Cold Squad – Season 4

Firemen discover 8 bodies wrapped in plastic in a house. Mickey falls under suspicion when Bailey’s wife is murdered, and Bailey doesn’t back up Mickey’s alibi. Frank and Ali reopen the case of Leonard Larkin, whose son was acquitted of his murder and now claims his sister killed their father, and that her husband gave her a false alibi. Mickey’s case is referred to Homicide. However in the end, she is acquitted of the crime as it was clear to see that she was set up. Her relationship with Bailey sours after this and after a couple of episodes the character of Bailey is not seen again. An unidentified body is found at the forensic “body farm”, and Ali and Mickey are assigned the duty of identifying it and determining manner of death.

Ali works with a visiting Russian detective to connect the dots between the Russian Mob and a traffic accident that killed a Russian hockey player. While Mickey babysits the arrogant player, who invites a girlfriend over for sex, Ali ends up having a passionate one night stand with the Russian detective. Mickey and Ali check out the story of a career criminal who wants to be sent back to prison for murder. Frank looks into a case that involved Nicco back in his undercover days. Ali, Frank, Nicco, and Mickey try to connect a cold murder case to a massage parlor that employs immigrant women as indentured servants. Ali and Mickey reopen a 12 year old case, which was originally judged a murder-suicide, based on the word of an arrested drug dealer. After a man reports being attacked by a dog, Frank investigates whether the dog-owner earlier had killed his wife by ordering the dog to attack her. After the evidence against a rape/murder suspect is thrown out on a technicality, Frank must find another witness, and he must persuade the witness to come back to Canada to testify.

Mickey is severely beaten while trying to make an arrest with Ali. While recovering from the injuries and bruises she is mocked by one of the arrested convicts but rallies herself later to confront him and break him down while she interrogates him. Frank and Nicco investigate a death within a polygamist family and while questioning the members, Nicco connects with the youngest of the wives. It turns out that the son of the husband killed his father’s oldest wife with slow poison intending to actually kill his father. Ali and Mickey look into a three-year-old suicide case when a letter surfaces taking credit for pushing the victim off a bridge. Mickey and Ali investigate the connection between a woman’s murder outside an antique shop and a car chopping outfit. Frank gets personally involved in a seven year old case when a man comes to collect the personal effects of his father, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his heroism during the Normandy Invasion in 1944. The building is locked down after two prisoners overpower their custodians, take a weapon, and shoot an officer. Ali and Frank interrogate Danny Cullen, a former undercover cop, about the murders of two bikers and an RCMP undercover officer. A pedophile comes forward and confesses to the murder of a boy 20 years ago, and he then tries to claim the reward the parents had put up to find their boy’s killer.

Iwan Gudang case will see some regular cops being investigated for killing an Indonesian gang youngster who was in jail and found hung to death. New investigation reveals that he was killed and it was made to look like a suicide. A store clerk is murdered after Dean Bulmer is released, and Ali is blamed by the other detectives because she questioned the validity of the case. Jill Teed joins the cast in a recurring role in the forensic lab. Nicco will clash with the rest of the squad, especially Ali for certain decisions that he feels went against his principles of catching criminals vs holding off to catch a bigger fish and/or waiting until all the chips were in place. He would also clash a lot with Frank, who he is often partnered with after he argues with Ali. Frank, who’s son attempts to kill himself with his dad’s police gun, will move to Toronto as his wife finds a treatment for their son in that city. This was Stephen McHattie’s last season with the show.

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