Food For Thought

My thoughts on some food items that I ate during this past week.

  • Unniappams – best tasting unniappams at our office canteen. The caterers make this fresh in the morning and bring it to our canteen. Amazing tastes!
  • Parippuvada – again from the canteen. Good but not as great as the unniappams. Sometimes they make them really nice but at times they bring us hardened and slightly stale ones. The vada I had today with my evening coffee was so hard & stiff, that had I thrown it at someone’s head, he/she would have been laid up in a coma!
  • Maggie noddles – instant noodles. Once a staple food of mine, I haven’t had it that much in a while. Today I wanted some and so bought a pack of it on the way home. It wasn’t that good.
  • Haldirams masala nuts – hmmm spicy nuts from Haldirams brand. Would go well with beer but I haven’t had any beer in a while.
  • Cake – while at an office farewell / celebration / birthday etc, cake is always there. And it never tastes good! Yuck!
  • North Indian sweets – the kind you get in a box with mixed stuff in it. Very yummy. Someone brought a box to the office this morning as his daughter recently delivered a baby girl.
  • French fries – best snack I can ever think of. I love them.

3 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. I never went away, just been EXTREMELY busy and am now on vacation. However I switched my blogs to off and quit Twitter. Just got my Flickr and Facebook going.

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