Favourite Playthings As A Child

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I can’t remember anything that stands out a lot. I had a bunch of toy cars and I played with them a lot. General cars, a truck or two, buses and even some toy bikes. I remember the old ones which go on their own once you wind them up. Having races with my friends, or even all alone, to pass the afternoons. I had a race track, with a loop, that I would play my toy bikes on.

I also remember this plaster of Paris thing that I had – came in a box with rubber/latex designs of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe characters. You mix the ingredients and pour it into the latex stuff and wait for it to harden and dry off. Then once it is done and you carefully pull them out you get a white figure of the character. You then use a small paintbrush and paint to bring them to colour. I remember this one especially because try as we might, no one could make it come out perfect. They would always break.

Sometime around 1985 or 86 my dad bought my sister and me an Atari video game box. Lousy graphics and games by today’s standards ofcourse but we loved it. Bowling, Igloo building, some fighter jet game etc etc. Perhaps a Pac-Man game in it too (can’t remember)? We loved those and I spent hours playing them.

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One thought on “Favourite Playthings As A Child

  1. I used to be crazy of Barbie dolls. Me and my sister had an arena of dolls and the doll house. I would say, I used to play with em a little cross the age I was supposed to throw em.
    Want to bring up this one thou…Sambhu (my hubby), his favorite toy was a wooden auto rickshaw, which he used to roam around and play with irrespectv of all the sophesticated play stuff he had. One day, as he was loafing around wo studying, his mom threw the toy and it broke. He cried a lot and was very hurt. He told me that was the first thingie he bout after he got his very first salary. I had found this one at his place :)..Somethings are a lot dearer to pple than we can think of.

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