RIP Gary Graham

American actor Gary Graham, known for a variety of roles in the Star Trek universe, and his lead role on the tv series Alien Nation, has reportedly passed away. He was 73 years old.  His ex-wife, actress Susan Lavelle, broke the sad news on her personal Facebook page in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Jan. 23, sharing a series of photos that included Gary hugging their daughter, Haylee Graham, he and Lavelle attending the Sixth Annual Television Hall of Fame Awards in 1990, and a press photo from the series Alien Nation, in which he starred as Detective Matthew Sikes.

With a career spanning five decades beginning in the 1970s in television and movies, he is perhaps best known for his starring role as Detective Matthew Sikes in the television series¬†Alien Nation¬†(1989‚Äď1990) and five subsequent¬†Alien Nation¬†television films (1994‚Äď1997), as well as his work in the¬†Star Trek¬†franchise, most notably the recurring role of¬†Soval, the¬†Vulcan¬†ambassador to Earth in¬†Star Trek: Enterprise. Born in¬†Long Beach, California. One of his earliest roles was in the 1980¬†CBS¬†mini series¬† Scruples¬†based on the¬†Judith Krantz¬†novel starring¬†Lindsay Wagner. He was cast as a “hitman” on the television show¬†Moonlighting¬†co-starring opposite¬†Bruce Willis. Graham played more than 38 TV roles and had been in more than 40 movies.

He also guest-starred on Star Trek: Voyager¬†(1995) once, playing¬†Ocampan¬†community leader Tanis in the season 2 episode “Cold Fire”. He played Ragnar in the fan production¬†Star Trek: Of Gods and Men¬†and continued that role in¬†Star Trek: Renegades. In 2015, Graham reprised his role as Ambassador Soval, in the¬†fan film¬†Star Trek: Axanar. As a musician, Graham was in the bands The Gary Graham Garage Band, The Gary Graham Band and The Sons of Kirk.

Eight Scifi Movies Set In The Snow

Decoys was heavily inspired by the movie Species. The film centers around a small college town in the middle of winter when a group of alien females attempt to mate with human males. The problem: the aliens need extremely cold temperatures and freeze every human during the mating process. Many now see the film as a play on gender roles, reversing the typical gendered stereotypes by putting women in sexual control. For a small indie film, it was also well received and even got a sequel in 2007.

It wasn’t supposed to be winter, but after a cataclysmic series of events due to climate change,¬†The Day After Tomorrow¬†depicted an Earth swallowed up by the next Ice Age. The movie outraged conservatives everywhere who disliked the movie’s portrayal of a careless administration (based on the W. Bush White House) and who feared that the movie would help get citizens energized about issues like climate change and pollution. Regardless of their protests, the film gained more than $550 million at the box office and had DVD sales of over $100 million.

Another movie about climate change gone awry is¬†The Colony. In this¬†dystopian film, humanity attempted to control rampant global warming by creating giant weather machines. However, when the next ice age begins, society is forced underground in “colonies”. The movie is about the personal struggles communities face during times of dire pain and suffering. It was also seen by many as a reminder to humanity that we are not stronger than nature.

Fans of¬†Alien¬†and¬†Predator were excited when the long-awaited crossover finally, Alien VS Predator arrived. The movie centers around a group of explorers who discover an ancient complex buried beneath the ice on the frigid Bouvet Island, near Antarctica. The team soon discovers that they’ve actually walked straight into a coliseum where Predators prove their might by going head-to-head with the Xenomorph aliens. The movie is also credited with helping to reignite interest in the franchises, leading to the numerous¬†Alien¬†and¬†Predator films that have followed.

This lesser-known¬†Stephen King movie was a box office failure upon release, but Dreamcatcher has gained a cult following throughout the years. It focuses on a group of friends who developed telepathic powers, and who unknowingly end up in the middle of an alien invasion while vacationing in the Maine woods. The movie is much slower, darker, and more convoluted than most of King’s work. However, the movie has found a select group of fans who say it’s one of King’s most underrated masterpieces.

Snowpiercer is another dystopian film that centers around the world after it has been thrown into the next ice age, thanks to a disastrous attempt at engineering a solution to climate change. Now, the last remnants of humanity live aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that endlessly circles the planet. However, class divides and poverty leads to a revolution onboard the train. The movie was heavily praised and even led to the Snowpierce TV reboot which stars Jennifer Connelly, Lena Hall, Sean Bean, and more.

John Carpenter’s classic body-horror film¬†The Thing¬†takes place in Antarctica when a team of American researchers discovers a body-snatching alien that can infest and perfectly imitate its prey. The movie had a lukewarm performance at the box office, but has since developed universal acclaim in the decades following its release. It’s even led to a¬†video game adaptation, a novelization, a comic series, and a prequel that was released in 2011.

The Thing is a 2011 American science fiction horror film directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It is a direct prequel to the 1982 film of the same name by John Carpenter, which was an adaptation of the 1938 novella Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell. It tells the story of a team of scientists on a Norwegian Antarctic research station who discover a  parasitic  alien  buried deep in the ice, realizing too late that it is still alive.

The Triple Tragedy Of The Misfits Of Science

Misfits of Science is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series that aired on NBC from October 4, 1985, to February 21, 1986. Although the show only lasted 1 season and 16 episodes, it’s only my childhood favourites and it should have been more successful. It starred Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, Mark Thomas Miller, a very young Courtney Cox, Jennifer Holmes (she was only in 7 episodes), Max Wright (just before he joined ALF) & Diane Civita. It’s about a group of super-powered humans, and later inspired the tv show Heroes, (same writer). It was a lot of fun.

