Ripping CDS 12

Ok now it is so boring at home, just listening to music and guess what – my evening perks up!

  • Maroon – Barenaked Ladies
  • OU812 – Van Halen
  • The State – Nickelback

Three underrated albums, BNL’s hugely successful Stunt was followed by Maroon, which could not measure up to the same success of the former. Mostly due to the fact that it was a sombre record, as keyboardist Kevin Hearn had just come back from dealing with cancer.

Van Halen’s OU812 does have a couple of huge hits but most fans consider it to be a step down from the previous album, 5150, a mega seller.

The State is however a predecessor to three huge sellers – Nickelback had only a minor hit from this album (Leader Of Men) but it was a sign of things to come.

Ripping CDS 11

  • Ten – Pearl Jam
  • Yield – Pearl Jam
  • Riot Act – Pearl Jam

After 6 extremely uncomfortable days of training a batch of 17 agents in the totally improper facility and heat, I needed this day to be one of relaxation & quite fun. But I woke up so late that I almost gave up and was about to sleep the day in. But better sense won over and I quickly brushed my teeth and took a bath. A change of clothes later, I was off to Cafe Coffee Day for a lovely blueberry muffin & a choco frappe. Refreshed and relaxed, I decided to check out some cds at the two places nearby but found their stocks depleted and dull. I think I must have mentioned the raid that took care of most of the “pirated” dvds & vcds that used to be displayed on their shelfs.

I saw a copy of Riot Act which I grabbed in an instant. I have a copy on tape but I hadn’t heard it in a while and I hate tape now. I needed a copy of this, their weakest album in my humble opinion, to complete my Pearl Jam cd collection and I have already ripped it into mp3s and listened to them.

I went to the used book sale and grabbed a Stephen King & a Sidney Sheldon novel each and after paying for them I felt hungry as it was 1:50 pm by then. So I went to have a couple of beers and some noodles and relaxed as I read the Sheldon novel. By 4 pm I was home and took a little nap.

Song for the day – “Given To Fly” – PEARL JAM

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Ripping CDS 10

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There’s nothing like relaxing to music when you are tired and worn out after a day of work. Being on your feet is not the most pleasurable thing in to do but as a trainer I have to do so. I tried to rest my feet whenever I can but when I sit down, the agents can’t see me clearly and most importantly, I can’t see them due to the stack of computers on each desk that blocks my vision. I have reservations about a few of them and I don’t know how well they are gonna do in today’s assessment. I have my fingers crossed again. And I ripped a few cds to relax me and listened to quite a lot of songs from them :

  • Lost Dogs – Pearl Jam
  • Guitar Virtuoso – John Williams
  • Big Ones – Aerosmith
  • Adrenalize – Def Leppard
  • Awake – Dream Theatre
  • For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge – Van Halen

Song for the day – “Top Of The World” – VAN HALEN

Ripping CDS 9

This week I am busy with trying to completing the TTT program as successfully as I can and getting certified and giving it a good show. But I still have some time to rip a few more into mp3s. Take a look :

  • Slang – Def Leppard
  • Brave New World – Iron Maiden
  • Use Your Illusions 1 – Guns N’ Roses
  • Lean Into It – Mr.Big
  • 5150 – Van Halen
  • Blow Up Your Video – AC/DC

All classic bands & classic albums, if I do say so myself.

Ripping CDS 8

Getting up today was a hassle. And seeing the stack of cds that I had meant to properly arrange made me want to go back to sleep. Anywho I was just lounging about, reading and chatting and playing trivia in #Chataway. Did a few more cds

  • Vitalogy – Pearl Jam
  • Permission To Land – The Darkness
  • Gravity – Jesse Cook
  • The Long Road – Nickelback
  • Crystal Planet – Joe Satriani
  • Prairie Wind – Neil Young
  • The Essential – Judas Priest
  • Still Not Getting Any – Simple Plan
  • All That I Am – Santana

You gotta admit that this is one cool list that I had today, dudes!

Ripping CDS 7

Ok, after a gap of almost two weeks, I get down to rip a few more cds and I am getting towards the middle of the list now. I just don’t have too many cds to have that big a list. However my cassette collection is another story altogether. However, as mentioned before, several of them are it is in pathetic condition and hardly be played. Anyhow this is today’s list :

  • Have A Nice Day – Bon Jovi
  • Shangri-La – Mark Knopfler
  • Vertigo – Jesse Cook

The latter two are great relaxers, while Bon Jovi’s is an out & out rockers & semi-ballads fest.

