to ensure that all the living humans, animals & birds are tracked and moved into large spaceships that serve as our home for the duration of the journey that it would take for us to travel from earth to the new planet or planets.

Our current population is 8 billion! We don’t have the technology to transport living beings at the moment. Let’s say that we can manage to get the technology down and can create large spaceships the size of huge metropolitan cities with homes, gardens, can grow food and create water supply for all the creatures living on them. We would have already colonize a few moon including our own and possibly Mars by then and have some experience on moving large groups of people and animals. I think. So now, the ships are built and I suppose we have to do it in waves and it would take several decades before every living creature can be shipped from here and reach the new planets we will call home.

So let’s say it happens in waves with maybe 50 such ships in each wave and each ships have humans with their pets in one section and in segregate sections the birds and animals are housed. Insects and creepy crawlies aren’t brought along. Once they reach the new planet/planets, houses/apartments are built quickly with our new advanced technology so that people can start living there. The bird and animals an let free to live in areas of the wilderness and thrive in the new worlds.

After a small gap of a few weeks, the second wave leaves and so on and forth and it’s finally the last couple of waves that are left and they are getting ready. I imagine myself being a part of this wave and being part of the few million humans left and are ensuring that all my family members are grouped together in one of these massive city ships and that we and our pets are among the million plus in one of those ships. In all these ships we have a mix of the rich and the less rich in them and even the homeless. Imagine being part of the team that helps to gather these people and transport them to the pickup points where they are shuttled to the big ships.

I imagine that as the last few humans are waiting in line to be shuttled the humans who are managing things, look for the few animals that still remain. A few wild animal are round up, some birds and small tree dwelling animals are caught in cages and taken to be transported to the ships and in their enclosed sections of the ships. Finally we have some stray kittens, cats, puppies and dogs to chase and capture and I imagine myself being part of this team. Some humans, thinking that they would be better off without having some animal pets with them, abandoned some of these cats and dogs as well along with the strays.

So in our large hover vehicles the size of huge mobile homes we chase these cats & dogs and gather the kittens and puppies along with the older ones, as they run scared thinking we are out to hurt them. We scoop them up, bring them in and get them cleaned and handed over to those of us who are doing a quick cleaning and medical checkup to make sure that they are free of any dirt and diseases. I personally have handed over a couple of cats and a few dogs, including a couple of puppies. These two sisters were filthy with some dirt on them so I give them to a colleague who is on bath duty. We are stopped on the road running a quick scan to see if we have any more bio signs of animals.

Finding no more bio signs, my team signs off and we contact the large ship we are going to go to and let them know that our areas are animal free. By this time all the dogs & cats are clean and settled in on beds as we head off to the ship. My two pups are cleaned up and they are getting a medical scan from the med tech. She says that they are both free of any maladies and are healthy and clean, so I scoop the both and go to where I sit. I place them on a blanket next to and give them some food and water. Bellies full, they now want rubs and pets and are licking my hands and face. A colleague looks at the 3 of us and says, “Looks like your family has just been increased by 2”

I smile and say “Yes it has” and sit back for the ride to the ship. As we dock, I take them to where my family is staying and introduce the two puppies to the rest of the family and then discuss what we are going to call them. The ship leaves orbit and heads out for the long journey to our new home.

Conspiracy Theory : All Your Gods Were Actually Aliens

Write a funny conspiracy theory behind an important event or people.

Important events like religious ones including the birth and lives of these so called deities and gods – it’s all aliens. Well, it could be aliens and that explains all of the things that they have done. Flying? Alien jet packs! Electricity? Power pack that generates electricity! Different colour skins? Yeah because these aliens are not necessarily from a planet that has humanoids that have the same colours of skin that we have.

Any miraculous act that these religions claim that their god or gods did is because of the advanced technology that the aliens had. Mary getting pregnant without intercourse – aliens put the baby in her using their advanced medical technology. Resurrecting the dead? Advanced medical technology with a resurrection option built in. Greater strength? Yeah that’s because of our sun an the earth’s gravity being so different from their own, it gives them extra strength. Just like Superman!

You are worshiping alien beings. Perhaps they also have much longer lives than we do. Like 200 to 400 years. But later on they decided that humans were not worth and decided to abandon the earth and go back to their respective planets. And that is why you do not see them around anymore.

