Criminal Minds : Blond Women Killed

Once again Criminal Minds gives us a good episode with a stellar guest star cast to boot. However, this time I do feel that they left out some of the build-up to the actual criminal and the dwelling into the lives / minds of our main cast is missing too. Well, there is a bit of that but not to their usual standards. That’s usually what makes this series so good.

The premise is the abduction, murder & embalming of 3 blond women in a town in Washington state, over the period of 9 months with a gap of 3 months between each woman. Their hair was cut to the same style (by the murdered) and they were given double piercings of diamond & pearl earrings. The killer is altering these women’s appearances to look like that of his late au pair, Abby who was from Holland. After they submit to his whims, he kills them and has sex with their corpses.

The guest stars for this episode are Mercedez McNab, Michael Biehn, Lolita Davidovich & the elegant Cybil Sheppard. It’s a shame that Cybil was only in it for a small part, she still looks radiant.

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