You’ve seen/heard the story millions of times. Married couple who have been together for a long time, busy with their daily lives and raising kids, lose their passion for each other. In some cases one or perhaps both of them stray to find someways of reliving the romance & passion. However this movie is different in that the couple are lesbians and the change in one partner’s lifestyle/searching for passion is fueled by a concussion. And that’s the title of the movie; Concussion is a 2013 drama film written and directed by Stacie Passon and stars Robin Weigert (Ally Lowen the lawyer for Sons Of Anarchy fans) as the prime character.

After being hit in the head accidentally with a baseball by her young son, Abby Abelman suffers a mild concussion. She gets frustrated with domestic life, although a loving mother to her son & daughter, and she wants more from life. Her spouse Kate (Julie Fain Lawrence) seems distant in bed and does not respond to any attempts at sex by Abby. While Kate seems to prefer abstinance, Abby craves more. Abby who usually is the one at home and picks up the kids from school, occasionally buys apartments cheap and renovates them with her assistant Justin and then resells them. She takes up a project to renovate a small studio apartment and gets it painted and furnished once they work on the renovation. She then hires a dirty prostitute for what turns out to be a bad experience and confides in Justin. From Justin she learns that his college going girlfriend, known only as The Girl (Emily Kinney) works as a prostitute on the side, catering to women. Abby arranges to meet a prostitute in the apartment for an eye-opening session. With a little apprehension, Abby takes The Girl’s help and sets herself up as a prostitute only for women, calling herself Eleanor. She only meets the clients in the apartment, keeping her private life separate from her family life, and only after she meets them first for coffee a day earlier.

Abby’s first session is a no-go as she sees the client as being too young. Her next is an overweight 23 year old who has never even been kissed; although they start off awkward they do meet regularly. She also calls on another client who acts very cool & confident but is extremely nervous inside and they two have a great time in their sessions. Abby as Elenaor begins to enjoy life again, spending time being a mom at home and enjoying a few sexual encounters a month for money (although she’s in it for the pleasure). Soon she has great reviews and revels in the new found sexual freedom. She is then set up with Sam Bennet (Maggie Siff) a married woman who’s kids go to the same school as Abby’s & Kate’s and also shares a pilates class with Abby & other friends. Abby has always found Sam attractive but they have never said a word to each other and only smile when they pass by. They have a romantic afternoon as Abby has her fantasy fulfilled. However when she is with a client, one afternoon she forgets to pick up her kids from school and that is the first indication to Kate that things have changed. Kate, a divorce lawyer, arranges for one of her clients to buy the apartment from Abby and she become suspicious of Abby’s total lack on interest in selling the place. Kate then walks in on Abby lying naked in bed at the apartment and walks out knowing what she has done. Things are strange for a while and they don’t talk for a while.

Abby then runs into Sam & Sam’s husband at the supermarket and sees them being very flirtatious with each other. Her later talks with Sam slowly spurs her out of the business and she finalizes the sale of the apartment. As the movie ends Abby & Kate start to reconnect and they go about their lives, their friend unaware of the double life that Abby has been living.

Excellent turn by Robin Weigert who plays the role beautifully. The movie is slow and a little disconnected but as a whole it does the job really well. A slower movie without much excitement the acting is the best part of a simple script. 8.5 outta 10!

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