American Idol 2007

The mother of all competition-based reality television shows is back for another year. Yes for six years Simon Cowell’s arrogant words have assaulted the ears of sensitive viewers & unsuspecting contestants and for six years Randy has called people ‘dawg’ (in a totally friendly & respectful way) and for six years Paula Abdul has had a career in television. For the sixth time, people with absolutely no talent to speak of will try and impress the judges (I am particularly pissed off with the African American breed of screamers; they shout and think that it is talent). The other kind I hate is the moron who just to get noticed on tv will dress in stupid attire and perform tricks that only he/she thinks is funny. They are the worst kind. The sad part is they do get shown on tv.

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The Golden Globes 2007

The Golden Globes Award ceremony were held earlier today morning (in the US it would be last night). I normally don’t watch award shows until the end, to see who won the best supporting roles, the best actors / actress & best picture. These are the only categories worth waiting for. What I liked about this year; here are some winners :

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  • Best Actor/Drama : Forest Whitaker
  • Best Actress/Drama : Helen Mirren
  • Best Actor/Musical or Comedy : Sasha Cohen
  • Best Actress/Musical or Comedy : Meryl Streep
  • Best Supporting Actor : Eddie Murphy

I didn’t know anyone else who won or hadn’t seen or heard of the movies that won. As for TV, nothing that I watch won, although I like Hugh Laurie and he won for Best Actor/Drama for his role as Dr.House. And Warren Beatty was honoured with the Cecil De Mille award for lifetime achievement, present by Tom Hanks.

Current TV Shows I Watch

My tv watching these days is sporadic at it’s best and it is due to the entry of broadband in my life. I watch a football match or two in a week, reruns of Seinfeld and Friends every weeknight to unwind (this is from 12 am to 1) and I try to catch every episode of Star Trek : Enterprise and Law & Order : SVU . I try to watch some movies, if they haven’t already started and if I haven’t seen it and heard good reviews on them. I also like to watch According to Jim as it is a funny show revolving around Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith, who are a married couple and parents of three small kids. They are joined by Courtney’s character’s sister & brother. The sister is played by the lovely and oh so cute Kimberly Williams-Paisley (she is married, unfortunately, to country singer Brad Paisley). She was also the daughter in Steve Martin’s movies Father Of The Bride I & II. The sit-com is worth watching for Belushi’s antics and to oggle at Courtney and Kimberly.

Another series I have started liking quite a bit is Two & a Half Men which stars Charlie Sheen, who plays a care-free bachelor living a womanizing life in a Malibu apartment by the ocean. His life is disrupted by the arrival of his uptight brother Alan, who just got separated from his wife, and is the total opposite of Charlie. They are joined by Alan’s son Charlie’s son, Jake (the half man or boy in the title), every weekend. Jake provides some excellent comic turns in the series and is a hoot.

My Wife & Kids is another show that I catch on occasion albeit much more infrequently than the others. Damon Wayans is a funny, funny dad who runs a truck service. His wife is a former stockbroker who later starts helping out in her husband’s business. They have three kids (the classic two girls and a boy). I can’t stand the idiot who plays Wayans’ son in the show. He is so annoying and his character is supposed to be somewhat of an imbecile. The eldest child, a girl, went through a change of actresses and it was for the better. I admit that some of the stuff they talk about and the jokes are a bit too African-American for me but I still think that it is an ok show.