Evening With The Team

Today we (my team of trainers & myself) were to go to our client’s office for a training on a product that is being launched in the first week of May. By 4:30 pm we took a cab provided by the office and made our way to the digs of our clients; however we were quite late when we reached there as there was a traffic jam at Edapally.

Just as we reached the venue for the training, it started pouring! Man was it heavy rainfall. I like it! We scurried inside and started the training process. Once that was done, I took my team to have some food & drink. We settled for Shawarma plates and fruit juices – I had a 250 ml can of Moutain Dew. I haven’t had MD in quite a while and it doesn’t taste the way I remember it. Wow, I think it’s been well over 2.5 years since I have had Moutain Dew.

I’m pretty tired, metally more than physically. I’m working tomorrow, May Day, to finish off the month end reports for the training department and then I take a comp off on Saturday. My leave officially starts on Monday and ends on Saturday. I plan to go to Trivandrum on Saturday and attend BCK5, stay in the capital for 2 days and get back to Cochin on the 4th evening.

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Hope this all pans out.

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