Foc – Rodrigo Y Gabriella

Foc was the debut album of flamenco-rock guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriella, a blend of latin, rock, metal, jazz, classical & funk performed by just two people with a guitar each. The album title is Foc, the Catalan word for fire, intense and smoldering, just like the duo when they trade guitar licks with one another. The duo started busking on the streets of Mexico, their native land, and then moved to Ireland and earned a reputation as a must see act. was homage to the people and places they encountered on their travels with titles ranging from English, Danish, Spanish and Catalan. You have tracks like One, which is a Metallica cover. The duo are huge fans of Metallica and this isn’t the only song that they have covered, with great aplomb.

You have the ballad 30 de Marzo and Paris which are a diversion from their usual frentic pace of guitar solos & riffs as their fingers glide across the fretboards in a more relaxed manner. Foc & Diem are standout tracks for me, as is Temple Bar. Georges Street The Tartar Frigate, New One & Take 5 round out this album, which only disappoints in the short duration. Otherwise, its a fun album.

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