Dull Day At Work

Boring, dull day at the office today. I worked today to complete some reports and stayed at home on Sunday. I was so sleepy and tired this morning that I didn’t want to get up and take a shower but I had to.

Things look so bleak because of the salary hike issues at the office and I am not sure if it can get better. I put my feet up after lunch and read through some files at leisure, with my eyelids doing the sit-ups for 2 hours or so. Then by 6 pm I was on my way out of there.

I got down at my stop and went to get a couple of drinks at Oberois bar. So it was Smirnoff vodkas and some delicious chilly gobi (cauliflower). Then I steeled myself in the pouring rain and walked back home, just stopping to buy some chocolates. Goodnite everyone; hope September is good for ya!

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