Fiction : Dark Wind

Inspired by a very vivid dream that I had two nights ago, I am trying to write down whatever I remember plus a few added things:

It was a dark night. I was on my way home at this late hour just after midnight and the streets were almost devoid of any other vehicles. It was another tough day at my new work, my very first job. As I was the only “rookie” the pressure was double that of any other new employee and I often worked late. Tonight was the night at the end of the work week, just like every other Friday after I worked late, that I would go to my spot.

My spot was a secluded area just outside the city, a little away from my home in the suburbs but it was an area that I liked. There is this long stretch of road near the beach area with a few trees and hardly any buildings in sight for a while. So once a week, I took a detour from my usual route home and took the extra 3 kilometers just sit in peace and quite in my car for about 30-60 minutes and reflect in quite solitude. This area, near the beach was quite windy and even chilly on nights like this after a heavy rainfall, and the chilling breeze was quite welcome. I had a soft drink with me and I just parked my car near a tree and sat with the break lights on and drank my soft drink and played a little music at a very low volume.

The power went out a little before I had arrived so on this road it was totally dark with only a little light from a mostly hidden moon shining down on us. I couldn’t see more than a couple of feet in front of my car if I had the headlights off, which I did at that time. But I was off the side of the road, on sand and stone and next to a tree. I was sitting there in the quiet darkness, contemplating how I was going to relax and unwind during the next next two days, when from behind me I heard a car coming closer and it’s dim lights broke the darkness. Another car, a more expensive one, went past me and stopped a few hundred yards away.

This car was speeding by and must not have seen me parked on the side until it just passed me as I only had my break lights on, but it didn’t slow down until it was at it’s current spot. From where I was I could barely make out the tail lights but I knew it was there. Probably someone who, like me, likes this area or was stopping for a quick smoke. I was minding my own business sitting there in my car and then I opened my car door to stretch my legs a bit. I yawned and stretched my legs, walking in small circles next to my car when a woman’s shawl blew in the wind from the car in front and flew straight towards me. I grabbed onto it tightly, thinking that the occupant or one of the occupants in the car must have opened a window or a door and decided to walk forward and give the shawl back.

As I took some steps forward and was nearer I called out saying “Hey, I was able to grab the shawl” when the door opened. I couldn’t see the person, if it was a man or a woman, who stepped out as it was quite dark and as I strained my eyes, all I could see were dim red lights from the rear of the car. All of a sudden, I hear a loud gun shot and something hit me on the head and I blacked out!

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