Prompt from 87 Blog Post Ideas That Will Never Fail You (2024) at The Blog Tyrant.com

A Fictional Place You’d Like To Visit (And Never Leave)

While there are many fictional places that I would love to visit from science fiction stories & movies and fantasy movies, there is one place that is top of every other place in fiction that I would love to visit and stay in – never to return. It is the the fictional world I have created, set a few thousand years in the future. A beautiful future where science and technology is so advanced that we have eliminated poverty, thirst, hunger, homelessness and all accidents and diseases as our technology helps us to avoid them no matter what. Also, having left earth far behind, humans, the animals & birds we have on this planet (except for some disgusting ones like insects, spiders, leeches & cockroaches) now live on 10 planets and 7 moons in another star system.

How? Well, having conquered faster than light speed and being able to build comfortable large starships, humanity moved on and took the animals and birds with them and settled on these new worlds. We also have invented this very easily customizable forcefield or shield that is indestructible and no weapon or element can penetrate it and we have it surrounding our home planets, our spaceships and our settlements on other world as well. If you want to step outside of these spaceships, you can do so in a forcefield protected suit or with two mini robots that generate the forcefield around us as we walk on a distant moon or planet without the suit.

And so now that we have these 17 worlds, we can spread around and let the animals get more space to do their things. Weather is controlled so we have pleasant winter, cool summers, autumn and spring is so beautiful and the rains so lovely. But we humans also explore the galaxy, space travel is so easy, it’s the equivalent of traveling in cars or buses or large ships on the sea. Imagine a large luxury yacht or cruise ship in space. Except it’s covered all over due to us traveling in space. Exploring the universe, safe in a luxury setting with cushions, sofas, big beds, plenty of food via replicators, plush carpeting, robots to cater to our needs and help us, dogs and cats and other pets able to easy live along with us in the ships. Oh and also, due to a pollen found on one of these planets, and which spread on all of us human and animals, we stopped aging and now are immortal.

So now imagine a Utopian existence that you have created, immortality and no issue with home, food or drink, no illness or pain or death, and a whole universe to explore in safety without fear of the external elements or aliens weaponry. That’s where I want to go! Along with my family ofcourse. And my friends are gonna be there too with their families & pets.

Prompt from January Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers at Jo Linsdell.com

When Images And Words Come To Life

If you had a magical writing journal, what special power would it have and how would you use it?

I want the journal to have the magical power of bringing whatever I write to life. If I conjure up a new type of vehicle, then *poof* here it appears. If I write about me and my family living in a big luxurious house then *poof* here it manifests and suddenly we are now living in luxury. If I write about all my relatives who have passed away still alive and in the prime of health and living with us, then suddenly it happens and it’s like they never left. And that goes for our pets too.

And if I write that instead of the year 2023 and on earth, that humanity lives on several planets and moons in a distance galaxy a few thousand years from now, with humanity thriving beyond our current limits, with no wars amongst ourselves or fights or even small disputes as humans have evolved beyond all of that and live in harmony with poverty, illness, diseases, accidents, hunger, homelessness and thirst all a thing of the distant past. Also ofcourse we travel the stars so easily that other than out military ships and officers who patrol the stars and our scientific teams who explore and research, civilians too can easily travel the planets and star systems.

Imagine packing your kids, spouses, pets and the in-laws into a large mansion size spaceship and go from your home to another planet or moon either nearby or in a different star system. Vacations and travel for leisure to exotic worlds and safari on an alien planet with their animals and birds. Visit friendly tourist destinations where friendly aliens live. Ofcourse due to excellent scientific advancements, humans and their pets are protected in a forcefield that keeps them completely safe and impervious to outside danger, weapons, radiation and harmful gases etc. The stars are no longer the limit.

Should Scientists Try to Help People Beat Old Age So We Can Live Longer Lives?

Should Scientists Try to Help People Beat Old Age So We Can Live Longer Lives?

Who doesn’t want to live long. If you ask me, a 100 is too young. That is just a century. I want to live longer. I want to be able to live forever. 100 is just not good enough. I want to be able to experience the world and the rest of the universe and there is just not enough time to do so. In shows like Star Trek, they do show that by the 24th Century, due to advancements in medical technology and such, humans tend to live much longer – like 150 plus years.

