Evening With Sarath & Sujith

I was working today. I left early and went to Cafe Coffee Day in Pallimukku to wait for my cousins Sujith & Sarath. It took me an hour to get from Padamugal to Pallimukku. I went in to CCD and ordered my coffee and in 10 minutes Sarath & Sujith joined me. They (brothers) are my second cousins and although I have been spending many hours with Sujith online and in person for drinks, food and discussion, I had never met Sarath – his older brother – except for online and a couple of times on the phone.

We drank out coffees as we sat in CCD for 90 minutes and chatted about movies in general. Later we walked over to Golden Dragon for some beer and good food – different beef, prawn & chicken dishes with fried rice. We have long conversations and finally left there at around 9:45 pm. It was a really great evening and I hope we have more soon.

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