Change Of Place

If you could change anything about your apartment or house what would it be and why?

Well I would totally change where I live – yuk, yuk! Why this place, this apartment and this city? As the years go by, and I know it’s kinda too late for me already, but I keep thinking that I should have taken the plunge years ago and moved to Bangalore. Let’s face it; I would have enjoyed living and working there.

The last time I went to Bangalore, was work related and it was in 2010, I stayed in this old building which was partly renovated on the inside. So some of the apartments had newish painted walls and the flooring was less than 8 to 10 years old, though the buildings would have gone up in the early to mid 80s. I was so comfortable there during the 3 days I stayed in it. It had two bedrooms – the one I stayed in was very large with bay windows – a small living room/dining and a kitchen in the main floor and on the top (yes it was a semi-duplex) it had a bedroom and a large balcony/terrace.

All three bedrooms came with bathrooms attached. The negatives were that yes the living room was tiny – two 2-seater sofas and a 4 seater (6 if you can cramp in) dining table and a tv just in front of the steps going up to the second level and it felt cramped. But the bedrooms were big and the balcony was good sized too. I want that kind of a place. I’d make the top bedroom a media room com home office.

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