Did You Eat Cafeteria Food?

Not in school. When I was a kid in school until the age of 11 I lived in Kuwait and we had an early start to the school day. My sister and I came home and ate lunch by 1pm-1:30 pm with mum, who would usually have the food ready for us or would be deep into cooking it when we came home. At times dad too would have lunch with us, since he could walk to the bank he worked at.

We did have a snack which is usually a packed food that our mum made and sent us to the school with. When my family moved back to India, the times changed to a more regular time and half way though the school day we had a 45 minute lunch break. However my school was in the process of still building part of the school and there was no cafeteria at all. Hence each and every student brought their lunch packed from home.

I took would bring a packed lunch and that’s how it was until I went to a college. There I used their cafeteria for lunch purposes and ate whatever they had on the menu. It was usually good as they had a really good cook and manager who ran the place.

Prompt from The Learning Network At The New York Times

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