Finders Keepers

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?

Current situation – if I find a piece of expensive jewelry that someone lost I wouldn’t care and just take it and try and sell it at a pawn shop and get the money for it. No excuses. I would totally do that now when usually I would just take it to the nearest police station or if I am in a complex or an office I would take it to the administration office and hand it over. Yes I need money and I would do that now but I may not sell it if my circumstances improve. That’s what I would usually do and I have done so in the past; I remember finding a gold chain while in a small shopping complex and handing it over to the admin manager. I was 25.

The same will stand true for a wad of cash. Suppose I were to stumble upon an envelope filled with cash – at this moment, I will keep it and spend it for myself. Because I am short of cash and am struggling. Earlier I would not have done so and would be willing to go to a police station and hand it over and have them fill a report. Same if I were in a public building or an office, I would have given it to the management but I won’t do that now.

So unless my circumstances improve you should hope, that if you do lose some cash or some jewellery, that I don’t find it cause I will be keeping it.

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One thought on “Finders Keepers

  1. Dear dear
    I like you would pick it up quick .Yes I would know it was a gift from God. I’ve lost my share but I live in the Now
    By the way
    1. a friend said he’d help get me a little nip and tuck for a pull up behind the ears, I picked a good name wisdom behind the ears but it sagging,Seriously if you know a good dr.or clinic, tell me.please.
    3. Now I have to be blunt and I know you can take it and whom ever’s blog this is I ‘ll repent after I tell you.Oh you want money. in the mail
    well do u no Lucy the Edmonton Valley Zoo elephant held captive for 38 years. Is she to old to spend her remaining years with friends, we all no elephants,eh? So please see my blog and, 1st post and help liberate from the auspices of greed, limited thinking and brutanical tranny.this wonderful tormented creature. !
    I like your sight,c ya

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