Conspiracy Theory : All Your Gods Were Actually Aliens

Write a funny conspiracy theory behind an important event or people.

Important events like religious ones including the birth and lives of these so called deities and gods – it’s all aliens. Well, it could be aliens and that explains all of the things that they have done. Flying? Alien jet packs! Electricity? Power pack that generates electricity! Different colour skins? Yeah because these aliens are not necessarily from a planet that has humanoids that have the same colours of skin that we have.

Any miraculous act that these religions claim that their god or gods did is because of the advanced technology that the aliens had. Mary getting pregnant without intercourse – aliens put the baby in her using their advanced medical technology. Resurrecting the dead? Advanced medical technology with a resurrection option built in. Greater strength? Yeah that’s because of our sun an the earth’s gravity being so different from their own, it gives them extra strength. Just like Superman!

You are worshiping alien beings. Perhaps they also have much longer lives than we do. Like 200 to 400 years. But later on they decided that humans were not worth and decided to abandon the earth and go back to their respective planets. And that is why you do not see them around anymore.

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