Evening Out With The Boys

Yesterday I went over to Padma Junction at around 3:30 pm joining my friend Anil in an auto along the way. I needed to buy an electrical stove, the small one, the kind that allows you to heat up one vessel at a time. Ofcourse the reason is that I am moving to a rented place in Chalakudy and, well, I’m gonna need something to heat up my water for coffee and make some food. Like I stated before the only thing I will be able to make is veggie sandwiches and instant noodles. No eggs or meat as the landowner’s very specific about it, what with the house being right next to a temple and the gods have sensitive noses that cannot tolerate any meat smells or meat being cooked!

Anyways, Anil and I went to the White Planet store (where they have lots of household items) on MG Road and I quickly purchased an electric stove and paid for it. We then hailed an auto and went over to Coffee Beans to meet up with Madhu who was waiting for us. we had a lemonade each and I strategically place both them both married old men on one side of the table as I sat on the table that’s against the wall. Reason? The table opposite ours had 3 really good looking women sitting there, with this really sexy looking fair maiden in a purple churidhar, with wavy hair and a little tattoo on her arm that was driving me crazy! Eye candy to behold and to be held (LOL). Anyways, we needed some drinks and off we went to Velocity Bar.

We didn’t stay long at the bar, just around 2 hours or so. Anil had brandy and I had vodka and Madhu just had some more lemonade as he is currently taking some medicines and he shouldn’t be drinking. For food in the evening we had some eggs (omelets and hard boiled), some chilly chicken, a salad, chilly fish (which was reall good) and a plate of chicken spring rolls (which was delicious). We talked and laughed as usual and then left around 6:30. I said my goodbyes, went to a medical store to buy mom her meds and then heaed back home.

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