But wait – I don’t want to be old and frail and weak. I want to be young forever. Well and not even this age of 46-47; I wanna be 29 forever. I dunno for some reason I like the age 29. It’s not the young 20s and not it’s the 30s yet but it’s a nice age to fall back on. So yeah, rewind 18 years back and keep me at that age. I wanna be young and live forever at that age. I want no illness to fall upon me and no injuries or harm to be inflected upon me. And hell yeah, I would want all of you to go back in age and revert to 15-20 years ago.

So I want the scientists to get to it as I want everyone to be able to live forever without the fear of being killed or falling ill and suffering. Universal healthcare. And how about not having to work and worry about money too? I always come back to that. We need to find a way to get rid of monetary concerns and instead work towards making sure that everyone gets adequate supplies of food, proper clothing, water, comfort, shelter etc etc. All the needs of humans fulfilled without the bother of money and worrying about it.

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network

Do You Think Life Exists — Or Has Ever Existed — Somewhere Besides Earth?

Do You Think Life Exists — or Has Ever Existed — Somewhere Besides Earth?

Yes. Am I sure of it? No because I don’t have any evidence for it but I think that there has to be some sort of life out there. There are way too many planets and moons across the various star systems in our own galaxy. I believe in an older post this year I mentioned that there are around 100 million planets out there in our galaxy alone. But our galaxy is just one of millions and trillions of galaxies out there – we don’t even know the exact number. Now how many would that make in the entire universe – I can’t do that kind of math.

I am not arrogant enough to think that this planet and we are so special that we are the only living things out in the vastness of space. So even though I don’t know for sure I would bet that there is some intelligent life or just life out there in the vastness of the universe, living on some rock that is traveling around some star in a system. Some will be much more advanced than us and others will be a lot less advanced.

I want to go to outer space! See the universe and explore the galaxies. Someday I hope we know for sure and get to meet some friendly aliens who wish us no harm. Who wants to share technology and make things good for each other. Check out various planets, chase a comet, meet new alien species, try out their food and drink and share ours. See the various cultures and really experience the universe in all her glory. And ofcourse, to bed the sexy alien women! Now that’s an adventure.

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network

The Ability To Transport Oneself To Any Place At Any Time

Reveal a superpower you’d love to have and what you’d do with it

I was thinking about this very topic a couple of days ago as it had started to rain heavily and I was taking a shower to get ready for work. Thinking about the cold rain and even if I am traveling in a car, I wished for like the 1000th time in my life that I had the ability to teleport to any place that I wish to.

Perhaps influenced a little too much by all the Star Trek I watch, the transporter is one of the best things e could have science create for us. Think of all that extra time that you get for yourself instead of commuting. Think of the extra time you save instead of – in my cases – booking an Uber/Yatri and waiting for the ride, then the 35 to 40 minutes in traffic and I have to do it when I come back home as well. Traveling to a restaurant or a hospital or a coffeeshop or the mall. All done in a second or two.

I could sleep a little bit more, relaxed with a movie or tv show and then showered and shaved and at the office 5 minutes before my shift no matter what just because I have this envied superpower. I think I would love that, among other super powers if I can.

Prompt from 31 Blog Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block at Hubspot

Would You Like To Be Cryogenically Preserved (Frozen!) Upon Your Death?

Would You Like to Be Cryogenically Preserved (Frozen!) Upon Your Death?

Oh boy! Only if I die before the age of 60. I mean if I die at the age of 75 or 80 I don’t see the point of freezing my body in the hopes that medical science advances to such a stage 50 to a 1000 years later that they can unfreeze a body and bring it back to life. Imagine getting to see the future, hopefully a much better and fantastic world, but being too old to really appreciate it!

This possibility, possibly impressed upon my mind by a few scifi movies, is an interesting concept. Especially if you have a disease or condition for which there is no cure. Imagine you get to go into the deep freeze and how many ever years later, they thaw you out and you wake up and the doctors say that they have a cure, so get ready to be free of this disease or condition and you can now live an awesome life in, what is for you, a better future.

