Downtime And Ready For Onam

Well now for some rest and relaxation. We have two days off for Onam – or because I work late night shifts, I left the office at 9 am this morning and will only have to go back to work at 1:30 am early on Friday morning (Thursday in the US). That gives me a lot of time to sit back, chill out at home and enjoy myself. Everyone deserves to have some downtime and a few days off once in a while to recharge your batteries and enjoy some rest for the brain cells. So this morning after leaving for home I went to look for some coffee and a sandwich for breakfast and found one CCD outlet not yet open and the other one just setting up. I settled down and ordered a mocha cafe and had to wait for a while before they got the sandwiches and other eats in from where they make them.

I found the cafe so hot, sweaty & stuffy and the buggers took some time to switch the ac on and yet they have a huge pedestal fan in one corner which they didn’t bother to switch on. I also find the staff very unprofessional, not rude, but unprofessional in that they were bantering out loudly and making a huge fuss and noise in the cafe. Hey I know that it’s Onam and everyone should enjoy it, but not when you have customers in the cafe. Even if it was just 3 of us in there! I got my coffee, which is posted below, and enjoyed it a lot but it could have been a bit more hotter. About 30 minutes later I got my sandwich and ate that up quickly.

After that I went to a nearby bakery & store to buy some snacks for the 3 day holiday. Banana chips, sweet banana chips, jaggery-banana chips, cutlets and puffs for me and the folks. Mom also wanted to give some chips to the neighbours and so I bought a bunch of those. After that I came back home and took a long nap.

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