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I was reading posts in Lady Banana’s blog and came across this one, with photos, about how she observed her neighbour’s cat playing with a mouse. It’s a cat & mouse game where the cat comes out as the winner. It brought back some memories of when I used to keep cats in the old house in Thrikkakara. I have had 8 cats in total, although the 6 that I had when I was 12 were just strays that we found when the mom had delivered them in a cartoon of old clothes, after she had sneaked in through an open window. We fed them for a week or so and then the mom came and took them all away.

When I was 13, my sister & I got two cats from our grandma’s place and we brought them home. A girl cat, all white and pretty with just a couple of brown spots & a boy cat, predominatly brown. The two would follow me around and spend the day in my room when I was at home from school and sleep in my bed until I kicked them out at night. The next morning, as soon as we opened the door, they would come back into my bed and snuggle in the blanket.

I think all wellfed cats won’t eat mice. They consider them beneth their dignity and turn a snobbish nose at the thought of using mice as food. My sister & I would feed our cats rice +curry and scrambled eggs!! Or fish!

Anyways, Lady Banana’s post reminded me of how my cats used to trap mice between themselves and bite them and hit them and poke them but never eat them. They played a weird game of tennis with a rat who, unfortunately, chose the wrong time to come out of hiding and fell smack right between the two felines. They played him for about 15 minutes after which they lost interest and the dying bugger had to be scooped up in a dust pan and thrown out.

sky high download The cats just went about looking for their scrambled eggs!!

3 thoughts on “Cats @ Play

  1. Nice story, cats are fascinating creatures.

    A cat that ate curry! hehee… my neighbours cat always looks longingly whenever we are eating dinner be it curry or anything, but I never offered her

    Thanks for the mention :)

  2. No problem LB. Well it would be the normal curry that we make at home and not the spicy stuff that u wud be used to in Indian restaurants in Britain. It’s just homemade stuff. But yeah we feed them a lot of fish. And i remember scrambling lots of eggs for them. The cat chow that u get in packets from pet stores isn’t popular here and it wud cost a lot. Dog food is catching on though.

  3. I agree Cats will not eat mice if they are well fed. The trick is to give them enough food to ensure they are not starved but not enough for them to not go after mice. And viola…. a mouse free home!!

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