Changing The Bedsheets – My Least Favourite Chore

What is your least favorite chore?

Making the bed/changing the sheets. I hate making the bed. It literally is the thing I hate to do the most at home. Honestly I would prefer to wash the dishes or cut vegetables if needed when compared to changing the sheets on my bed. I think it’s also because my queen sized bed is pushed against one wall, in order for me to maximize the space in my bedroom.

So every week or so, yes it is not a daily chore but every 7 to 10 days, I have to change the sheets. The large double sheet that is on the bed, my sheet that I use to cover myself as I sleep and the 3 pillows I use on the bed (2 for the head, 1 at my feet). This won’t take too long and yeah it is always nice to get into freshly cleaned sheets. But removing the pillow covers/cases and then the bedsheets is a pain and then spreading on the new one is also a pain.

But yeah it has to be done. And done it will be!

Prompt from Journaling Prompts for April at The Krafty Planner

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