Drinking More Tea Than Coffee Nowadays

For a guy who loved his coffee so much – hey I even have a category dedicated to just coffee – I have been drinking a lot more tea now. That is because I had consulted a dietician, after my health issues and I as advised to lose some weight by my doctor, and one of the things she said was to drink more tea instead of coffee.

And cut off sugar ofcourse. So I did. I start my day by drinking a cup of coffee with milk (I have to have more milk to increase the calcium levels in my body) and later on in the morning I will have a cup of tea. I add sugar free to my beverages now. I do not drink tea or coffee at the office anymore and instead will opt for a lime juice with a tiny bit of salt and no sugar. 2 atleast during a 9 hour shift; one at tea time and one during dinner.

During the weekends I drink a bit more. I drink a cup of coffee with milk in the morning – I need that pick up first thing after I wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face. Later on in the morning I will drink a black tea and in the evening after 5 pm I will usually have some biscuits with my cuppa. Ofcourse I drink it usually at my desk with Youtube running on my browser, either a vlog, a sports clip or review or some music. That is how I am spending my hot beverage drinking time.

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