I’ve had this semi-dream once, I think probably around 2003 or maybe even earlier about being frozen in a lab accidentally with my dog, Shawny, and they can’t unfreeze us. 3000 years later we are “discovered” by a team of people who are searching archives from earth and they unfreeze me and my dog and take care of us. I am told that the earth has been abandoned over 2000 years ago and humanity now lives on several planets far away and also on bioships in relative luxury and travel the stars. Although I am sad that none of my family & friends are alive to be with me, I am also happy to get a chance to be with this group of people and be part of them while getting to explore the universe and also glad that I have my dog with me.

Prompt from Over 1,000 Writing Prompts for Students at The New York Times Learning Network

Welcome To My Secret Lair

Imagine your own secret lair and explain what’s inside.

A few years ago I came up with this concept of me walking in the night and finding a well hidden – I just happened to find it by chance – spaceship. It was occupied by a dying alien. He gave me the controls of the spaceship and all the weapons and told me a bunch of the secrets before he died of old, old age (like a few 100 years old). He had a suit near by that I could customize as per my wishes – a suit which was bullet proof, bomb proof and which I could use to enter fires, radiation areas – it would make me immune to basically everything short of falling into a black hole or passing through a sun. 

I bury him secretly and take the spaceship and engage the cloak which also makes it hidden from radar and all such detection devices that the earth’s military powers could use. I use the technology in the alien’s ship to fly out to an area in the ocean and build an invisible to others home base, like a secret lair. This would be where I could hide the spaceship and also setup a Batcave like area for me to relax and plan things and even monitor stuff. I had a plan – to use the alien’s advanced technology and as a secret identity to get rid of the evil people in this world, destroy organizations like ISIS, the Taliban, the KKK, the militia guys in the US, pirates and even destroy all the temples, churches and mosques in the world, including the Vatican.

So I start with India and hack into the tv networks so my message is shared to everyone at the same time as my image is shared on all the cable tv channels at the same time, stating that I will be destroying these places of worship in 2 days so no one should be in them. I also attack the den of some immoral people and leave them tied up for the cops to apprehend. Once the first temple, mosque & church are blown up, people take me seriously. The military and the cops are told to apprehend me but they are no match for me. I then continue on this mission and patrol the streets as much as I can looking for bad people to beat up.

My lair which no one could detect has tv screens, computers and surveillance equipment set up all over the world. I imagine me flying in and taking off the helmet of my suit and just relaxing in the lair. Pull out a beer from the bridge and settle on a chair and check the feeds from the monitors to see and plot my next target. I am coming for you.

Prompt from 31 Blog Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block at Blog.Hubstop

Three Small Steps That Could Change The World

Three small steps that could change the world

If everyone could be a lot more calmer about their religious beliefs. I don’t want to force people to stop worshiping these so called gods, but I honestly believe that humans will be better off when we leave these ridiculous beliefs behind us. Small steps one at a time will be needed but the first out is for all of them to just chill out. Once that is done introduce critical thinking and eventually – not in my lifetime but a couple of centuries down the line – people not worrying about religious differences, not forcing anyone to follow their beliefs and treating everyone with equal respect and love. Dumping out all these gods and religions all together would be great.

How about replicator technology and making it easy for everyone to get whatever they need? The need to work for money to buy the things that you need -food, liquids, a proper roof over your head, some luxuries, medical care, technology that makes your life easier, information available for all! If you cancel out the need for money and working towards that, things will be a lot more relaxed. You can pursue industries and subjects that you have a passion for and even change as you wish. It gives you a chance to leave a rat race behind you. Also if humanity as a whole worked towards getting that goal – making life livable, technologically advance and easy for everyone so we don’t have people dying of war, poverty, thirst or hunger and not being able to receive medical care.

What else is there? People ensuring that technology goes hand in hand with nature and not causing harm to the latter and thereby ourselves. You know? Super advanced buildings and homes with lots of greenery surrounding them. Creating ways to not damage the plants and woods around you but having the cool, Star Trek style homes, vehicles and gadgets surrounded by lush green spaces, so your walk with the wife, kids and family dog is soothing and calming and the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and butterflies are able to frolic around. It will make you appreciate your life a lot more. I’d love to see that happen rather than just concrete jungles.

Prompt from February Journal Prompts + printable at Life Of Lovely

Analyse A Common Saying That Has Never Made Any Sense To You

“In god we trust. For the rest get data”  – or something to that effect. And yes, god is with a small “g” because I refuse to capitalize that shit.

