Child Abuse By A Parent Is Still Child Abuse

I feel sorry for some of the well-meaning but misguided and clueless relatives and other assorted people who say things like “If and when I did it (the thing they do not approve of you as a child doing) as a child, my father would beat me up royally. With a stick/slipper/belt/boot whatever he could find at the time”.

Now this is meant to discourage you, a child, to not do things that the elders / society doesn’t want you to do. Or even say or think.

The problem is what they are telling me is that they are celebrating the fact that their fathers were child abusers! To the point of having to be locked up. You father/fathers/uncles/grandfathers were “big men” who felt so good upon beating a small defenseless child. Of like 4 years old? 5? Uptil 10 or 12?

Wow, I bet your father felt so sexually charged up after beating a child. They felt like a man! A big man! A macho & manly man. “Now wife, go make me some tea while I masturbate!”

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