Diving Deeper Into Your Favourite Media

When you’re sitting down on a Saturday night, ready to put your favourite TV show on, would you consider yourself more of a casual viewer, or do you need to know everything about everything there is to do with the media in front of you? Maybe when you’re reading through a book, and you excitedly get to the end, are you disappointed it stops there? Do you immediately head online to see if there’s a sequel? Have you found yourself doing so more times than not?

No matter how you choose to spend your spare time, either with a good book or a great film, there’s a very good chance you’re curious about what comes next, or what the past of those characters you love looks like. So let’s see how we can dive just a little bit deeper into the entertainment you love.

Join a Social Media Group

There’s all kinds of Facebook pages and Twitter communities out there that you can be a part of, and these commodities are used day in and day out by casual groups, big and small businesses, and anyone who has a voice they want to be heard on a larger scale. So it only follows suit that there should be some groups out there that have the same interests in media as you do, and are willing to invite you in to talk all about it.

These places are great for sharing your theories and personal interpretations of certain texts, or scenes in the movie series you love so much, and you should have a bunch of people on hand to talk about it whenever you want to. After all, it’s hard to bring up the same idea over and over again with friends and family who have no idea what you’re talking about. So just drop a post, wait for some responses, and get back to them whenever you can – it’s simple.

See if There’s a Wiki

And no, we’re not just talking about sparse Wikipedia here. If the media you’re consuming has a long history to it, or multiple entries in the series either in the same or different canon, then there’s a very strong chance there’s a Wikia server out there dedicated to documenting all the lore. And if you’re someone who loves to learn and discover as a result of the entertainment you’re sat in front of, you should take full advantage of this fact.

And Wikias exist for all kinds of genres and formats – take Lemony Snicket as a good example: there’s even an extensive page for Daniel Handler himself. It’s always good to do some surround reading in your quest to become the world’s expert on fictional worlds that’ll win you some good points in a quiz.

Diving a bit deeper into the books, films, and TV shows you absolutely love takes a bit of time and effort, but there’s always a site or a group out there that’ll give you the information you’re looking for.

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