Fever/Sinusitis 2 Roshan 0

Hey my readers how are you, all 6 of you, doing? I’m just recovering from a bad fever, sinusitis, cold and cough. It has not been pretty over folks.

As stated in my earlier post I got wet on Friday evening while going to Gokulam Park Inn and then coming to the bus stop. At work that night I felt sickish and had a little asthma problem which I kinda knew will blow up to more. On my way back in the bus the next morning I was shivering as the cold wind hit me in the face all the while during the ride back. I’ve been taking some medicines for the fever, doing inhalation and taking cough syrups. Yesterday, Sunday of all days, I barely got out of bed and slept through the entire day with just short intervals for food & medicines.

I barely ate anything at all, mostly depending on bread dipped in coffee. My sinus is so hard on me that it affects my hunger and nothing tastes good at all. I didn’t have any lunch either, just sipped on a concoction made for clearing my throat. I feel a little better now but am still extremely tired and I can’t sit up for long as that tired me out. I slept the afternoon away but in the morning I did try to watch me some Corner Gas – that show can chase away your blues a lot!

I’m still a day or two away from getting back in a shape to go to work so I’ll sleep a lot and take plenty of fluids. I also had cramps, fucking motherfucking hell hole of a day, this morning as I wasn’t drinking water the past two days. It hurts like hell, especially when it affects your abdominal area.

7 thoughts on “Fever/Sinusitis 2 Roshan 0

  1. @LB – Don’t tempt me LB. I got a lot of naughty ideas on reading your comment (sponge bath? Carry on Nurse?)

    On a more serious note, I hope you are safe from all those asshole rioting in the UK!

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