Counting My Chickens

A few days ago me and my friend while driving past it noticed the new KFC franchise being completed on MG Road near Pallimukku. Neither of us had previously known that there was a new franchise being planned in Cochin. There is just one KFC outlet here but that is on the bypass road and it’s difficult to get there without a vehicle as buses don’t stop near there, or you have to catch an auto. That is good, we get to go there as it’s much closer and easier to get too. I guess what I’m gonna do is get a bucket once they are all setup and sit with dad & mom one evening.

However it’s not like we haven’t had KFC style food – Cochin boasts of 3 other fast food restaurants that serve you similarly fried chicken specialty houses. We have Chick King, which has several franchises (5 by my count in Cochin alone) in the state. Based out of Dubai, they advertise big and I usually buy from them. In 2010 I went along with some friends to Chicknic, a similarly style restaurant about 2 kms from my place. I like the ambiance, the decor, the food and even the plates & glasses. I found it to be a relaxing place to sit with some friends and chat while eating some food.

The latest to come out in Cochin is Chicken Chicago, started by an Indian business group based out of Qatar. I guess they only have one outlet and it’s only in Cochin (from what I could make out). Rather stupidly named (no connection to Chicago or Illinois to speak off) the restaurant offers what it calls “original taste and low cholesterol count” food. I haven’t been there or ordered food from them so I can’t comment on their wares.

Oh and before I forget, before all of these came out, a small group tried to re-create the KFC taste by opening up an outlet called Kentucky Chicken Broast. They didn’t last long and I never tried the food from there. Anyways, I’m gonna order from KFC one of these days. I used to love them when we lived in Kuwait and the only other times I have had any from KFC is twice from Bangalore – once in 1996 and once in 2010!

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