Cooking With Roshan : Chopsuey

Home alone for 3 days and needing to cook something for myself, so time to try out a little experiment. As I was sitting in the living room having coffee and watching tv last evening I thought that I’d try to make an American Chopsuey. I used to have this dish a lot when I frequented a bar/restaurant called Oberois near my building, just a little way in as you enter M.G. Road. Let me tell you that the Indian version of American Chopsuey, or what we have chosen to call American Chopsuey varies from what is served in American. I have no idea who came up with this version and why they call it “American” but I love it! Obersois serve it up well and it has all the stuff that I love;  boiled veggies like cauliflowers, carrots, green peppers, onions and maybe a little bit of potatoes with chopped up chicken, beef & prawns, both crisp & soft noodles, a little gravy, topped with a bull-eye – what more could you possibly ask for.

Now I can’t really do all this at home and plus I can’t really cook. So I bought some packets of Maggi instant noodles at the corner store and also got a couple of duck’s eggs (I prefer them to chicken’s eggs). I had carrots and green peppers in the fridge.

While making the noodles I added a bit of chopped up carrots & green peppers into the pot. Soon I was hungry as the smell hit  me right in the nose. I kept the noodles aside and made two eggs sunny side up or bulls-eye as we call it here in India (and wherever else). I didn’t manage to keep the yolk of one from breaking. Anyways, a little salt for seasoning and voila I was done.

Now I add the bulls-eye to the top of the bowl of noodles and you have a simpler but still tasty version of chopsuey. I had waited  long time to start preparing my meal and had taken a long time to make it and it was almost 11:15 pm by the time I was done. I was starving and the meal was good. I’m glad the way this came out. Tomorrow after I’ll probably make the same with more veggies and no eggs.

5 thoughts on “Cooking With Roshan : Chopsuey

  1. LB – I still can’t do much. If this is cooking, I’d be a Masterchef. But I have been told that I make great omelets and coffee :)

    Meleah – thanks and thanks :)

  2. That actually looks really good. I love that you call the sunny side up eggs, bull’s eyes. I’m going to call them that from now on. Cool!

  3. I thought that bulls eyes were the old English term for them. I’ve always heard it as being called bulls eyes in both Kuwait & India and it’s only from movies & tv that I know it as sunny side up.

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