Favourite Meal To Prepare

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

Since I can’t cook much stuff I’ll go with what I can easily make up. When I am by myself I usually get some instant noodles packets (usually Maggi and if not that Top Ramen and if either is not there then Sunfeast). Now what will I add to it? Well, I try and slice up some carrots, green bell peppers and if there are some peas then that will go in there too. But what I usually like to do is make an omelet with a couple of eggs, I prefer duck’s eggs and then rip with my fingers or a knife into small pieces and mix it in the noodles. Tastes delicious.

So put all those together- eggs in omelet form cut up, onions, green peppers, carrots, some peas (not too much) and mix them in the Maggi and then serve it up in a bowl. I usually drink 7up or Sprite with it.

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