Christmas In Covid-19

Not being big on Christmas it has always been just another day. If you are in a school, college or office environment then leading up to the 25th you will see lots of programs, carol singing and being dressed as Santa (with the scary. creepy Indian masks; I dunno why India can’t get better looking masks for Santa) and some stupid contest or the other. They usually have a Secret Santa thing going on which I like.

With this year working from home, I have not had any of that ofcourse. And as usual Christmas is just another day for an atheist. It is a holiday for my department however this year they had wanted one of us to work on Christmas and New Year as a backup / emergency / just in case. I volunteered for the 25th as I knew it would be an easy day at work and I would also get Monday off. On Monday I will be going back to the hospital and when I come back I will be tired and hence will want to take a nap in the afternoon which will be difficult as my shift starts at 3:30 pm.


So today I was working from 3:30 pm till 12:30 am but I would have to say that I was available for work during that time but I hardly got a peep. I even contact some of the service delivery managers informing them that I am here and ready to help out if any issues do come their way and was almost begging them for something to work on. Instead I watched Youtube videos, listened to music and chilled. By 7:15 pm I ordered food for me and the parents. We had butter naan, butter chicken, bbq chicken wings and fish fingers from BBQ Nation. Delicious.

By 11:30 pm I realized that nothing is gonna come up and watched the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery and by 12:30 am I logged off and shut down my work station. I will watch a bit more tv before falling asleep.

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