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Ripping CDS 6

Ripping Cds concluded it’s 6th effort rather meekly as I was feeling quite sleepy and was involved in other things as well. Today’s choices are:

  • The Singles – A-ha
  • 1982-1992 – Europe
  • Disc 1 : All Their Greatest Hits – Barenaked Ladies
  • Three greatest hits albums by three very different bands. You couldn’t find an odder trio in my list here! Two bands that remind of my childhood and one band, BNL, which is my joint favourite band of all time. Nostalgia plays a huge part when I hear either Europe or A-ha. I can remember debating their songs with some of my cousin. Ah, let the good times rock!

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Ripping CDS 5

Slow day today, we didn’t having running water in our apartment for most of the morning. Infact, it just came back about 15 minutes ago, luckily so I can take a bath in peace. This morning I decided to rip a few more cds. Here they are :

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  • Time Machine I & II – Joe Satriani
  • Real Illusions : Reflections – Steve Vai
  • Flashback – Oscar Lopez

Well if you don’t know these three extremely talented masters of their craft (the guitar), you should atleast be acquainted with the first two gents. The third of the trio, Oscar Lopez, is a Chilean born Canadian folk & roots guitarist. He plays flamenco & rumba music and his music is very inspiring and uplifting and soothing to hear. I would really recommend playing this cd during the evenings with a glass of win, vodka, beer or even plain water!

Ripping CDS 4

I finally got round to ripping a few more cds into mp3s to add to my collection. It really makes it easier to listen to any & all songs that you have at your disposal. Now if there only was a way to do the same for my numerous cassette tapes! I got a suggestion from Jody, but it remains to be seen. Anyways, these are the ones I did today :

  • Tempest – Jesse Cook
  • Passion & Warfare – Steve Vai
  • Mother Head’s Family Reunion – Richie Kotzen
  • No Code – Pearl Jam
  • Train Of Thought – Dream Theatre
  • No.1s – The Scorpions
  • Afterglow – Sarah McLachlan
  • How I Feel – Terri Clark
  • The Collection – Alanis Morrisette

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This is a very varied set and I love all these albums. The first three are by some of the best guitar players around – although their playing styles are so different. The next three is by some of the best bands around – again very different styles. The last three are by three very talented Canadian women – again different styles. What is similar is the fact that they are loved by me.

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Ripping CDS 3

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Getting a few more CDs done and soon I will be through with it. Today evening, a couple of beers in my belly and large intestine I wanted to do at least another 8 more. But the beers made me sleepy and I took a three hour nap and then lazed about for a while. I only got around to doing these three, but what a great three albums.

  • It’s Time – Michael Buble
  • Go Time – Todd Kerns
  • Super Colossal – Joe Satriani

Song for the day – “Feeling Good” – MICHAEL BUBLE

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Ripping CDs 2

download madagascar escape 2 africa online I finally got round to ripping a few more cds into mp3s. That makes it a total of 10 cds now. I had already done it to a cd collection of songs that belongs to my cousin Manoj. Now that I have a small list completed, maybe Mike won’t make fun of me so much! Actually he will because he has completed more than a 1000 and I have 10! You do the math. But I will get there someday. Today’s list is :

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  • Sold For A Smile – The Gandharvas
  • VS – Pearl Jam
  • Daniel Powter – Daniel Powter
  • Gravity – Our Lady Peace
  • Empire – Queensryche
  • Silver Side Up – Nickelback

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Ripping CDs

This will be the year of ripping my Cds and making mp3s out of the songs. I don’t want to waste electricity by using the pc and playing songs on my stereo – in fact I haven’t used it in a long while. So, I’m doing the wise thing and creating mp3s of all the songs in my cd collection. It will take a while, even though I do not have that big a cd collection like some people. I wish I could do something about the massive stack of tapes that I have! Casette tapes suck and I can barely play most of them. Oh well, there’s always Limewire and Kazaa to fall back on.

So to start off, I just picked three cds from my stack; just took the top three nearest to me and the first three are (drumroll please!!!)

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More to come later!