Confused? So Am I

So I woke up by 8 not really know knowing what to expect today. This being the first day in a new office, I was quite nervous. And I didn’t know what time I should be there. My friend, who also works there, informed me that unlike i most places, their working hours started at 9:30 am. I smsed the Assistant HR manager asking him what time I should report and was told to come by 11 am and meet his superior, who I had never met till now. So I stuck around, reading the paper at home and having a leisurely breakfast and checked my email. By 10 I was showering and shaving and the nervousness started to hit me pretty bad. I went there a few minutes before the said time and I waited for sometime before I was ushered in to meet the Admin head. His brief meeting with me was confusing, to say the least, and I was left wondering, did they change my mind. The other guy said that he would meet me in a few minutes, during which time all thoughts came to my mind. None of them were positive.

But he came back and we sat in a small room and he laid it on me. They have a new proposed project coming up and they would like to alter my profile and put me in it. He said that it would be better than what we had originally planned out and that to give him 4 days time. By Monday we would have a clearer picture and if that doesn’t go through, I could join up for what I had signed for. Sounds good to me! I said ok, a little confused but happy that it wasn’t bad news. I get four days off till Monday and I am supposed to call him on Saturday evening or Sunday morning for a clearer picture.

So I left and decided to calm my thirsty self by drinking a cold apple juice and I called my sister to tell her the news. I then went in to buy myself a big diary for work and went back home. I have my fingers crossed.

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