Dr. Billy Hayes, the leader of the team (who has no superpowers). He is a young research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute who specializes in “human anomalies” and his boyish enthusiasm who often gets the team into as much trouble as he gets them out of. He like Jane Miller has no superpower but his thinking always finds a way out. Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln, Billy’s colleague and close friend. He has the ability to shrink for minutes at a time from his height of 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) to 11 in (28 cm) via hormonal treatments which he activates by pressing a nerve on the back of his neck. ¬†Johnny “Johnny B” Bukowski, a¬†rock and roll musician who was electrically shocked on stage which resulted in disturbing electrical powers. He continually drains any electrically charged items in his surroundings, forcing him to live in isolation. He wears sunglasses because his eyes glow when he is fully charged. He can throw lightning bolts forcefully and run at superhuman speed, but is vulnerable to water.

Gloria Dinallo, a troubled telekinetic teenager with a history of juvenile delinquency and a mother in a mental institution who claims Gloria’s father is from outer space. She has a crush on Johnny. Gloria can only use her telekinesis on things that she can see: using a blindfold on her renders her powerless. ¬†Jane Miller, Gloria’s¬†probation officer. Although attracted to Billy, she is often put off by his eccentric behavior. Her character appears only in the earlier episodes, disappearing after the first 7 episodes. Dick Stetmeyer, the uptight director of the Humanidyne Institute & Miss Nance, the scientists’ secretary, who is more interested in working on her nails and coffee breaks, round out the characters.

Dean Paul Martin died in 1987 in a snowstorm up in the mountains. Kevin Peter Hall, who would later portray The Predator in two films and Harry in Harry & The Hendersons, would later died due to AIDS related pneumonia in 1991. In 1991, Mark Thomas iIller was in a disfiguring accident that stalled his career, so he became a building contractor specializing in home remodeling for the handicapped, which he did until 2003. Mark made a minor attempt at reviving his career by performing with the Groundling Improv Group, but soon found out that he had lost the patience required for the business of acting. In 2003, he started a product engineering and development company.

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Arthur C. Clarke Novel “Childhood’s End”

Childhood’s End¬†is a 1953¬†science fiction¬†novel by the British author¬†Arthur¬†C. Clarke. The story follows the peaceful¬†alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia¬†under¬†indirect alien rule, at the cost of human identity and culture. When vast alien spaceships suddenly position themselves above Earth’s principal cities, the¬†space race ceases. After one week, the aliens announce they are assuming supervision of international affairs, to prevent humanity’s extinction. They become known as the Overlords. In general, they let humans go on conducting their affairs in their own way.

The Overlords began improving the health and overall well being of humanity. There ares no more wars and fights are rare. It is a bit overwhelming for most people especially since they cannot see the Overlord. Five decades after their arrival, the Overlords finally reveal their appearance: large bipeds that resemble the traditional Christian folk images of demons, with cloven hooves, leathery wings, horns, and barbed tails. After they get used the appearance of the aliens, humanity enters a golden age of prosperity at the expense of creativity. Although humanity and the Overlords have peaceful relations, some believe human innovation is being suppressed and that culture is becoming stagnant. One of these groups establishes New Athens, an island colony in the middle of the Pacific Ocean devoted to the creative arts.

Well over a century after the Overlords’ arrival, human children, beginning with the Greggsons’, begin to display¬†clairvoyance¬†and¬†telekinetic powers. Karellen reveals the Overlords’ purpose: they serve the Overmind, a vast cosmic intelligence, born of amalgamated ancient civilizations and freed from the limitations of material existence. The Overlords themselves are in an “evolutionary¬†cul-de-sac (dead end)”; unable to join the Overmind, they serve instead as a kind of “bridge species”, fostering other races’ eventual union with it. The time of humanity as a race composed of single individuals with a concrete identity is coming to an end. The children’s minds reach into each other and merge into a single vast group consciousness.

No more human children are born and many parents die or commit suicide. The members of New Athens destroy themselves with an¬†atomic bomb. One of the humans named Jan had previously stowed aboard a supply ship that was headed back to the Overlord’s home planet and due to the time dilation effect, 40 years had passed by for earth while it was only a few days on the ship. the Overlords take him to see the sights and permit him a glimpse of how the Overmind communicates with them. When Jan returns to Earth, approximately 80 years after his departure by Earth time, he finds an unexpectedly altered planet. Humanity has effectively become extinct and he is now the last man alive. Hundreds of millions of children ‚Äď no longer fitting what Rodricks defines as “human” ‚Äď remain on the quarantined continent, having become a single intelligence readying themselves to join the Overmind.

Jan asks to be left on earth while the Overlords head back on their ship as the planet destructs. By radio, he describes a vast burning column ascending from the planet. As the column disappears, Rodricks experiences a profound sense of emptiness when the children have gone. Then material objects and the Earth itself begin to dissolve into transparency. Jan reports no fear, but a powerful sense of fulfillment. The Earth evaporates in a flash of light. The Overlords looks back at the receding Solar System and gives a final salute to the human species.

Superb story and as for the question of had the Overlords met humans in the past, which would explain why we describe demons the way that the Overlords look, Jan is told ¬†that the primal fear experienced by humans was not due to a racial¬†memory, but a racial¬†premonition of the Overlords’ role in their metamorphosis. Fascinating stuff and a must read. 8.5 outta 10!