Disturbing Babies On Breasts

I saw this video this evening while drinking a few at my fav bar. They have a big tv there and were paying a dvd of dance & pop numbers. Then this video came on. It’s Boggie Pimps doing a terrible version of Jefferson Airplane’s oldie classic Somebody To Love. This version is ofcourse dumbed down but I found the video to be a bit inappropriate.

The video features a sexy model in sheer lace underwear, writhing on her back and giving us a good look at her nice big assets. Nothing wrong in that, I quite enjoy her little show and admire her nice jugs.  Then there’s these babies, all jumping outta a plane and parachuting towards her. The woman is shown as to be large large, gigantic in proportion to the parachuting babies. They see her tits and images of rich milk bottles pop in one of babies eyes. One of them bounces of her left boob. We see some of the babies heading for her crotch ad she raised both her knees. Finally they land on her belly and all join up on her breast.

What kind of a video is this?

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