I spent an hour or so at Cafe Coffee Day today for some good cold coffee & relaxation. I haven’t been there in a few weeks, which really is odd. I normally go there once a week but I guess I have been going out on weekdays after work and staying in on Sundays a lot more. Plus I was sick last weekend! I do miss my coffee. Anyways, once I was feeling awake enough to take a bath & dress, I took my iPod, my phone and a copy of John Grisham’s A Time To Kill (which I somehow can’t seem to finish) and took an auto to the ATM before stepping into CCD.

Surprise, surprise! They had changed their furniture and it looked a whole lot different. Infact too different that I actually took a step back and checked if I actually was in CCD! It was quite tasty looking, the tables, sofas & chairs were the colour of coffee & chocolate, making it the perfect setting for having a cup of your favourite beverage, hot or cold. However, they weren’t as comfortable as the earlier ones. Is that on purpose? Maybe they don’t want people to sit there for hours at a stretch, sipping miserly out of a solitary cup and not buying anything else!

Which brings me to my next observation – CCD has become a lover’s hangout. Couples of various castes, financial status & ages have decided that CCD is where they will hold hands and coo at each other and take up space for hours. Don’t get me wrong – I used to do that at a cozy ice cream parlour ages ago, when I was 19, 20 with an ex. I haven’t turned sour against all other lovers just because I am single! Not in the least.

It’s the posers and stupid idiots that seem to be all over town these days. They are so pathetic that it’s obvious that they want people to see that they are together. The guys show off their girls (see me, I got this big boobed bimbo wrapped around me), while the girl pouts and tosses her mane while the whiff of her reeking perfume assaults the noses of poor unsuspecting people. There were two such couples over there today. And I was so happy when one of them left.

Well the staff at CCD can’t control that but I also have a grudge over CCD’s poor choice of music. That they can control! It used to be dumb techno & hip hop non-sense or the latest Hindi film trash or Tamil film rubbish! But today they went one step ahead – some lame Indian band doing weak covers of rock classic! Oh man, you don’t want to torture yourself by inflicting pain to your ears like that. Luckily I had my earphones to block out the waves of mediocrity.

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