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After waking up this morning, I walked zombie like to the wash basin, splashed my face with cold water and brushed my teeth. As coffee was being made, I switched the tv on, flipped channels until I reached HBO and saw that they were showing the 1983 hit horror movie Cujo. How many of you remember this movie, the one that put me off dogs for a couple of years and Saint Bernard’s for several more? Cujo, the titular character of Stephen King’s 1981 best selling novel, is the bitten by a rabies infected bat while he was chasing a rabbit into a cave. The dog becomes infected and, succumbing to the disease, goes on a rampant killing spree. He kills his owner’s neighbour and then his owner. A lady and her son who comes for repairs on their car to Cujo’s owner’s farm, also find themselves being attacked by the dog. Their car breaks down at the farm and over a stretch of three days they fend themselves against the attacks of Cujo, who hits the car doors with his massive head, blood dripping all over him and cracks the windshield and door windows.

The boy begins to fade as dehydration, thirst & hunger and the scorching heat nearly kills him (in the novel, he dies) and his desperate mother screams for him to stay awake. A police officer comes to investigate at the farm and he too falls victim to the rabid Cujo. The lady comes out of the car finally and attacks Cujo with a shattered baseball bat and injures him. Thinking him to be dead, she carries her son into the house and is able to revive him with water and using CPR, only for Cujo to come crashing into the house. But as he leaps, she reaches for the gun she took from the dead policeman and shoots Cujo to death.

This is one movie which stays in your memory even as the years passes by – I remembered the scene in which Cujo dies & the lady carrying her son into the arms of her husband and Cujo attacking his owner very well, despite never having the movie since 1986 or so.

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