Five Traits Of A Really Good Friend (Part One)

Trustworthiness : Every relationship needs trust as a core quality, and friendships are no exception. They offer us a sounding board to test ideas and show our true selves while knowing they won’t betray our confidences or make us feel ashamed of our weaknesses. They also offer us caring, honest feedback, even when it might hurt which will eventually allow us to grow.

Supportive :  Supportive friends are a lifeline. Good friends offer us various kinds of support, such as emotional support when we’re feeling insecure and information support when we need to know how to handle problems or deal with ambiguities. Knowing that they are there is the encouragement we need to face life’s many demands and [helps to] prop us up when needed. Life is not always easy and fun, but a good friend will be available.

Acceptance : They accept you as you are. You’re probably comfortable around your good friends because you can be yourself around them; with others, you may put up more of a front or feel less comfortable. “A good friend is someone who will unconditionally accept you as you are, but will never be afraid to tell you the unpleasant truth of a situation or your behavior. Corbett adds that good friends are not judgmental either.

They’re Emotionally Available : Just like a romantic partner should be emotionally available, good friends should be, too. They make us feel heard and acknowledge us and our points of view. We feel listened to and appreciated as opposed to ignored or dismissed. As a result, he says, this allows you to share your life with each other and feel connected, both of which combat loneliness and help you weather distressing circumstances. Even if your best friend doesn’t live nearby, you still maintain a close relationship with them.

They Have Similar Interests : Chances are, you and your good friends are a good fit because you have several things in common. They are similar to us in terms of values, beliefs, and views about things that matter to us. Because our personalities and opinions are similar, it gives us a sense of belonging, which satisfies the fundamental human need to feel connected to others — we feel united, togetherness, and a sense of belonging.

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