Chatting With My Cousin

I’ve been chatting with my cousin Raakhee a bit these days. Chatting with her reminds me of the old days when she was here; she’s been living in the US for the past 13 years with her husband and they have 3 kids now. I’ve seen her 3 or 4 times since then, whenever they are able to come down for a visit. She & I have been reminiscing about the old days, which brings a big smile to my face. Like

  • When I was around 16-17 (she is 2 years older) she noticing & commenting on something between my sister & I; Raakhee used to define “irony” as my sister Sherine, going to the bottom of the stairs and yelling at the top of her voice and straining her lungs “Roshan! Stop SHOUTING!!!!” My voice was no way as loud as my sister bellowing at me.
  • I remember having a nightmare when I was around 18 – me going into this dark & damp grey house. Straight outta a horror/slasher movie. I was creeped out and then looking around found my sister & Raakhee sitting at a table, sharpening huge butcher knives with sinister looks on their faces and calling me “Wanna play?”
  • The two of them also wanted to make dinner one evening when my folks were out. I said ok and they proceeded to concoct some sticky ash grey matter with lumps that stuck to the sides of the cooking pot – it was supposed to be Chinese Chilli Chicken. And next to that was a smaller bowl filled with, what looked to me like dried up shampoo or conditioner that had been rinsed – that was supposed to be a souffle!!!! In no way did either of the dishes look remotely like, I dunno, food!! The two of them looked exhausted and messy and well, we ended up eating it.
  • When we used to get up early in the mornings for studying for the exams, I’d make her coffee (she loved my strong, black coffee) and she’d drink it, claim it to be great ….and then go back to sleep right away!
  • And my favourite one – one night some cousins & I were sitting in my room in my house and Raakhee decided to tell us a ghost story when the power went off. So sitting with a torch light, she proceeded to tell us a story at as the suspense build and I was engrossed in the tale, she flashed the torch light on her face and screamed out loud – scaring the living crap outta me!

I miss her, not her cooking though!!!  Oh and Raakhee was the one responsible for naming my dog Shawny, suggesting it as at that time we used to watch Baywatch and blondie babe Erika Eliniak’s character was named “Shawny” or “Shawnee” in that series. That will forever be the most endearing fact about her for me.

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  1. Awww that was really nice to read!! I loved the bit where u made Rakhee C coffee and she went back to sleep lol. Those were good times :)

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