This is one of them dumbest things I have ever heard being said in Indian corporate companies, usually quoted by some higher up who is a believer. Atleast I have data for the information I have with me. Do you have for your god? Nope, your feelings and temples/churches do not count and neither do your books or the fact that there are way too many believers. I do not care!

I wonder which moron came up with it. I remember being part of this Webex meeting for an R&R in which this was mentioned on a PPT slide and this dumb manager was reading it and acting if it was the most incredible thing that she had ever heard! Yeah, most idiotic! Get a life, lady!

If I Had $182 Billion To Spend

You wake up and realise that in a Metamorphosis-style twist of fate, you’ve turned into Jeff Bezos. You’ve got £136b ($182b) to splash- how do you spend it?

If I suddenly find myself to come into that much wealth – hold on, I can’t fathom that much math. Let me see $182 billion is 1,49,90,52,10,00,000.00 Indian Rupees. That many zeros. Holy crud, I can’t even imagine that much money.

Anyways, back to the prompt. Here is what I would do. No more working ofcourse. No work or office or business except for some investments and some shares and all that jazz. Retired is what I am. Then I will get all my relatives – dad, mom, sis, bil, nephews and niece, uncles, aunts and first cousins and their kids and buy this big ole palace. Imagine a huge palace with lots and lots of luxuries in each and every room. Make them into suites for everybody. Everyone gets a bunch of money and we all stay in this palace.

And we will all have the best that life can offer and go on expensive night outs and party in the palace. I will arrange a luxury cruise ship just for us so we can go to see all the places we want to and enjoy life. And you are not invited.

Prompt from 31 Writing Prompts for January 2021 | For Medium, Blogs and More at Lyucu.Medium.com

If Money Was Not A Factor How I Would Celebrate The Holidays

Describe how you would celebrate the holidays if it was totally up to you and money was not a factor.

OK, money is not a factor eh? So one of my dreams is if I win like a huge chunk of money, like the lottery what all things I would do. One of my biggest wishes is to take my family on a long cruise around the world on a luxury ship. I don’t even care about hitting the big ports and seeing the sights of the biggest cities around the world as much as the actual cruise.

Infact, I’d book a luxury cruise and the ship just for my family. And when I mean my family, I also add my uncles, aunts, cousins and their kids. That is a substantial number. More room to stretch. We get to wander the whole ship by ourselves. We have a huge staff to cater to our needs, cook food for us and serve us drinks. A band to play music for us. Perhaps the captain or some of his crew to be our guides. We watch the birds above us, feel the breeze in our faces, watch the dolphins and the sharks and whale watch.

And when we do go to shore we will have parties and entertainment waiting for us. As we dine and drink we have some festivities, some dancing or plays put on for us, some shopping and some sight seeing. And the back on the ship again for sleeping as we leave on for our next port of destination.

Prompt from 31 December Writing Prompts at Mama Kat’s Losing It

Your Personal Holiday Wish List?

Your personal holiday wish list

One of the things that really gets my goose is that we here in India do not get a proper holiday time away from work. Even though I am not religious and do not have any affinity towards the Christmas/Hannukah period, it is the end of the calendar year. We follow this calendar and make January as the beginning of the year and we celebrate December as the end of the year/365 days culminating with the only day that I actually properly observe i.e New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day!

We should get a few days off and everyone should get a few days off. Rotate it so that everyone gets a period of 10 days off at the end/beginning of the year so that we can unwind, spend some time with family and go on a little break holiday if we want to. Why the fuck do Indian corporate companies not get the time off? Ofcourse, our work is outsourced. We need to get the rest of the world get their time off so they can go and enjoy with their families and friends, while we do the work for them.

My simple wish is that we all get a few days off so that we can put our feet up, drink some drinks, eat some eats and spend time with our families. I’d like for that to happen, not just for me but for everyone. Forget about the reduction and discounts of buying stuff and gifting people – you can do that as well but what is more important is the downtime and bonding that can happen due to that.

Prompt from 31 DECEMBER BLOG POST IDEAS at BloggingHerWay.com

Is world peace possible? Why or why not?

Certainly doesn’t look like it at this moment. At the rate we are going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we end up in another World War within the next 3-5 years. And the results will probably be catastrophic. The immature human race will need to be taught a lesson and that lesson, ladies & gents, is gonna be a very painful, terrible and sad one.

