Cosmetic Surgery?

If someone offered you one free cosmetic alteration, which would it be and why?

Gee, only one! Well I’ll have to think this one out through. Does laser eye surgery count as a cosmetic alternation? I’ve worn corrective eye glasses for a very long time, 27 years in fact, that it might be odd to not wear one but it will also be good to get rid of these glasses. I hate contact lenses and no way is something touching my eyes! Uh uh, no way Jose! No contacts. So it would be good to have my eye sight fixed.

If that and weight reduction surgery is do not count then the only other thing I would want to do is to get me a nose job! Yes, you read it right. I hate my nose. Other than to correct a deviated septum I’d also want to change the shape of my nose. I hate the way my nose looks, especially the tip of it and I would love to have it fixed so that it looks more handsome. Nose job – yeah that would be good too!

Or maybe a hair transplant? Balding is an issue for me, hereditary issue as my family genes are against me. Too much male pattern baldness in my family and I’m falling victim to it. Balding is so ridiculous especially when you have so much unwanted hair on your arms, legs, chest & private parts! Unwanted, unwanted, unwanted! Ridiculous. Isn’t this enough for stupid creationists to understand that their folly-filled theory of intelligent design is complete bogus? More like the work of an mentally retarded creator!

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