Clean Up Update

Ok, so here is an update of my cleaning up project in my apartment and especially my room. The built-in cupboard is now mostly bare and is now in need of a good cleaning up before I can move in some things in there. Here is the first of the bigger sections. I am keeping the little girl thingy and the two magazines could be salvageable for one more read.


The bottom shelf is empty except for the old newspaper I laid in originally on the bottom to cover up for dust. This is where a lot of cloth material and some stuff will go in for storage. It can store a bit.


I’m going to keep the top two section for some files, bank stuff and perhaps some cds and dvds. I won’t keep too much stuff in these two sections and the drawer but I have a lack of desk/drawer space and need these for my stuff.


Now as I have a bad allergy to dust I need some help in cleaning up the built-in. Once that is done, I will move the things from the old steel almirah and stack them in the built-in’s shelves and then have the almirah sold/given away before I bring in my bookshelves.


Looking forward to getting the bookshelves and decorating them with books & knick-knacks.

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