Come Join & Be Part Of The Roshaholics

Hello my handful of faithful regular readers. I’ve added this little application on the sidebar that adds any reader who so choses to be a follower of this blog. In other words, pledge your faithfulness and allegiance to moi! I saw this application in TechnoDoll’s blog.

The application is called Google Friend Connect and it’s designed to easily add social features to your blog and build a community of readers. This can be easily done with a few clicks of a button and copy/paste of some code onto your sidebar.php file. In just 4 simple steps you’re there and ready to await the first fellow blogger who is bold enough to sign up and be part of your community. So amble on over to the sidebar and click on and join. Admit to the world that you are addicted to the Rosh.

“Hi! My name is ______ and I am a Roshaholic!” There is no cure but atleast you will know that you are not alone!

One thought on “Come Join & Be Part Of The Roshaholics

  1. I don’t understand the differences between Google Friend Connect and Followers.. and I think they have somehow combined.

    All very confusing.

    Anyway, hope you are following me! lol

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