We will probably have to hit rock bottom before waking up en mass and realizing that they are just on the path to annihilating themselves to oblivion. In the fictional future that I have created in my head we have one or two more global wars that will see a lot of death & destruction and possibly with a huge chuck of the population wiped out and perhaps even a whole country or two! And in the aftermath the human race will wake up. The horror & shock of seeing the damage caused will awaken the senses of humanity and finally the first steps towards finding a permanent solution will take place.

I think it will take something like that for us to truly wake up and realize thee futility of man killing man. Once the damages are cleaned up and the healing can begin, then hopefully humans will realize that we shouldn’t be fighting with each other. The safety, security and well being of every individual will have to be top priority. Religious differences, border disputes, monetary affairs – all these will have to be set aside and chucked away. The focus will have to be shelter, proper food & water, healthcare, education – those kind of things. No more sick, no more hungry or homeless and no one dies of pain.

Then we can think of world peace which will come naturally. When everyone human sees their fellow human being as a friend or neighbour to be honoured and loved then and only then will be truly advance as a race.  World peace is not impossible but highly improbable now. It will take a lot, with everyone contributing to make it happen and we’re no where near that level of maturity yet.

Prompt from 30 Thoughtful September Writing Prompts (List #1) at Journal Buddies

Three Common Misconceptions About Your Niche.

Name three common misconceptions about your niche.

  1. That customer care call or chat support is an easy job. Not true. Big companies like to outsource their customer care to a BPO because a) they struggle to do it themselves b) it’s cheaper and c) they can concentrate on their core work. Also they cannot do it as well as BPO employees can, as we specialize in it.
  2. The people who work in a call center/BPO are all young folks between the ages of 21 to 26 and are all having fun, chatting up a storm in between chats or calls, lots of dating, lots of fun stuff going on and basically there is a lot of laughter and games being played at all times. Hardly the case! At times the associates are pressurized a lot to handle all the calls or chats and they get just an hour of break and have to work hard for 8 hours.
  3. Then there is the racist comments that some natives of English speaking countries have – oh I get an Indian or Pakistani for tech support who can’t speak English or their accent is funny or too thick. Or they say that the customer support staff is an idiot. Well that’s one thing you have in common with the non-English as a first language employee on the other end of the phone. He/she also assumes that YOU – dear customer – is an idiot!


Fun Will Now Cease And Back You Go To The Sombre Reality

How do you feel when going back to work/school after a fun weekend?

Like I have been cheated by bringing me a time of happiness and joy and then bringing everything down when it has to be work again. The problem with having way too much of a good time is that it always ends and you have to go back to reality.

That’s how it has always been right? Unless you are really very rich that you need not work for a living and you can afford to not have to depend on a monthly salary for your day to day life. Then the fun can either not stop or you can just come back home from whatever it was that you were doing for fun and just relax and recoup and plan your next fun activity.

That is what I hope we can achieve. Not have to be tied down to a 9 hour work 5 days a week for money and instead do work that interests you because you enjoy doing it and not because you have to just to make money and feed your family and yourself and keep a roof over your head.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS at Living A Sunshine Life

We Could Be Heroes Just For One Day

Here is my pitch for a movie in the MCU. An ordinary man in his 40s, a lonely bachelor, living on his own is fascinated by all these superheroes and just wants to be seen with them and shake their hands. He wants to be just like them but he has no superpowers and is not rich and brilliant to make a flying armoured suit with all weapons and gadgets built in. The whole movie revolves around him almost dying in certain situations but he along with many others are saved by the superheroes he adores so much and he is grateful.

He wants to so badly be like them. He keeps seeing the adulation over them and desperately wants to know what it feels like to be, to be a hero and to be adored by millions. But he is just an ordinary man. However he finds himself in a position to help save the world and save the superheroes from being killed by the villains. However to do so, he must sacrifice his life. He does so without hesitation and rescues his superheroes at the cost of his life, and the superheroes escape and can go on to save the day.

At the end of the movie the superheroes acknowledge the bravery of the ordinary man who rescued them to the public and his death is mourned. Without him the victory would not have been possible. As the superheroes say on the podium, “even superheroes need a hero” and that is this man.

So infact he got his wish. He became a hero just for one day, before he died!